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  1. It wouldn't have cost them Madrigal + Heuer if there weren't other teams bidding aggressively for Kimbrel in July, and not enough has changed since then to significantly change his market.
  2. I'd take over at 150 but under at 180.
  3. News: Hernandez option declined, Fry, Cordero, Goodwin outrighted, Severino added Out: Cordero, Hernandez, Goodwin In: Foster, Gonzalez, Rutherford SP: Keuchel $18.0, Lynn $18.5, Giolito $7.9, Cease $0.9, Kopech $0.7 RP: Kimbrel $16.0, Lopez $2.8, Hendriks $13.0, Bummer $2.5, Ruiz $0.7, Foster $0.7, Burr $0.7, Crochet $0.7 C : Grandal $18.25, Collins $0.7 IF: Gonzalez $0.7, Abreu $14.0, Anderson $9.5, Moncada $14.0, Mendick $0.7, Sheets $0.6 OF: Rutherford $0.6, Engel $2.2, Jimenez $6.5, Robert $6.0, Vaughn $0.6 Total: $157.45m
  4. Suspend Rodgers for 4 games, dock Packers top 2 draft picks in 2022 and top draft pick in 2023.
  5. Sunday 4pm is the deadline for teams to extend qualifying offers. Deadline to decline or accept is 10 days after the offer is extended. Players accepting the offer are immediately under contract for 1 year at $18.4 million. Players who decline become free agents, but if they sign with any team other than their former team, the signing team must surrender a draft pick to the former team. https://www.mlb.com/news/predicting-the-2021-qualifying-offer-choices This article predicts that Rodon will receive and reject the QO. I agree that the offer is almost certain to be extended but I lean towards thinking he'll accept it. Rejecting the offer can be perceived as Rodon believing that he won't perform well enough in 2022 to get a bigger contract than he could now. Players extended qualifying offers (updated 11/7 14:00) Reds: Castellanos Mets: Conforto, Syndegaard Blue Jays: Ray, Semien Dodgers: C Seager Rockies: Story Astros: Correa Braves: Freeman
  6. The concept of the best team being the champions has been gone from US sports for at least 50 years. Playoffs make money so they're here to stay and are never going to get smaller. If you really, really want to reduce the chance of a sub-90 win team being crowned champions, the best you could get that might work would be a hybrid of the European soccer League/Cup format. Example: At the end of the 2022 season, the top 16 teams qualify for the 2023 playoff tournament. During the 2023 season, there are three 7-10 day breaks built in at various points to hold playoff tournament series to play down to the final two. At the end of the 2023 season, the top two teams, excluding the two remaining in the playoff tournament, join the two remaining playoff tournament teams for the rest of the playoff tournament, with what is now a semifinal and the final (World Series) round. I'm sure there are reasons I'm thinking of that MLB would never go for this, but this would be a way to keep the larger number of playoff games yet reduce the chance a sub-90 win team wins the World Series.
  7. Who did the Sox have this year with no AL experience?
  8. I would be excited beyond belief if he got dropped by State Farm over this.
  9. At least with FSU, the local Seminole tribe signed off on the whole bit.
  10. Signing Soler only makes sense if you're trading at least one of Jimenez/Vaughn/Abreu.
  11. Yes, but I wouldn't include much more than Vaughn.
  12. Attempted murder is the worst crime you can be charged with. It means you're not only evil, but incompetent.
  13. Should there be different punishments depending on whether or not you kill someone? Yes. Should that difference be anywhere near as large 10 years in jail and getting to land a 7-figure job? No.
  14. The biggest problem is that DUI charges are based on the outcome. Kill someone and you go to jail for 10 years. Don't hit anybody and just fall asleep at a stoplight and you get to be manager of a major league baseball team. The crime is the same in both cases in that someone chose to drive drunk.
  15. Do FOX/TBS get a refund of rights fees from MLB if the postseason doesn't happen due to a work stoppage? If so, that's the players' best leverage. Write a check to us now or to FOX/TBS in October.
  16. If you can replace Eloy with Schwarber and get a really good SP prospect and a good reliever in return, I wouldn't hate it.
  17. Yeah, signing Schwarber only makes sense if you are trading Eloy and/or Vaughn for a huge return in the pitching/infield area
  18. I wouldn't prioritize one position over the other. I prioritize getting a LH or SH bat that has a high OBP, above average power, and can play his position well.
  19. So if you just start service time and calculate free agency from signing date, doesn't that incentivize signing older players so you'll have control for more of their peak? Seems like we need a formula that uses signing date as a base but weighs signing age in some way.
  20. But 8-9 could get you in as the 7th seed. Are you really going to give up on the chance to get blown out by one of the Bays in the Wild Card round? I seriously think that's why they're not selling.
  21. CentralChamps21


    I understand the basic concept, but what I don't understand is this: If everybody is creating and selling NFTs, won't most of the devalue?
  22. Jim Harbaugh is the poster boy for a fan/alumni worst nightmare: never going to win a championship, never going to lose enough to get fired
  23. Two good outcomes if the Braves win 1 it might bring increased scrutiny on the mascot and the chop 2 the cheaters lose
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