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  1. Its go time. Hit the fucking ball and score runs.
  2. It's 1-0. You are ridiculous. Take a fucking Midol.
  3. This is the running joke of the bears. They are rebuilding, and still the fans cant let the rebuilding team figure out what is there and what isn't. Its the 2nd game of tearing it down and people have declared a 2nd year QB dead. You have to develop him and see what happens. If it fails in a year or so and he shows no improvement then sure whatever. But my god everyone bitches about not have a QB then the minute they try to develop one you don't have the appetite to watch the warts and struggles. This season is not going to be a winner no matter what you think. Let it play out and see if they can get better. What works, what doesn't. This is staff and personnel as well.
  4. The offense decided not to show up again. Great timing boys. I hope your golf swings are ready because October is going to be a great time to get on the links.
  5. Thats my thoughts for why TLR will be back. His ego is beyond impressive. He wont want to go out like this. He will come back with a "if only they were healthy, we could of won" Then we will have to watch Hahn do very very interesting things trying to "fix" the roster.
  6. They are probably not going to have Soxfest because they will use Covid or something to avoid it. But that is the ticket to get this offseason. It will be rockin if they have it.
  7. Imagine if we hired AJ Hinch instead of the corpse. This to me is just as bad as the white flag trade, the lockout in 94. This is just JR destroying things. We assumed that the lockout would cost us years due to the principals involved. Its JR self destroying the team.
  8. I think he is the protypical "I got my money" player and this is what he is. I dont think his pride is an issue. He will go back this winter and party and drink and have fun and will show up with the promise of "potential"
  9. Exactly why are we trotting out an obviously very injured player to hit in the 9th.
  10. So if its true, that TLR was preaching the ground ball and slappy approach he might go down as worst than Bevington and the rest of the dregs of white sox managerial history.
  11. When the Indians celebrate, they should force this group of players to watch it. Then KW should ask them the question, how in the f*** is this possible. How exactly did a team that tried to lay down beat you in your, checks notes, world series contention window.
  12. 1.) Tell his fat ass to get into the gym and stop making goofy fucking videos in the offseason. 2.) Have him figure a hitting instructor that can work with him and fix this crap. 3.) Eat better and less party. 4.) Have the the talk with him about being out how the Red Sox might of been right and if you crap the bed here you will be back home getting fat out of baseball.
  13. Moncada, very talented on paper player who had one good season. Just bad.
  14. The collective isn't selling until JR is dead. This is a fun little money scam for him. You aren't good enough to fill the seats, who cares. I get a discount due to a clause that was part of the lease. Monies come in from the league anyway. Just collect money, make it look like we are doing something and let my band of misfits run the team.
  15. Nothing sums up the 2022 White Sox like watching the pageantry of extreme athletes jogging to first to avoid injury. In a few weeks they will have all of the time in the world to rest their boo boos.
  16. I would say the conditioning people will get canned. Then TLR gets a "never felt better in my life" and everyone stays the same. If anything Cairo might get bounced because TLR will see him as competition. Then more roster gymnastics will go on, and not in a good way.
  17. Well Stanford graduates would disagree. This is where you place most of your budget spending.
  18. 19 left after today and they will be 5 out in the loss column. They have to sweep the Guardians and that still might not be enough. Large amount of people with this organization should be unemployed after this year with what has happened.
  19. The fact that they have to have a project "Birmingham" because they need to have all of their best instructors in one spot says enough about the development of this organization. The Twins, Dodgers, Rays, etc. don't have to send all of their top prospects to one place to learn to play baseball because they have a way, a singular voice on how to play that brand of baseball. We don't teach s%*#. They come up not knowing how the game is played.
  20. That's because the chessmaster went for a closer who wasn't going to close and historically didn't do well in that role last year. And then double down on being dumb. Hahn needs to go.
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