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  1. I am having to follow on Gameday. It has Bassitt at 97-95 with fastballs. Is that something new? I don't remember him as a prospect near that high.
  2. QUOTE (newbiesoxfan @ Apr 3, 2016 -> 01:19 AM) Yes Update?
  3. HA HA one of the only times the board is in total agreement!
  4. QUOTE (BlackSox13 @ Mar 6, 2016 -> 01:37 AM) But, but, he cross trained over the winter! This simply cannot be. I am old and learned a long time ago that as a competitive golfer a great general exercise program was not the same as sport specific training. I bet baseball may be similar. Great to be in shape but baseball shape may be different.
  5. I think we wait into spring training and our extra relievers for your extra outfielder i.e. a small move. Then maybe a pre trade deadline move (ala Kenny), if our guys are in the race and there is still a hole.
  6. How do they figure international pool and why did ours drop?
  7. QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Jan 30, 2016 -> 03:59 AM) http://espn.go.com/blog/los-angeles/dodger...multiple-levels And then there were three...Desmond, Gallardo and Fowler. One major factor working against Kendrick was his relatively advanced age. Austin Jackson still out there as well. Note the writer? Doug Padilla already on the Dodgers beat. Big Time. For the first time we saw players taking QO. Think in future many more older players begin to take.
  8. Latos needs to meet with Cooper and see if they mesh. I don't want a repeat of Smard. I would not sign anyone costing a pick right now as I don't think they are worth it. The Cuban players would be fine. I wonder of several of these remaining players may not get signed until after the pick expires.
  9. I like it. Thinking outside the box but with decent reasoning.
  10. QUOTE (blackmooncreeping @ Dec 23, 2015 -> 08:34 PM) I don't want Olt anywhere near this team. No one should. Thank You
  11. Schwarber, Soler, Baez, Almora, P Johnson for Q, Eaton and Melky. HAHA Cubbies
  12. I don't post often, but I read at least daily. Thanks for what y'all do and for having a place where we can come and exchange info and ideas in a relatively civil manner.
  13. QUOTE (beautox @ Dec 4, 2015 -> 12:43 AM) Dietrich is a butcher in the field; worse than Micah. Hoping if he stays at one position he can improve. could also pull late if that bad.
  14. Derek Dietrich marlins. 25 years old LH .256/.346/.456/.802 Hoping to come up with the right package for him and Ozuna. They want pitching.
  15. Could you get Moran and Fisher and a lower pitching prospect?
  16. Just because other teams have given sh***y contracts to other players does not obligate us to do the same. Not picking at anyone but it seems like some people who criticize Melkys three year deal would give older or injured or worse players longer deals with higher salary averages. The one thing Hahn did is not cripple a team, with a budget ,with a contract that kills it. LaRoche got 2 years and Melky three. I saw where 1 WAR was valued at 7 million. Melky, with all his problems was a 1.4 WAR player so he missed it by .4 war. He was not a major problem and a good bet to be better next year. The 4-8+ year contracts some of the premier FA will get probably take us out of that market. 25 million a year could get 3-6 useful players. Everyone agrees we are not one player away so I wouldn't throw it at one player.
  17. QUOTE (TheFutureIsNear @ Oct 16, 2015 -> 07:26 PM) Some sort of Ozuna and Dietrich would definitely be a good start for us. And Avi and Montas might actually be too much in my opinion. I don't see the need to trade a top 55 prospect in baseball for either of those guys. Ozuna has had his own struggles at the major league level and seemed to fall out of favor in Miami, plus I'm not sure how much trade value Dietrich really has on his own. He's 26 and hasn't had a full MLB season yet. I would think Avi and Beck would be a good start to the deal with the 2nd prospect not needing to be nearly as good as Montas. Maybe Danish, but I would even try guys like Jacob May or Jordan Guerrero. Idk, maybe I'm overvaluing our players, but if we do involve Montas in our trade I hope its for a bigger package than Ozuna and Dietrich. Adding Ozuna, Dietrich + a guy like Valencia would be a cheap efficient way to improve the lineup while still keeping our core prospects though. Would add a lot of versatility too, just questionable if it would be enough to get us over the hump and into the playoffs. I would prefer not using Montas here also, just throwing it out. Looking at Miami's prospect list is something. They don't have a lot in the minors. What was Beck's injury and would that preclude using him.
  18. QUOTE (fathom @ Oct 12, 2015 -> 05:31 PM) Actually phantom still exists. If Tejada had thrown ball to first base, the runner on 2nd would have been ruled out. Actually to add insult to the injury, Dodgers appealed and Utley was ruled safe due to a non touch of second by Tejada. I thought that really sucked.
  19. I have a slightly different take. I think this is in part a unintended consequence of replay. In the past, umpires allowed the phantom touching of second on double plays in part to protect the infielders. With replay the phantom is dead. This puts more infielders in harms way than before so the odds of this happening increase. It is old school to bust up the dp anyway you can and I am not advocating hurting a player at all. They will change the rule this off season because owners don't want millionaires/assets getting hurt just like the Posey rule.
  20. Do you want this to be alexis last ab with white sox?
  21. I think if we go 1-2 in the last three, we will have a protected pick. Not sure any such player would be good value for the money. I think when I was a kid it was Richard Dotson who said we were three players away. The Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
  22. Moving Eaton???? Who leads off? Look at the numbers, TT has come back to earth. Eaton has also been playing hurt but producing. Maybe injury is source of defense issues. I have no problem, if the team is structured better, he can slide over to left but I don't see that currently.
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