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  1. to survive the first, throwing a finese pitch when you are jacked up is huge.
  2. Can only guess how Thornton looked but lots of strikes. Has Coop fixed him?
  3. IGUCHI! Grinders welcome and be nice to Garland. Decent performance tonight.
  4. Following game on MLB, not on in Bama. Wish Thome could have made contact. He will K on occaision and I am not complaining in any way, Just a slow night.
  5. An unmentioned effect of everyone playing is the clubhouse atmosphere. I think Ozzie's penchant for using everyone greatly contributes to the commradarie off the field and in the clubhouse. When you play you feel like a part of the team. Another unmentioned benefit is our current non skipping of a starting pitcher in the rotation. While our starters are almost always good for 100-110 pitches, they get an extra day off. Torre has adjusted the Yankees so Johnson and Mussina get max starts, they will burn out or be injured.
  6. On the other hand, showing confidence in Thornton will help.
  7. I have two herniated discs and have had about 8 epidurals over 8 years. No two backs are the same and anyone who tells you they know exactly what will happen is full of it. Some people do great, some get nothing. I would however be checking into backup plans.
  8. At this point, the last thing I would do is weaken my starters. If all I need is 6 outs or so a night, this bullpen can survive. If you trade a starter and Bmac goes into the rotation and has a bad night or anyone gets hurt you can burn up a bullpen in a hurry. Ozzie may have to adjust slightly to not doing quite as much L-L, R-R, switching. The easing in of Jenks last year makes me think he has a better idea of his staff than many gave him credit for.
  9. BamaDoc


    All left in messy situations. For what it is worth, back then the sox wouldn't go over three years on pitchers(Jack, Fernandez, Alvarez) and were correct. I don't want to change the thread away from the present. We need to take the high road.
  10. In the two hole he may be forced to comply to the situation and be more focused.
  11. The man has bought a home, plasma screens, and range rover for his mother while sleeping on a couch. The next person whose son has provided these items for them can call him a sexist pig.
  12. BamaDoc


    You win with class and lose with class. Our organization is now also representing all of baseball as MLB's champion. I am probably in the minority, but I wish Kenny would have responded differently. In public, I wish Kenny would have responded along the lines of "Frank was a great player for us and I hope to be there when he enters the Hall of Fame as a White Sox. Prior to injuries, he was a devastating hitter. We felt we were improving our team and I am sorry he hasn't returned our calls and I will contact him soon." Taking the high road at Sox fest is different than in the national media. I would then have called him and talked to him. I would thank him for his contributions and discuss preliminary plans to honor his contribution to the White Sox when his playing days conclude. If his tone is still negative at the end of the call, I would explain that future comments would be "frank" and only tarnish his image. I hope we move beyond the shoot from the hip one day and apologize the next. Why can't our stars return home and be welcomed ala the Yankees, Dogers, and Cardinals? Fisk, Ventura, and Black Jack should have open invitations to return. I have no problem with Kenny breaking a door in private.
  13. Hum......work on perfecting location of 100mph fastball, improve curveball that buckles knees, or develope third pitch to throw in a critical ninth inning situation with the game on the line. I am not a fan of getting beat throwing your third best pitch. Rather than showing the batter something different, locate the fastball and let him grab bench!
  14. Hate to see this kind of injury. I hope they don't rush him. Compensating for hand pain can really F up your swing.
  15. Beck, I think you hit the nail on the head. Ozzie has seen this guy over a period of time and knows what he can do. At the least, Oz is doing him a favor and giving him a showcase opportunity. At best, he fills a need. Low risk some reward potential.
  16. Great job TLAK! Looks like our 2000 and 2001 drafts have yet to bear much fruit.
  17. We are in a win now mode. To trade Garland strengthens a competitor, and if all we get are prospects, does nothing for the short term goal of repeating. I understand that the farm is weakened but Garland probably would bring a type A ranking and two high picks. I don't have a problem with McCarthy being eased in as the long man and spot starter. For those that state Garland has had only one good year and is likely to revert to previous numbers that is exactly my concern with Contreras. We couldn't have done it without Contreras's performance after the break, but prior to that many were calling for his head. I would keep all and if a trade is needed to fill a spot to help us repeat okay. I see no need to dump now and potentially get caught short.
  18. Ron Guidry not Don Cooper! Another one remains in the fold.
  19. I think Frank has a greater chance of coming back if we lose Konerko. For the statmeisters, a one legged Frank had a OPS of .905 last year and still at .995 for career. I don't want to totally discount him. It could be like this year, where he is a greater midseason addition than anyone available in a trade.
  20. Has anyone heard what the plan is for Hermanson? Rest vs surgery? He would be great insurance incase Jenks struggles.
  21. Absolutely, when he retires in 25 years. Anyone with ten World Championships as a Sox manager should be there.
  22. To my new friends at Soxtalk and the additional fans I met in Aneheim, a writer in my town of Gadsden Alabama is also a long suffering Sox fan. He wrote an article today about the life of a Sox fan and included some stuff about my trip. To Hi8is and Wsoxmanager again thanks. Sorry I cant link it but its at Gadsdentimes.com on the first page click "Sox it to me". Someone more computer savy may be able to more easily link and avoid the registration.
  23. Everytime Crede makes a great play I yell "The Rally Crede!" and my twelve year old answers "The defensive Crede!". Something we will remember a long time. One more!
  24. hi8is: BamaDoc and his young Bama man will be with you and WSmanager in spirit. California was a great trip, I can only imagine what Houston would be like if we win tonight.
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