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  1. Is this because of culture or analytics?
  2. The Royals. I believe they can pass us
  3. I hope Cease returns to last years version starting tonight, so Baltimore, L.A., and the other playoff teams that needed a legit pitcher regret not trading for him.
  4. Levine is on the Score after the break. I’m sure he’s got all the details for us
  5. MLB pipeline top 100: #8 Andrew Painter, #41 Mick Abel, #81 Justin Crawford would be my wish. Not scared of Painter’s TJ.
  6. Then we just buy pitching?
  7. I had to look that up, and you’re correct. His 167 k’s and only 25 walks in 109 innings was damn impressive though.
  8. Cease to the Phillies for Painter and Abel. Who says no?
  9. “Tony’s still here. . . 😫“
  10. Just so we can have bases loaded with no outs and get pissed off because we didn’t score a run.
  11. So Trout can hustle down the line when it’s raining and not get hurt. . . 🤔
  12. I was just going to post this. I love hearing “old school” tell “new school” to F@ck off.
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