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  1. 43 minutes ago, caulfield12 said:

    This goes back years to Alex Rios constantly criticized for a similar demeanor.

    That was my main original point. i wasn't saying blatant racism...it's the undertones of someone not screaming, isn't a "grinder" OR has a laid back style - this board assumes they are lazy, unmotivated, etc, etc. It's so tiresome. Unless you are in this person's mind or the team's trainer, you have no clue what type of competitor they really are and how much they are dealing with. To be clear...I LIKE burger's bat. how could you not? but I also think Moncada, Eloy, Robert and TA all get this bad rap of not wanting to win or improve. 

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  2. 2 minutes ago, reiks12 said:

    Oh here we go, if you call Moncada a disappointment you must be a racist. Get out of here

    Go back and read through all the comments I quoted. Why are these things not said about Burger and his atrocious defense? Instead it's optimism and maybe he will learn. Get real. Moncada is a better fielder and always will be. Burger is a great DH that has no position and never will. 

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  3. Anyone...and I mean anyone here who thinks Burger should be at 3rd and Moncada at 2nd should lose their fan card. Burger is fine at DH, but why oh why do we hear words like "no motivation" "lack of effort" "not very bright" "doesn't care" "got his money" for the latin player and not the guy so out of shape he wouldn't even be recognized as an athlete outside of like 50,000 Southside fans? It is ridiculous that this type of unspoken bias still exists here and the reality is Moncada DOES and always will have a higher career fWAR and total impact to the team than a slugger without position. 

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  4. Vaughn and Seth Beer were both "polished" college bats that were can't miss on the offensive side coming out of the draft. Seth just got DFA'd and Vaughn can't lay off outside sliders and isn't near the 300 type hitter that was promised. I like him, but def feel that he won't be a foundational player at all, which is really sad. 

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