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  1. This is the only explanation that makes sense: Unlikely to beat McCullers anyway, so send your best guy out to win Game 2, and with the 2 off days he can still come back on regular rest for Game 5.
  2. The approach by most of the hitters has been decent. They have actually been good about laying off the breaking balls out of the zone. They just haven't been able to get good swings on the pitches inside the zone. Lynn has to hold them here to have a chance.
  3. I think the 2nd time through the order will be better. Lynn needs to hold it at 1-0.
  4. Worth the risk. McCullers gives up very few long balls so try to score a run with a bloop single. Robert needs to get a bigger lead though.
  5. Yeah I noticed that too. Engel would be a top 5 defensive CF if he wasn't on the same team as Robert.
  6. Guys have got to take some pitches. Make McCullers prove he can throw his curve and slider for strikes before swinging at it. If nothing else it gets his pitch count up. Engel and Garcia should try bunting for hits. Anything to throw McCullers off his game.
  7. Engel gets the start over Hernandez, even against a tough righty.
  8. The choices are either Vaughn 1B, Sheets DH, Eloy LF, Garcia RF or Sheets 1B, Eloy DH, Garcia LF, Engel RF
  9. We debated "go for #2 seed" vs "have guys rested for the postseason" non-stop since June, here's where we get our first data point to resolve the argument: Sept-Oct stats McCullers 5 starts, 30 IP, 505 pitches, 11 ER Lynn 4 starts, 21.1 IP, 339 pitches, 8 ER
  10. If you don't want to wait for the press conference, you can check out the ALDS Roster thread where the roster is listed and there has been extensive discussion.
  11. Sox hitters have to lay off his slider/curve and make him throw fast balls or walk them.
  12. "There was another spot to fill" was the reason Mendick was added to the playoff roster.
  13. If either of them is needed in the series things have gone horribly wrong.
  14. Mendick in Ruiz gets last pitcher spot over Keuchel
  15. TBS strike zone box must have been off.
  16. I'm using Firefox on a laptop and every time I try to share a tweet in a thread, I get this error: The link could not be embedded because of an unexpected error: error: undefined. Anybody know if there is some sort of setting I need to change on my browser to fix this?
  17. In a year when the Sox aren't in it, I'd be rooting for Milwaukee, but they're the last team I want to face in the World Series, so I'd prefer Atlanta win this one.
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