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  1. Moore actually emphasized defense with the players he has unlike Hahn. I doubt he would over see a team with maybe 2 guys tops who are above average with the glove (Robert, Moncada, not counting 1 year vets like Harrison and Andrus).

  2. Judge is about to break Maris homerun record (which to many including myself still is the clean record). He's also knocking on the door of a triple crown. In my opinion it's his MVP by a hair at this point (which speaks to how incredible Ohtani is that it takes a historic season to potentially knock him out of winning it again).

  3. 11 hours ago, ScooterMcGuire said:

    Starting to kind of feel bad for the A's...

    They just showed this is the first time in franchise history the Sox have had multiple 20 hit games in a single series. WHAT. That's insane.

    I don't. They have historically owned us in their own ballpark. It's finally nice to give them a taste of their own medicine. 

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