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  1. Am not getting my hopes up at all.
  2. Vaughn definitely has more range at 1B than Abreu.
  3. Wouldn't be surprised if Kopech has surgery for a knee clean up in the off-season.
  4. Trust me I know more about hockey and the salary cap than you do. My point is I've seen big contracts like Seth come and go many times before. Maybe not the first year it kicks in, but by years 3-4-5, let's just say I'll be shocked if he's still a Blackhawk. Hell, Hawks moved Brian Campbell's albatross once upon a time.
  5. Reinsdorf will never sign off on an Abreu trade unless Abreu himself wants out.
  6. Torkelson struggled with a pop up like that earlier in the season. Good on him to improve.
  7. Colas 2-2 so far.
  8. LFG TIMMY! Gotta be a thrill for him.
  9. This happens with every organization. As DA alluded to, it's a business and a very cold one at that.
  10. If Brent Seabrook can get traded... Seth definitely can. I'll never question the stupidity of GMs in hockey.
  11. You are correct, BUT he has a modified NTC (10 teams he can submit for a trade to) for I believe another 2 weeks until the full NMC kicks in. In other words, Hawks better hurry up and trade him. Klingberg is looking like he will test FA. Dallas was one of the teams that Seth put on his modified list originally. I would see if you can swing a deal there even if you have to retain salary to get that contract out.
  12. Whatever Kane and Toews wanna do, I'll be in full support for. If they wanna stay and finish out their contract (or get traded at the deadline), fine. If they wanna leave, fine. They've earned that. Kane obviously has by far the most value out of those 3 so his decision is the most critical for this franchise. I can careless what Seth wants but it would be nice if he says get me out of here.
  13. A hell of a career. One of the greatest defenseman in Blackhawks AND NHL history. The guy who arguably could've won the Smythe 3 times in the cup winning runs. He was that important to this franchise. Happy retirement to you and your family Duncan. We'll see your number in the rafters and you in the HHOF.
  14. Ok I don't mind that deal at all. Was not a fan of Dach. Much, MUCH better than the DeBrincat deal.
  15. Ugh... one more 1st round pick and I would've liked that deal (or a top prospect). That is brutal.
  16. This. People act like these guys would not be underperforming in that aspect either under Menechino.
  17. Can we send all our hitters down for a week in Charlotte to fix their swings?
  18. If Abreu is back, Vaughn will never develop defensively at 1B. Abreu barely DH's as it is and likely won't or refuse in the future.
  19. Another hit for Popeye.
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