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  1. Great start to the season.

     There are many things that we can do better but just a few positive observations…. 

    1. Great to see Yaz hit for power!

    2. Dylan Cease = cy young 

    3.  It was so nice to see this team get a win when trailing going into the a finning. That did not happen very often last year.

    4.  Yo yo looks so much better at the plate this year, that includes the WBC, compared to last year

    5.  Love the walk from TA and the patients to get the rally started in the 9th inning

    6.  Andrew Vaughn is going to hit all year long and hes going to hit for the rest of his career.

    7.   For as long as reynaldo Lopez has to close I think today was a huge step forward in regards to confidence for him. Getting the save today while struggling through it was important for him today and for this team.

    8.  Throughout a game we are always going to disagree with some managerial moves, but I feel like we have a competent manager.

    9. WHITE SOX WIN!!!

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  2. 5 hours ago, Chick Mercedes said:

    Benetti’s homer calls are not much better either. The way he forces the home run yell high volume and over pronounces consonants at the ends if words. 

    Just don't understand the JB hate from some/many here.

    The guy is a very good broadcaster. 

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  3. 8 hours ago, Iwritecode said:

    Is there supposed to be something here other than a big white box?

    There was a tweet about Penis enlargement gone wrong

    I think the tweet may have been taken down 

  4. 7 hours ago, Harry Chappas said:

    Kopech and Giolito would be on that list and to a degree Engel and Pollock.  Kelly would make that list because of Hahn and TLR's stupidity.

    Anderson wanted to be in the spotlight and for the second time in his career personal issues seemed to hamper his performance.  He seems to want to dictate when the spotlight is to be on him and overlook when he struggles.



    I actually don't see GIO getting the smoke he deserves from our fan base for his disaster of a season last year.


  5. I get the angst about anything the sox do......BUT, at this point Gary Sanchez would be very good addition to this team, if that is what happens.  He had a good year behind the plate last year and he provides power at the plate, something we severely lacked last year.  The other aspect of this is who are you going to get at the Catcher position right now that is better than Gary Sanchez? 


    Don't forget Yaz hit 3 homeruns last year and basically sucked as a catcher.

  6. 1 hour ago, ChiSox59 said:

    I don't agree with GreenSox on much, but I do agree here.  Kelly could be quite useful in 23.  Would I trade him in a salary swap for a useful position player?  Yah, probably.  But I'd rather keep him that give him away, or eat money to do so.  The arm is very good.  The FIP was much better than the ERA. He know what he is doing. I think he could be a very effective middle reliever next season. 

    I'm on board with this. Joe Kelly had a bad year but that is not his track record. There is a high probability he bounces back this year.

  7. 10 minutes ago, bmags said:

    An interesting garbage bin guy to ask about is Schoop. I don't really understand what led to the absolutely bonkers-good defensive year last year, but he's clearly good to very good most years at 2b.

    He's also a good club house guy. 

    The tigers are rebuilding, they don't need a vet at 2b for a 7 mill year like Avila.

    Obviously from a optics standpoint, collecting another member of the "historically bad offensively in 2022" club may not be popular.

    It is hard to believe how big that drop off was. But he had a babip go down to .230 from a guy typically at Tim Anderson levels of BABIP. His hard hit profile was fine, his medium hit was also fine. 

    Anyway i'm sorry.

    Right about now the Tigers are probably wishing they had not signed Baez for the the production he gave them for what they paid.  

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