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  1. I saw a comment one time about whether the Sox had injury insurance on Contreras' contract but never saw an answer. Does anyone know?
  2. Betemit means the end of Uribe saving 5 million. If Swisher doesn't rebound big time, his contract would be unmovable. He may be great in the clubhouse but is a career .244 avg with a best of .262. He gets a nearly 2million raise after hitting .219. Owed 21 million next 3 years. I am not so sure thats undervalued. 2010 6.75 and then 9 million in 2011. It all depends if saving nearly 15 million from Crede, Uribe, and Swish is spent wisely!
  3. An ERA of 4 and 12-15 wins is great if you pick him as a 4 or 5 plus 200+ innings. However don't discount some guys years vs Javy's 3-4 starts. I would love a major upgrade but he is still very useful.
  4. Jim Spencer Mike Squires Kevin Bell Nyls Nyman Jorge Orta Ken Harrelson Ralph Garr Salome Barojas Buddy Bradford
  5. Sorry, I haven't had enough coffee for the brain to work yet. Broadway sent down so we have a reliever for the next four days. We will need someone Tuesday for fifth starter slot. Is something in the works or do we bring him back on Tuesday. What are the option rules preventing you from doing this everytime he pitches?
  6. Mark took one for the team. We don't have a long man right now after having to use Carrasco nearly every day. I don't know how it is Ozzie's fault when every reliever is pooring gas on the fire with the exception of Jenks. Logan needs a stint in AAA to regain confidence or fix whatever is wrong. Wasserman, if his role is truly a ROOGY, doesn't fit what we need right now. Hopefully Contreras returns decent and Richard fills second lefty/long role. I don't know who else to add...is Link really an option?
  7. QUOTE (kapkomet @ Aug 1, 2008 -> 04:30 PM) I was wondering who was going to dig this up. But where would he play?......green
  8. Gameday showed 4 out of 5 to Cust were change ups. That is a veteran pitcher catcher working.
  9. BamaDoc


    found on southsidesox but didn't see here http://www.bakersfield.com/136/story/466127.html
  10. I'd stay with Masset ( before I knew we scored, now even more)
  11. If Crede leaves the Sox, is it possible he could reach type B status? I think that is ranking 21-40 percent for 3b,2b,ss. Is it a two or three year average. I think plate appearances is included so last year would really hurt but I would love a sandwhich pick. Anyone help?
  12. What odds could have been gotten preseason for a matchup of two of the better lefties in baseball would have a combined record of 1-12?
  13. BamaDoc


    What does the pFX symbol on MLB gameday stand for?
  14. Dang, I was away for awhile and didn't mean to offend for starting a thread that offered an alternative to trading Crede for nothing or sticking Fields back in AAA. I was merely trying to point out how both could be used and possibly help the team as well. For what its worth, I agree that Robin prior to ankle injury was by far the better player than Crede. Again, nothing against Crede but Robin was very good. Anyone remember Kevin Bell prior to his injury?
  15. I certainly don't want to dump Crede for a bucket of baseballs nor do I think Fields needs time in the minors. What do you do? How about this...... on average there are six games a week due to travel. We have many lefty starters in our division so lets guestimate 2 per week. Players involved are Crede, Fields, Konerko, and Thome. 3 with age and injury issues. 3B Crede 4 games Fields 2 per week. 1B Konerko 5-6, if hip sore or rest needed Crede 1 game. (This gets Crede to 5x a week with 1 extra day of rest/therapy. DH Thome 4 days a week. Lefty starters get Fields (2games)at bats and rest Thome's back. Check out Thomes splits vs lefties the last few years and they are horrible. Fields splits vs lefties are great. This also allows you to pinch hit Thome late vs a righty at a critical point or at minimum screws up the other teams bullpen.(Knowing Thome is healthy and available forces the other manager to save a lefty reliever or repeatedly warm him up or at least worry about him) On days Thome starts, Fields, Crede or Konerko would be able to pinch hit depending on the situation. With players like Owens, Richar, possibly starting (or sub days with Pablo )a thumper to pinch hit would be advantagous. This would get Fields to 4 full games a week with PH appearances as well. This may not be perfect but also allows us to either get value for Crede, establish value and trade near deadline, or keep and rest vets.
  16. Am I the only person that thinks this is ridiculous? Why are my tax dollars being spent on this instead of fixing the economy, fighting a war, ending hunger, getting someone a job or education! No one is addressing the real reason.....MONEY. If you are a sucessful major leaguer you make millions for playing a game. Most of the players would have little ability to earn a living in the real world. They are trading a possible future health issue for the chance at millions. People smoke and drink with a lot more certain health problem for much less reward.
  17. Not advocating Brown, but as a platoon hitter vs LHP .317avg .448slg isn't horrible. Again DH help vs LHP for Thome if he is agreeable to that role.
  18. Not sure what he would cost but if not a lot I would love to platoon him with Thome. One year from free agency I am sure he would want a regular gig with more playing time.
  19. I had posted about this previously, but I agree that we have some spots that scream platoon. One is Thome vs LHP. It gives him rest and he hit .196 vs lefties.
  20. I agree that the biggest fundamental change that needs to be undertaken is a MAJOR investment of capital/cash in the scouting and draft. We need to adopt a best player available in the draft and sign them. This year without our second round pick, we should invest in scouts and training facilities as well as looking at international talent. This may take a number of years to pay off but there is no substitute for a steady infusion of young cheaper talent. I would also consider moving Konerko to aquire younger talent. The Angels, Dodgers, possibly Mariners offer possibilities.
  21. Here was why I liked using Fields(assuming Crede is on the team as primary 3b) Thome: vs LHP avg. .196 OB+SP .664 vs RHP avg. .315 1.123 Fields: vs LHP avg. .321 OB+SP 1.069 vs RHP avg .213 OB+SP .677 Their averages are nearly mirror images. As much as Thome mashed rhp that is what Fields did to lhp. Hopefully, Fields can improve on what were pretty dismal numbers vs rhp with experience hence why I would still work him in for Crede.
  22. I think everyone would agree that the Sox stand a better chance to compete if Thome and Crede(assuming he remains) are healthy and productive. I think people would also agree Fields is a promising player. Now, with those presumptions, here is what I would do. Thome hit 120 points higher off of righties(sub 200 vs lefties). This screams plattoon and resting him vs lefties also helps keep him healthy by giving his back periodic rest. (Some of his swings vs lefties may have HURT his back....sorry couldn't resist that). Since most pitchers don't finish games and closers are often righthanded, you have the pinch hit or threat of pinch hitting in the other teams late inning game management. Josh Fields did well as a rookie and I don't think he needs more AAA time. I noticed he hit 110 points higher vs lefties than righties. Perfect way to get him some at bats while resting Thome. Solid PH threat vs lefties as well on off day. Still, a young player needs more at bats to develope and I would use him 1-2 days a week at third to allow Crede to rest his back as well. This may be a best of both worlds scenario. If Crede is not dealt at the trade deadline and Fields is performing okay you might even consider spelling Konerko with Fields every now and then. Comments?
  23. I like the idea because he is young and should not require a lot in trade. Specificly, he hit about 100 points higher vs lefties while both Richar and Owens hit righties better by 30 plus points. Depth at a couple of positions as well as possible plattoon player or just give day off vs tougher lefties.
  24. QUOTE(jasonxctf @ Oct 31, 2007 -> 05:56 PM) watch the sox make this trade and then sign an exclusive agreement with Kellogg's to have an outfield section where employees dress up like snap, crackle and pop. We can't do snap crackle and pop as we aren't brining Erstad back!
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