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  1. QUOTE(Tmar28 @ Jun 17, 2005 -> 07:00 PM) Jon Rauch
  2. QUOTE(Steff @ Jun 17, 2005 -> 10:31 AM) Then you're going to have to park in the lot just west of the tracks down 33rd or 35th street. All the other lots are pass only for that series. Try to get into C (off 33rd) because they don't allow tailgating in G (off 35th). I would say noon is a good time to get there but like I said above you might not get into the lot until closer to 1. Alright, thanks. I printed out that map of the lots so i wont get lost.
  3. QUOTE(Steff @ Jun 17, 2005 -> 10:26 AM) First, do you have a parking pass...??? I dont think so. My friend got tickets from his uncle that works in the ticket booth. Thats all i really know
  4. Im not going to this tailgate, but im wonderin. How early can you get to the lot and start. Me and my friends are goin to the Sox-Cubs game on friday the 24 and it starts at 3. We were planning on showing up at 12...or is that too early?
  5. QUOTE(ScottPodRulez22 @ Jun 17, 2005 -> 12:12 AM) the stuff in the profile is wrong i think No, its because soxfan1 probably did his math as if today was 2ks 2 year aniversary, when really its been 2 years and 3 months.
  6. QUOTE(SoxFan1 @ Jun 17, 2005 -> 12:01 AM) Let's do some math: 32,122 posts in 2 years 16,061 posts a year 616 posts a week 88 posts a day 3.66 posts an hour I dont think that math is right, because in his profile it says 2K has 39.5 Posts Per Day.
  7. QUOTE(SoxFanForever @ Jun 15, 2005 -> 04:49 PM) Did you download the demo or get a disc somewhere? I have been itching to play it. I really loved BF Vietnam. I downloaded the demo from fileplanet this morning when there was only a 4 minute wait. Its really cool. They have a commander option for someone now that all he pretty much does is can launch air strikes, use satelites to scan the map and see where there troops are, get a spy plane to search a small area for the enemy, send supply drops and give squads that you can form orders. I was commander earlier and it was pretty cool, but someone always gets it over me now. But when i just played now, i was in a server that didnt have vote kicks for some reason and it was Team killing everywhere. It was insane, someone had a score of -1034 :headshake
  8. HighHeat45

    Battlefield 2

    Anyone else looking forward to battlefield 2? Ive been playing the demo and it is awesome. The graphics are great and it runs really smooth even with 64 people playing. It should be awesome.
  9. For somereason my bookmark didnt work earlier, but it worked if i typed it in, so i just deleted and remade the bookmark and it works now.
  10. A little off topic, but here is a map of what neverland ranch is, if anyone didnt know and was wondering. I knew it had amusment park s***, but i didnt think it was that big.... http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/e...y_Ranch_Map.jpg
  11. QUOTE(Texsox @ Jun 13, 2005 -> 10:57 PM) The problem we have here is a lack of public transportation to get to the grocery store. Most recipients have to walk to the food stores and suffer with poor choices, inflated prices, etc. Imagine doing all your grocery shopping at a White Hen (7-11, Circle K, Stop & Rob). I work at a grocery store and i see where your comin from. Granted i only work during the day on the weekends, but i rarely ever see a bus stop by. Occasionaly i do and then that person has to wait on the bench outside literaly hours before it comes round again. Now the store i work at is located in a residential area where alot of people walk to the store and that might contribute to why the bus never comes, i dont know.
  12. QUOTE(Goldmember @ Jun 13, 2005 -> 01:27 PM) don't remember seeing anything on this. what happened? http://www.soxtalk.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=34973
  13. Majewski has been doing good out of the pen for them too
  14. QUOTE(SoxFan101 @ Jun 12, 2005 -> 04:11 PM) The phillies did hire manuel No, the mets did...
  15. QUOTE(Queen Prawn @ Jun 10, 2005 -> 09:32 AM) I wonder if they will make the same big deal next weekend when the Sox play the dodgers? The sox are at least http://chicago.whitesox.mlb.com/NASApp/mlb...t=.jsp&c_id=cws
  16. QUOTE(robin_ventura_eternal @ Jun 11, 2005 -> 12:15 PM) rowand possibly, i cant remember any errors hes made in recent memory. as weird as konerko sounds for a gold glove, i dont remember him making any errors yet either. in fact, hes done pretty well defensively in my opinion. and theres AJ too. It is impossible to even try to predict gold gloves in june. One game could ruin your chances of a gold glove. Especially outfielders.
  17. HighHeat45

    New Guy

    QUOTE(aboz56 @ Jun 9, 2005 -> 09:11 PM) Obviously didn't read the sig guidelines. Check out the following link before posting another one: http://www.soxtalk.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=31757 I dont know about you, but if i was just joining the forum, i wouldnt go looking the the last pinned thread in the "How does it Work" forum that is all the way at the bottom of the main page when i first joined. But i cant really think of a better place for it.
  18. Newbies should be required to watch this video. http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/posting.php
  19. QUOTE(doUrememberwhen @ Jun 9, 2005 -> 11:49 PM) bump http://www.soxtalk.com/forums/index.php?ac...ounce&f=2&id=22
  20. I just found a perfect example to the comment on how admins and moderaters are treated better than other posters. In the NHL Salary Cap thread people would say something bad about the NHL and everyone would say "If you dont like the NHL stay out of an NHL thread" well then aboz comes in and says "the nhl :sleep :sleep :sleep " and no one says a word to him.
  21. Honestly, there has really only been 1 big problem (and a few minor ones i can live with) with the decision making Ive encountered while ive been here. And its coming up to 2 years
  22. QUOTE(southsider2k5 @ Jun 9, 2005 -> 01:56 PM) Yeah, evidently it is amateur comedy hour now j/k. This is a good thread guys. With everyone one in a reasonable mood, if you have something you want to get off of your chest about the site, now looks to be the time to do it. Southsider, you could say OMG!1! DA SOX IS DA GR8ST TEM EVA I LUV DEM SOOOOO MUCH!!!11!111!11!111!!!!! and people wouldnt care
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