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  1. More info about the pitchers: 22 pitchers in MLB had a fWAR of 4.0 or higher this year. The Sox had FOUR of those pitchers. 23 pitchers in the AL had an ERA < 4.0 and IP > 130. The Sox had FOUR of those pitchers.
  2. The guy who is about to be a free agent is saying that his arm is fine.
  3. I thought that they didn't wait, but if we don't get times soon, I'm thinking that they will wait. Nothing is going to change between now and tomorrow night.
  4. 1) This thread is almost certainly going to get taken down 2) If people who feel strongly about this issue on both sides would get together and redirect all the time and money they have been putting into legislation and litigation over the abortion issue and instead put it into actually providing top notch physical and psychological care for pregnant women, and into prevention education, the number of abortions would plummet immensely.
  5. Those are terrible odds on the Dodgers. No wild card team can be that short of odds to win the World Series. Sox are priced pretty close to fair. Best value might be Atlanta.
  6. So MLBN's live hour from 8-9 did not include Division Series start times, but Dan O'Dowd spent the entire hour trashing the Sox because their team O-swing rate is too high and the pitchers don't pitch inside and Astros hitters excel at hitting outside pitches. I just looked up Sox stats re: wRC+ and OSwing% Two best wRC+ on Sox are Grandal (18.5% OSwing%) and Robert (45.0 OSwing%). Seems like there's not a large correlation there.
  7. Fangraphs probabilities to win World Series, updated after today's games: Dodgers 16.9% Astros 15.7% WHITE SOX 13.7% Brewers 10.0% Giants 9.5% Braves 8.7% Yankees 8.4% Red Sox 7.7% Rays 7.7% Cardinals 1.7% Amazing that the Dodgers are the favorites despite having to win the WC game. Both leagues' #1 seeds not getting much respect.
  8. I have MLBN on right now, they are live until 9:00 so hoping they announce before then. Also obsessively refreshing this page: https://www.mlb.com/postseason Also expect to see the Sox beat writers all tweet about it as soon as the team finds out.
  9. Weird fact: The White Sox have never both won and lost playoff series in the same year.
  10. Despite being in a small market, Atlanta has a huge following in the south. I think they'd be ahead of the Sox and Houston. Milwaukee and Tampa Bay definitely last though. That's the league office's (and FOX's) nightmare World Series.
  11. This would be my ALDS roster: OF (5): Jimenez, Robert, Engel, Vaughn, Hamilton IF/DH (7): Abreu, Garcia, Anderson, Moncada, Sheets, Hernandez, Gonzalez C (2): Grandal, Collins SP (4): Giolito, Lynn, Cease, Rodon RP (8): Hendriks, Kimbrel, Tepera, Kopech, Lopez, Bummer, Crochet, Keuchel I considered Burger as a pinch hitter option, but with Sheets and Collins being the only straight lefty bats, there really aren't going to be pinch hitting opportunities, and he definitely isn't going to be a defensive replacement. Romy gives you a safety net at the middle infield that really only has 3 other guys who can play SS and/or 2B. In a short series, a 9th reliever really isn't necessary. I would definitely consider Burger for that last bench spot in the World Series when pinch hitting will be more common. I know Keuchel pretty much sucks at this point, but your other options are Burr and Ruiz who aren't high leverage options either so I went with the guy who has experience and can eat innings.
  12. Scherzer vs Wainright Wednesday. That's going to be epic.
  13. MLBN is doing their Qucik Pitch highlights show right now but they're back on live at 8:00 so maybe then.
  14. Wait, so you knew that they weren't and you let them stick you anyway?
  15. OK, so I didn't notice that threads were already made in Diamond Club (which is where they probably belong) so can the mods delete this one?
  16. The last pitch of the regular season was a strike 3 swinging from Raisel Iglesias to Mitch Haniger
  17. I 100% want the Yankees gone but the Dodgers are bit banged up and I'm not certain I'd rather see the Cardinals move on.
  18. The TV networks couldn't have asked for a better group of playoff teams: Teams from 4 of the 5 largest metro areas: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston Teams with huge regional fan bases: Atlanta, Boston, San Francisco The only teams that really don't move the TV needle are Milwaukee and Tampa Bay.
  19. American League Wild Card: New York Yankees (92-70) at Boston Red Sox (92-70), Tuesday 10/5, 7:08 pm, ESPN Pitching probables: New York: Gerrit Cole (R) 16-8, 3.23, Boston: Nathan Eovaldi (R) 11-9, 3.75 National League Wild Card: Saint Louis Cardinals (90-72) at Los Angeles Dodgers (106-56), Wednesday 10/6, 7:10 pm, TBS Pitching probables: Saint Louis: Adam Wainright (R) 17-7, 3.05, Los Angeles: Max Scherzer (R) 15-4, 2.46
  20. So after all those wild scenarios, we ended up with Option A. We get the Yankees and Red Sox in the AL Wild Card game. Giants won to lock up the NL West, and the 106 win Dodgers have to play baseball's hottest team, the Cardinals, in a winner take all game.
  21. Unless Washington comes back to beat Boston: ALWC is New York at Boston, with the winner facing Tampa Bay in the ALDS. Other ALDS is Sox vs Houston NLWC is Saint Louis at Los Angeles, with the winner facing San Francisco in the NLDS. Other NLDS is Atlanta vs Milwaukee
  22. What if the various national rights holders allowed alternate feeds with team's home announcers? ESPN does this for the CFP national championship.
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