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  1. This is what you get when all the teams are owned by rich white men. You also get black QB's consistently hit much later than white QB's without penalty flags.
  2. Yeah, Leury had a 2 fWAR season last year and you're going to get him fairly cheap. There's no reason not to bring him back, unless, like I said, someone else offers him starter money.
  3. I think so too. Unless some team thinks his improved 2021 offense is a trend, sees him as a starter and offers him starter money, he's going to get similar offers from everybody interested and I don't see why he would leave the place he's been for such a long time.
  4. At some point, all the bad calls in the NFL (and college) are going to start making people hesitant to bet on games.
  5. Yes, I'm having to run my laptop and TV off a hotspot on my phone.
  6. 15 yard penalty on 2nd and goal at the 1. Cost them 4 points. No discipline is a sign of poor coaching.
  7. I want to get the most value, whatever that is. If good major league pieces aren't an option, take prospects and maybe they can be flipped to fill needs.
  8. 4 yard pass on 3rd and 6 Running kickoff out from 8 yards deep in end zone False start penalty Illegal formation penalty. That's all in the first 6 minutes. Really past time for this coaching staff to go.
  9. Keuchel won the gold glove. If you're going to lap the field in balls in play, you better field your position at an elite level.
  10. There's 3 ways this goes: 1) Sox end up getting Carlos back on a longer deal with at less than $18.4/year 2) Sox sign a top FA starting pitcher target 3) Sox sign/trade for no FA starting pitchers or someone off the scrap heap. We all know 3 is the most likely outcome and it will be infuriating. If it does end up being 1 or 2 then it will end up being the right move.
  11. I'm not sure where this falls on the spectrum of evidence but it's pretty clear that Tony's head is photoshopped into that photo.
  12. Just to be clear, he didn't get injured this year. His arm wore down due to having pitched a total of 40 innings combined the past two years. Even if you think he gives you a 3.00 ERA over 150 innings, which is not a ridiculous expectation, that's well worth the QO.
  13. Buffalo lost to Jacksonville in a game that had 5 FG and no TD.
  14. Ah, so without his consent is modifying the trade, not the acceptance of the QO.
  15. I guess if Rodon gets and rejects the QO then I'd do it because the picks even out, but I don't like giving up draft picks. They're really valuable.
  16. I like Conforto but no way I give up a draft pick to sign him.
  17. 1) Rodon is likely to decline the offer 2) When have the Sox ever signed the #1 SP on the market? 3) If you do end up with both and can't dump Keuchel somewhere, Cease has options left.
  18. I have a weird feeling that the Sox will somehow talk themselves out of extending the QO. I just don't trust the front office to make the obvious right decision.
  19. The guy who had Tony's head photoshopped onto his body appears to be having a good time.
  20. My aunt went to Purdue and my uncle went to MSU and I have a feeling one of them might be headed over here for the night.
  21. Rays and Reds need a closer but Sox would have to kick in at least half the contract. Depending on how serious the Cubs are about trying to reload quickly they might be interested. Twins also need a closer.
  22. Nobody that's going to be swayed by such a small sample size.
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