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  1. Anyone also complaining about him skipping last year...his wife delivered their baby 3 months early and the baby fought for his life. If anything this means he is a good guy. The team needs more of those. 

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  2. With this division and if these pitchers stay healthy...now you add in premium defense and framing....this team is gonna actually compete for the division, aren't they...😅

    The Twins are taking a step back and Tigers and Royals suck. Anyone complaining about this move for like a million dollars are nuts

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  3. I was a bit skeptical of this one at the cost. 2/10 would have been awesome....but after the Bannister tweet, maybe he truly did unlock his potential. He has a blue chip pedigree and promise that never happened, but mostly im just glad he pitched 180 innings. Sox need some innings eaters and 7-8 mil is that range in this market. A gamble that could really pay off and maybe see Getz has some savvy. 

  4. 1 minute ago, Sleepy Harold said:

    This doesn't make much sense. Picking 2 at least allows them more $ to spend in the draft while if they somehow won 85 games it would mean TONS of things went right in 2024 and make it moot that they can't pick higher than 10th in '25. 

    Do the Sox ever make sense? That was my point. And this board is insufferable enough without listening to incessant bitching about the top 1or 2 pick they would have gotten wrong. 

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  5. I thought this draft wasnt that great, so honestly id rather have a 5 pick that doesn't result in a huge miss than have a top 2 pick that busts. And it would be so white sox to win 85 games next year and end up getting a 13th pick next year regardless of tonights results 

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  6. Seen this week:

    Cubs plan on making an aggressive offer on Ohtani

    White Sox sign 2017 all-star SS to replace Anderson

    This team really knows how to move the needle ahead of winterfest! Warm that stove Chicago, Getz is making moves while Northside just dreaming!



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  7. Bummer will be a great piece for the Braves. That being said, the inevitable 2 walks and a bloop made watching him regularly the absolute worst stress out of the bullpen. Nicky can be a very solid SS stopgap until Colton comes in and shift to 2nd if any of our young guys still struggle. Ultimately he should be our infield super sub. Soroka is interesting. coming off injuries...THIS should be his first full health/built up strength season since his dominant 2019. I saw him pitch multiple times that year when I lived in Atlanta and his sinker is what was devastating. Coming out of 2023 he was trying to focus on a faster FB (that isn't his game). With some fresh looks from our pitching staff, I am hopeful he can at least be a solid starter and stay somewhat healthy. Everyone is a flier, let's see what happens. The A pitcher Riley Gowens has some nice scouting reports and could be interesting in a year or two. 

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  8. Jerry knows how to kick us when we are down. He is honestly the only thing that gave me any entertainment during last years abysmal in game performances. 

    I get that he missed out on some games because of national priorities, but unless they have a good backup plan, this is just a bad decision and the timing is so white sox

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  9. 2 hours ago, Harold's Leg Lift said:

    I have no idea who Marcus Thames is so it should be a fine hire. 

    If they want to hit better get better hitters.  

    Do you even baseball? He was on the Tigers during the Sox world series win and competitive window in the 2000s. 

    Yes...they need to get better hitters...but this is NOT the FA class to really help that all that much unfortunately outside the top 3-5 players (which they will never sign)

    For those that question the 3rd team in 3 years narrative...his last two clubs fired their manager and he bolted assuming he would get replaced. Oh the irony here...

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  10. 2024 is either going to be a surprise rebound or possibly the worst team in franchise history. Like 120 losses bad. Hopefully its addition by subtraction....but peak TA7 was just fun. His fielding was atrocious and we will surely rush Colton now and ruin him probably.

  11. Twins are gonna make it to the ALCS aren't they? Every year it's talk about a bad division or a wild card team that just snuck in and somehow it all clicks for 2 weeks. God I hate baseball right now. 

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  12. 1 minute ago, Balta1701 said:

    I mean, literally this puts Vaughn and Sheets both as potential OF starters again, and I kinda agree with the idea that neither of them should ever, ever, ever start in the OF again.

    Just bad roster building no matter how Hahn tried to defend it. Colson HAS to hit if they keep Robert or we are gonna have so many holes in 2 years

  13. 1 hour ago, Balta1701 said:

    And even if they were, is it a good idea? They are already close to their payroll limit. If they spent another $25 million a year on Swanson, where does that money come from? Last year they signed Benintendi and Clevinger and had to backload both of those deals already, they basically spent $25 million total the entire offseason by doing so. Would they have gone into this season with a $210 million payroll that is only a few million from the luxury tax, and would they have all of a sudden been well over .500 from signing Swanson?

    16 mil less to Benintendi + 9 million more for Swanson would have been so much better and just use a bandaid for the outfield. But that also was relying on Colas being a starter...which unfortunately doesn't look the case (and is brutal for the rebuild)

  14. Cubs honestly is the biggest black eye here. YES, the Sox were supposed to be the contenders, but by mid may their season was clearly over. 3 weeks ago the Cubs had a 92% chance to make the wild card and they burned in historic fashion. It has all been swept under the rug because the Bears are laughably awful. But wow, being a Sox, Bulls, Hawks fan right now is absolutely brutal...outside of the Hawks potentially having a superstar in 3 years. 

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  15. Imagine if there are 4 to 5 marquee shortstops available and a need for a 2B on the team...Oh wait, that was last offseason and the Sox flubbed it completely while Swanson had a pretty damn solid season and everyone outside of Correa still performed about as expected. Sox could have moved Tim to 2nd last offseason, signed Swanson to SS and then shifted Colson to 3B to plan to replace Yo long term and been set for years. Instead they will bandaid this all, rush Colson and not have an internal 3B option for the next several seasons with a middling Yo Hoping to just stay healthy for 130+ to match that escalating deal. 

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