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  1. 10 hours ago, caulfield12 said:

    There's nobody to replace him.

    Sosa doesn't belong at SS.

    Just hold for 3-4 months and see where Montgomery and the first round draft pick are...they will eventually replace Yoan and Anderson.

    There are people in the organization who believe that Montgomery may be your starting SS on opening day.  That means that Anderson moves to 2nd or gets traded. 

  2. 4 hours ago, Balta1701 said:

    No one answered this so I will.

    2017 and 2018: Kopech starts off both years in the minors. He sets up a pattern, he struggles with his control early in the year then his control and performance improve during the year. He looks like a guy with a big arm but who needs work to find his control. In 2018, there is a game early in the year where he walks 5 in a short outing and it shows in his stats. Then he goes the month of July and barely walks anyone, he has clearly found a groove, and gets called up.

    He pitches 4 games and leaves with TJS. He is out through the end of 2019. Some people have disputed whether he should have been called up at the time, it was controversial, I personally had no problem with it as I felt he had done what he needed to do in Charlotte and it was time to give him some big league innings before the season ended.

    In 2020, for various personal reasons, he opts out of the shortened COVID season. While this isn't the team's fault at all, this does mean that he hasn't thrown a pitch in anger in nearly 3 years by the time he comes back in Spring Training of 2021.

    So you have a guy who has a live arm, hasn't pitched competitively in 3 years, and had a couple cycles of of "Needing to build up innings so that his control would improve". This seems like a guy who should absolutely be sent to the minors to start 2021, or at least given a method to be able to start for a part of a season, he needs a chance to throw as many innings as he can. Personally I would have put him in the minors and said so repeatedly at the time, they should have been trying to push him up to 100+ competitive innings to strengthen his arm. They put him in the bullpen to start the year. Ok, fine, they moved him to starting in May when someone was hurt, and then he hurt his leg and went on the IL.

    When he came back, they brought him back without any minor league rehab stintbrought him back right before the all star break so he had extra time just sitting around, and then buried him at the back of the bullpen for 2 months. He had a grand total of 2 outings that reached 2 innings in all of July and August combined. He didn't throw 3 innings in an outing again until September 29. Don't get me started on how he was used in the playoffs as that was LaRussa stupid too.

    He threw a total of just over 70 innings the whole year. At the time, I guarantee you I was saying "Fine, this might work for this year, but you're taking the risk that the guy will not be able to find the kind of control he was developing in the long seasons in 2017 and 2018, and you're risking whether he can strengthen his arm enough to be a starter with this short of a season." What are his problems now? Control, use of his secondary stuff, and a few additional injuries. 

    Now that's not necessarily the only problem he had, 3 years off is going to be tough to come back from for anyone. He may well have other personal issues, I don't know anything about his current work ethic, and Ethan Katz may well have no good solutions for him. But in terms of mishandling him, for both Kopech and Crochet they put them in the 2021 bullpen to "Win now" and one of the risks of doing so was "This might help you right now and leave you with both of these guys struggling with injury and control if you try to move them to starters." That is precisely what happened, and I continue to believe that this is no coincidence, the White Sox gambled these guys' future as starters was unimportant compared to their 2021 success, and wound up with guys who can't handle themselves as starters. 

    Thank you 


    I am wrong where I am wrong.

    But (personal opinion) this dude is as soft as they come

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  3. 21 hours ago, Highland said:

    The Kopech situation has been mishandled from day one. Might as well keep him for now because the staff is so depleted. He can't be expected to be part of the rotation next year.

    How has he been mishandled?  I hear this narrative a lot because en vogue to bash all things White Sox.  I'm just curious as to why you feel this way..........

  4. 1 hour ago, Harold's Leg Lift said:

    I'm excited.  I think he's what this organization needs and he's going to do a great job.  

    Harold i always appreciate your thoughts and insight.

    Could you please elaborate on your excitement and why you think he's the guy for this organization? I want to give Getz a fair shot but all I heard from talking heads is that he is not qualified....

  5. 21 minutes ago, YouCanPutItOnTheBoardYES! said:

    You know it’s bad when this thread isn’t even gaining steam after something like this. I think a lot of people have just given up with this team. 

    To be Honest with you.......I don't believe these talking heads.  No one knows what is going on and what is going to happen.  I will hold off until something happens to make declarations.  

  6. 17 minutes ago, DirtySox said:

    The narrative sure has changed via what the board insiders are hearing. Can I start to be optimistic yet? Are they actually going to interview and maybe even hire an external candidate that somehow doesn't have the White Sox stench on them?

    This organization deserves no sympathy but the local media seemed to jump to a lot of conclusions because it's en vogue to burry and beat on the White Sox (All deserved).

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  7. This is a good move. It wasn't suppose to be this way but led by Kenny and Rick this organization fell on their faces. 

    I was never a guy who disliked Kenny. Kenny always went for it and tried, sometimes foolishly. 

    I thought Rick was a brilliant mind when he took over but it never worked and we found out that Rick was kind of a fraud who talked a impressive game. 

    Moving on.......anyone who thinks that Getz or someone internal is going to be a GM doesn't see what is happening here.

    I dislike Jerry but if Jerry is going to fire Kenny then no one internally will get this job. I'm glad to see Jerry has a pulse and seems to be pissed at what has gone on.

    I'm excited for the next chapter but honestly I can't handle another 3-4 year rebuild. 

    I want to see things turn around and this maybe a start.

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  8. 1 hour ago, ThirdGen said:

    My understanding is that players suspended for on field incidents cannot be replaced on the roster. Players suspended for off the field actions (domestic violence, PED, etc) can be replaced. So the Sox don't even have the option to fill the roster spot on this one..

    100% true

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  9. 23 minutes ago, Chicago White Sox said:

    Where did you see this?

    He did not go after him but had a conversation on the field before game with Jesse.

    Jesse was on espn1000 earlier in the week and said that he would have to face the music next time he was at us cellular. He said its the nature of the business when you write something like he did.

    Jesse is a cub loving tool.

  10. Did anyone also catch Naylor running up to do something to Tim and then backing away when Tim hit the deck.........LOL

    Either Naylor Chickened out because he saw the rest of the WS team or he saw Tim may have already gotten hit pretty good.

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