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  1. Fuck it. Stick him in AA and say sink or swim kid.
  2. Another pitcher Sox take.. and the first guy unranked by MLB.com.
  3. Whoever they hire, anyone.. ANYONE but Colby Cohen. He is absolutely brutal.
  4. Sox loading up on pitching. And another guy ranked by MLB.com Don't think I've ever seen 6 rounds the Sox have drafted that every guy was ranked.
  5. Ooo there goes Maxwell. Reds got him. He'll be fun to track. @fathom
  6. @fathom your guy Maxwell get drafted yet?
  7. Sox first 5 picks are guys that are all ranked by MLB.com... this feels weird.
  8. He is going to have fun at Coors.
  9. Cannon was another guy who also had mono right? And I see his birthday is tomorrow. Nice birthday present for the kid.
  10. I really like what Shirley is doing so far.
  11. Cease and Vaughn. Don't think people realize how tough mentally Vaughn has had to deal with changing defensive positions, being in and out of the lineup, batting 2nd-7th AND consistently hitting. As a young player, it's amazing what he's done this season.
  12. Lol 0 shot he isn't top 3 in this weak farm. I'd put him #2 behind Colson personally.
  13. Lotta Walker Buehler comparisons.
  14. This guy just had Tommy John surgery didn't he?
  15. Another local guy... fits the Shirley profile.
  16. Poor kid has to pitch in that altitude.
  17. Twins saw the Sox pick Schultz and had to counter quickly lol.
  18. Please don't ruin him like they did Crochet. Let the kid actually develop please.
  19. Crawford is only 2 years younger than Holiday. It's crazy considering I thought he was younger.
  20. Dude is small but is ripped. He would probably throw Madrigal around like a baby doll and they're the same height.
  21. Oooo don't read Passan's latest tweet. EDIT: nevermind Heads and Dirty ruined it lol.
  22. The Orioles of all teams you hate? Lol
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