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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch.php?v=zLElfJ9YCh0 This was a SNL skit last saturday which is probably one of the funniest things they have had on in a while IMO.
  2. They had audio of him and KW talking on Sportsnite on CSN the other night.
  3. Sig test I know the cut job kinda sucks. Maybe ill fix it up tomorrow.
  4. QUOTE(WinninUgly @ Dec 20, 2005 -> 08:11 PM) Carl Sandburg Class of 1992 Im graduating this year from sandburg
  5. QUOTE(WinninUgly @ Dec 20, 2005 -> 07:15 PM) Wow, small world. Idlewild Dr. Ha, thats weird. I live on Lincolnshire.
  6. QUOTE(WinninUgly @ Dec 20, 2005 -> 05:42 PM) I used to live right off 135th St and SW HWY. I wish I could go, but I guess the Cooperstown White Sox Display will have to do. Brentwood? Because thats where I live.
  7. Sweet, I live 3 minutes away from Orland Square Mall.
  8. http://www.crowdpleezers.com/LilRonnie.htm LMAO.
  9. Quick question for these "Thou shalt not kill" people. Say you protecting yourself or your family from someone threating your life. Is it ok to kill someone in the form of protection? Because the bible just says "Thou shalt not kill" it never says UNLESS anywhere. If we believe that killing someone while protecting yourself is ok then how do we know that killing someone for committing terrible things such as this tookie guy is ok too?
  10. HighHeat45

    Dear Life,

    Speaking of accidnets. At my school the other day I am a runner (delivery guy) for the front desk and yesterday some lady came in dropping off her kid and she was walking funny, talking with a slur and 2 people said she smelled like wiskey. They tried to make her not get in the car and the police were coming but she did and proceeded to drive strait forward into the car in front of her. Turns out she wasnt drunk, she was a diabetic and her blood sugar was 49 which is dangerously low and having a low blood sugar can make you smell like alcohol.
  11. QUOTE(JoshPR @ Nov 24, 2005 -> 12:45 AM) This team wins the f***ign world series and is still under a damn salary Cap. ? We are paying more for Thome than we did for Rowand.
  12. I would like to point out that my video that i did way at the begining of the thread was made way before anyone knew that Dont stop believin would be the theme song for the playoffs.
  13. QUOTE(Balta1701 @ Nov 15, 2005 -> 05:39 PM) Time to start checking expiration dates on food you buy there... I actually checked it and it doesnt expire until august 2006. Wheaties must last a long time or something.
  14. The grocery store i work at still has San Antonio Spurs World Champion ones out. Im gunna have to look somewhere else.
  15. Has Jones been injured in every game this year?
  16. On ESPN Radio this afternoon they were talking that the eagles might release TO and if they do would the Bears be interested. As much as i hate the guy, he is an amazing reciever, and with a team of Moose and TO we would go from having one of the worst group of WR's the one of the best. His attitude would probably f*** up the team though.
  17. Hunter said he didnt think he would win it, but some people out there must of thought he did something. You can see most of it on their site, but it will probably be down after today's show later tonight. http://msn.foxsports.com/bestdamn
  18. Right when i saw #2 in the thread title, i knew the indians would be 1. No suprise.
  19. QUOTE(Kalapse @ Nov 1, 2005 -> 05:20 PM) The Gold Glove award is for the best fielders in the league, not for the best fielders on the best teams in the league. I know, i just found it interesting that these players defense didnt help their teams out at all.
  20. Jeter and Varitek are the only ones who made the playoffs, and they were both eliminated in the first round. All these good fielders are on crappy teams.
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