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  1. The most recent NL batting champ just signed for less than that per year.
  2. They probably won’t even if he’s not. Odds are though he is going to have the best years of his career somewhere in age 28-32 seasons
  3. Make a recreation of this performance the signature tune of Tiny Tim’s Marching UFO Band:
  4. Bring Nancy back. Resurrect Andy the Clown. Replace Daryl Boston with a double jointed clown. Hire a UFO marching band to play before the game. Get a Tiny Tim impersonator as band leader. Build a roof over the right and left field stands and add a roof shot counter. Evict the White Sox and move the Chicago Dogs in
  5. Pretty sure that is a sentiment the majority of Sox fans feel, at least to some extent. I was a true believer in the rebuild through 2020, but the org seems to have everything wrong since
  6. Also, Benintendi in itself was a good signing. He could easily be the Sox best player over the next few years. When the Astros signed Abreu, he said the Sox made him a very good offer but he would leave it at that. That tells me it was Abreu’s choice not to return. I imagine he would like to do some winning before he has to retire
  7. Cleveland got a lot of s%*# for dumping payroll, but they actually killed on those trades. I would disagree on Cleveland’s stadium being superior though
  8. Thing is, I don’t believe they are actually required to sing it. They just do it because they’re a couple of goofy dudes
  9. I don’t recall having heard Kasper utter a single interesting thing. And his voice is grating
  10. I always remember Peters by an article he wrote for the Sox yearbook where he said it was more important for pitchers to work out over the winter because they had to be prepared to throw 200 pitches a game.
  11. Again this is not at all a logical statement. My logic is that basics of reason should be followed not that comments pointing out that there are unknowns shouldn’t be made. It is mind blowing you think that somehow is a rational assessment of my point.
  12. I’ll break it down to the simplest, most neutral terms possible. Claiming most A is B, therefore all A is B is not reasonable thinking. And it never will be. Doesn’t matter what side of an argument you are on.
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