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  1. The same man locked out a world series contending team and raised the white flag during a playoff run. I think you over estimate his concern for others thoughts.
  2. This is not a competitive swing. No stride, just flails at it. Pull this lazy mother fucker off the field right now.
  3. He wont be. He will magically become very ready around the end of May/early June. Its all about money.
  4. Colas will not win the job out of spring training, no matter how much they need him. He will magically get promoted say around late May, Early June to save some of Jerrys monies.
  5. I am glad we had to sweeten the deal to take a crappy lefty off Bostons hands. Hahn must be a quick invite by friends at poker night.
  6. No this is bullshit. Contending teams do not have innings like that last one in September. That was horrific baseball.
  7. This isn't going to get fixed until Jerry sells or is in heaven. His cronies and the permanent employees who work here are never getting fired. They get promoted when they fail. I am not entrusting Hahn with another rebuild. I am waiting for all of these guys to be unemployed. And a new owner or someone else besides Jerry running this.
  8. Grandal trying to get that early October tee time going.
  9. Yoan not even trying to keep the ball in the infield with what is on the line. What a fucking asshole.
  10. Well I expect that style of baseball at a local little league in house game with 9 year olds. Not professionals.
  11. The blame goes to the owner. This mess didnt sneak up on us. He enabled all of this. The employment for life crap plus hiring his ancient goofy friend to steer this into the toliet.
  12. Why the f*** was the infield in. Its 1 out. Corners up, MIF at double play depth. Coming in gave them the runner at 2nd and no double play.
  13. Jesus fucking christ, a neck high wild pitch away.
  14. Great Leury Garcia has entered the game in the field. f***.
  15. Reylo for 1inning was bad. He could of went two.
  16. they needed to sweep. 2 out of 3 is not enough. Any win by Cleveland gives them the tiebreaker. The clock is about to run out.
  17. And that is a wrap to the season right there. Thank you for Lambert in the 7th. Having Naylor drive in the game winner is fitting. That's the cherry on the turd sundae.
  18. Thank you Rick Hahn for this wonderful and expensive bullpen. You have done wonders for the fandom.
  19. So whats the point of this pitching lineup. We use Liam only one inning. Now Graveman and Reylo have pitched in a game we had Lambert pitch in the 7th.
  20. Now Gravemen warms. Why the f*** was Lambert pitching tonight.
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