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  1. It would have been awesome if they put Berman and Hawk in the booth together to do the broadcasts. Hawk screaming YES while Boomer Screaming NOOOO at the same time.
  2. HighHeat45


    Waiting was veryfunny, but also very gross.
  3. QUOTE(CanOfCorn @ Oct 7, 2005 -> 02:48 PM) You ran while sitting?!?! He was using the Flinstones car.
  4. Trying to find all your embarrasing posts about the white sox's offense being no match for bostons so you can erase them? They turned it off to make the board run smoother, because the board was going really really slow at one time and they found out too many searches were being done or somthing.
  5. Damn I wish we had Tony Graffanino right now, we need his amazing offensive skills in a game like this.
  6. QUOTE(daa84 @ Oct 3, 2005 -> 01:27 PM) nice job, the politte pic is from last year tho when eh walked the run in in detroit.....that jenks picture when he pumps his fists gets me every time...love that s*** I know, but I couldnt find a good pollite pic from this year so i had to go through old photo galaries and decided if i was gunna use a last year one, i might as well use a good one.
  7. Im editing it a little right now changing the el duque/contraras pic to an entire team pic and putting zoom in/zoom out stuff in the last 5 pictures because it didnt work. It might not work right since i deleted the file from my computer but it will be up in 10 minutes. EDIT: Its updated at my first link and in my sig
  8. Here is mine. I just tried to get a picture of all the players on the team this year. There are a bunch of guy that i left off because they didnt do much like Baj, Borch, Walker etc. Updated: http://media.putfile.com/Sox-Video-2005
  9. Ill try to make my own, it wont be as good as those though. What im trying to do though is take those greatest momets clips on the sox site and save them so i can put em in the video, but im stuck.
  10. Now if we win the series and Ozzie quits, we know who to hire.
  11. Im going to The Sports Authority by my house when it opens at 9 tomorrow to get some stuff.
  12. What do you guys think the sox should do with the roster. They need to drop 7 players for the playoffs and we know that: 1. Raul Casanova 2. Joe Borchard 3. David Sanders 4. Jeff Baj 5. Anderson Will definitly go The other 2 spots will be either Gload, Willie, McCarthy and i would like to say Timo, but he has been here the entire year and Ozzie loves him and he does seem to do good in the clutch, which may come in handy in October. Another option i thought of, but im not sure if it will work, is to put duque on the DL or something. My guess is that McCarthy and probably Gload will go.
  13. QUOTE(Rowand44 @ Sep 30, 2005 -> 12:01 PM) Ya, I'm not sure why I posted this in the posts of the months thread, I had it in my mind that it was quotes of the month. I posted it even before you
  14. Odd how every single soldier who dies doesnt support the war or Bush.
  15. Not a post but it was a great quote from hawk today.
  16. QUOTE(nitetrain8601 @ Sep 27, 2005 -> 11:40 AM) One quick thing, the White Sox have a problem of winning. They have the second most wins in baseball!
  17. Opening Day W 1-0 April 18 vs Min W 5-4 May 16 vs Tex L 6-7 June 22 vs KC W 5-1 (i have this ticket in my wallet but dont remember the game at all ) June 24 vs Cubs W 12-2 Monday L 5-7 Yesterday W 8-1 Today W 4-1 6-2. Better than i thought. It was kinda bad i had to look up the results to all of them besides this week. I knew we won the cubs and opening day one but didnt remember the scores, and i knew we lost the texas one but didnt know the score.
  18. When the score went up at the game the stadium went nuts, it was when the twins were batting too so i was confused at first, but then i realized what happened.
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    QUOTE(DBAH0 @ Sep 21, 2005 -> 10:38 PM) Was this the 1st episode of season 2? Yep
  20. HighHeat45


    I admit i didnt watch most of the sox game tonight and watched lost, and oh my god was it worth it. It was byfar the weirdest episode to date. Nothing in the episode made any sense at all. For some reason i thought this season wouldnt be as good as last, but this episode set it up to be better.
  21. I saw a survivor say this right after the hurricane happened. He said he heard a loud explosion when the levee broke or some s*** like that. :rolly
  22. QUOTE(Dick Allen @ Sep 20, 2005 -> 12:01 AM) He's there a lot, and if he is sitting in season ticketholder seats, whoever is the proud owner of those, should have their ticket priviliges revolked. They actually werent checking them at the top, i think he just walked down and took a seat in an empty seat. He was gone within a few minutes too.
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