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  1. This was something I always was taught. Make sure you hit the cut so the trailer doesn't advance.
  2. Not that it would matter but my lord Pollack, who taught you to field a ground ball in the outfield and make a throw. Most OF are taught to line it up and drive your momentum through the ball. You did some sort of fast foot sidestep of the ball and had zero momentum. You can do a prep step and drive through the ball.
  3. He is 78 years old with a pacemaker. This is not a guy who was out playing tennis or running marathons. He is 78. He is too old to be a manager at the MLB level. The grind and the requirements with travel and hours are beyond that of a person his age without a pacemaker more or less with one.
  4. Tipping? He is missing location and getting large parts of the plate with 2 strikes
  5. I have noticed that we havent been IBBing players in critical situations with 1-2 counts since the corpse has been gone.
  6. I was right. This is a bad team we are playing. Time to take advantage and get a win.
  7. Its 2-0 against a bad team. They should be able to put up a 7 spot on this garbage pitcher. Giolito tonight and last start did his job. If you are looking for zeros across the board with him then you will be disappointed. This team cant consistently hit.
  8. A fucking spot starter is no hitting us. Figure that one out.
  9. No one has the correct answer. When Tim comes back we need to transition him to his next position of catcher. Elvis can man SS while Timmy takes over behind the dish.
  10. I look forward to seeing if the experiment continues with Frank M. Inevitably he will wind up unemployed here after this season unless JR is just trolling the fanbase. I would be curious his next team leads the league in ground ball percentage and just dies offensively.
  11. Four back now in the loss column with 26 games left. We are running out of time quickly here.
  12. At least JR was able to save the 18 million it would of cost to pay him this year or the draft pool money he would of had to spend on another player.
  13. Tony "I need a lefty specialist" But Tony they dont have lefty specialist anymore. The rules have changed. They have to pitch to .... Tony "I am in the HOF I know what I want. We had these guys in Oakland and in St Louis. Just someone who is a reliever and is lefty." Well Diekman is a lefty and he is available but his splits are kind of odd. Tony "Is he lefty?" Yes, but he has some odd metrics. Tony "Listen if I wanted metrics I would go and get my vet to tell me them."
  14. This beer league defense we trot out there is an embarrassment. I thought the Carlos Lee adventures in left was something but then Hahn said, hold my beer.
  15. McEwing should of been fired a long long time ago. He provides zero value besides being a lifer.
  16. This organization doesn't work on fundamentals. The players have less awareness on how to play the game than some Freshman B players have in HS.
  17. Watching Leury Garcia up in these situations makes me so happy that Hahn decided to reward medicore with a multi-year deal instead of getting actual players that could help us.
  18. Everyone is taking a dump on Giolito but its a 2-0 game. He wasn't efficient but its not like every one of our starters has to throw shutouts to get wins. The offense just needs to be average and we win this game.
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