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  1. Cool, This is me http://bf2s.com/player/BigHurt35/. I had another profile where i unlocked the medic gun, but didnt like it so i made this where i unlocked the M95 sniper and i love it. Ill try to find that server later and see if your in it.
  2. Bump anyone play this, its pretty fun with a group of people...
  3. I probably woke my whole family up laughing at this
  4. He was the best poster in the sports bar byfar, he knows everything about college football and the NFL...
  5. QUOTE(Rex Hudler @ Jul 20, 2005 -> 12:17 AM) I am in my second season and have had two unbelievable games against Iowa. In the first year I was down 26-0 before coming back, taking the lead, only to blow it at the end of regulation. I ended up losing 50-43 in 2OT. The next season, Iowa was once again a thorn in my side. This time I had the big lead at 35-14 in the 2nd quarter and could not hold it. I had to score with :37 left just to send the game to OT. This time I won 63-56 in OT. For some reason, I cannot stop Iowa. As a reference point, I opened the season against Georgia and beat them 21-14, so it is not like I score that high all the time. Same thing happened with me with texas, i got killed by them in the season where i went 9-2, then got killed by them again in the championship
  6. Dont get popcorn chicken in club level. Its about 80% popcorn, then about 5 little things of chicken and its like 8 bucks. It really should be called popcorn with a side of chicken.
  7. HighHeat45


    I remember about a month ago, for some reason i wanted to turn on oldies and i heard "Rich Girl" and was like WTF....and i kept saying the melody in my head "oldies 104.3" and realized they must have changed.
  8. QUOTE(White Sox Josh @ Jul 18, 2005 -> 02:32 PM) How long before Shingo gets called back up? I say 5 days. He will be traded before he gets called up. Thats almost a certainty now
  9. Doesnt Shingo have a no-trade clause...I dont see him wanting to leave
  10. I kinda like the royals. I went down to KC last year and they have some really good fans that i almost felt bad when we beat them...almost
  11. I think this would be a good opportunity to show off some of my old work
  12. I play on varsity and its almost perfect for me. My Nebraska cornhuskers started out 3-0 and i thought i might even need to bump to all-american but against Iowa State, I threw 3 interceptions in the first half and was losin 14-0. Then i started out with the ball and on the first play threw my 4th interception and got really pissed They got a field goal out of it. Then i get the ball back and on my first play they blitz, i fumble and they return it for a TD. 24-0. So im pissed and just go Hail Mary on the next play and my guy caught it in like triple coverage for a TD. I get the ball back after they go 3 and out and i throw another hail mary right to the 5 yard line and run it in for a TD. 24-14. I get em to go 3 and out again, and score another TD so its 24-21. They get the ball back with 1:10 left and run the clock down and on third and 14 with time for me to get the ball back and maybe throw another miracle hail mary, they run a option and the QB runs it 30 yards gets the first down and Game Over Its listed in best games at least, but i would have liked to win it.
  13. HighHeat45

    Duck Hell

    QUOTE(Stocking @ Jul 14, 2005 -> 01:13 PM) Why didn't you chase the hawk away? I didnt want to have it attack me and it was goin pretty fast and the ducks were goin crazy too. And like chisoxrd said thats how the whole nature thing goes. The hawk needs to eat to survive too.
  14. HighHeat45

    Duck Hell

    My house had a family of ducks living in the bushes and a hawk attacked right as we were leaving for vacation and it isnt pretty. Im not sure what happened to them, we know one baby was killed as we were leaving which we have pics of, and today i found a pile of feathers in the back corner of our porch. Dont look at these pics if you get sick easily or may get grossed out to see animals hurt. There isnt blood or anything in the pics though. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v142/whi...89/DSCN1765.jpg - Hawk kills duck and takes it across street. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v142/whi...6789/hawk22.jpg - zoomed in http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v142/whi...n56789/duck.jpg - feathers from this morning
  15. The QB vision looks like its a pain in the ass really. You gotta set your vision on somone before you throw it to them. You barely have enough time to throw it to them already. Ill try it out, but hopefully there is a way to turn it off if i dont like it. Im excited about superstar mode the most though. Ill load my guy from NCAA and do his entire carreer.
  16. QUOTE(ScottPodRulez22 @ Jul 13, 2005 -> 09:37 PM) I heard it was going to suck this year too. EA sports has really started to drop on my list of favorite sports game makers No MVP 06 and this year madden is going to suck thank god NCAA 06 is good. Its not like they went out and said, eh...lets not make an MVP baseball next year. Some other company bought the rights so they cant. They are making NCAA baseball and that should make up for it IMO.
  17. That is where he is from so i think he would be more of a woman to play on the america team, its like if you moved to arizona and you got the chance to be on either the diamonbacks or the white sox, which would you chose...
  18. http://www.defenselink.mil/news/Jul2005/20050710_2019.html But i thought all iraqis hate us being there and want us to leave!!!
  19. HighHeat45

    Holy ugly dog..

    speaking of snopes, did they ever update to say if that really ugly sex offender with the green face and stuff was true or false? EDIT: Nevermind, i found it and it is real http://www.snopes.com/photos/people/peppers.asp
  20. My plan is to simulate my first 2 seasons of Race for the Heisman then play Jr and Sr years and i thought simming the season was long. You have to sim the entire off season which takes 100 times longer. Its literaly been on recruiting for 10 minutes and it is week 5.
  21. If someone does drop out, I am interested. I was on vacation when this was planed so i missed the sign-ups. I was active through all of the last one so you can trust me
  22. I reallly only know like 3 college players real names so i just use the auto name feature where it gives everyone random names that the annoncers can say, so that works great for me
  23. I know madden is supposed to have somethin like the race for the heisman where you make a player and follow him through the league. I hope they let you upload your player from Race for the Heisman into that game mode so you can really follow your guy through everything, but im not holding my breath...
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