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  1. This is clowning at this point. This is like younger travel teams where the kid just keeps running to second because they are fundamentally bad.
  2. Drunky needs another fan to yell instructions to him or he is lost.
  3. A 50 billion dollar bullpen and Ruiz is first guy out. Great work.
  4. One team has decided to use OFers in the OF, the other thinks its MLB the Show on Rookie setting with DH/1B types
  5. Jose Ruiz up because the corpse managing probably heard a fan yell Ruiz.
  6. He should. Catch the fucking ball. It's not a terribly difficult thing.
  7. Same man has 1st basemen playing RF, a Catcher playing 1st to keep his "checks notes" bat in the lineup at least once a week, and that chaos angel out in LF. It's a beer league defense.
  8. Most HS OFers catch that. Hell 70% of the Frosh team OFers catch that.
  9. Colas has played in a pro league before. Bringing him up makes sense.
  10. It simple. You rotate Abreu and Vaughn between first and DH. If it hurts Abreu's wittle feewings then tell him to get over it. If Frank Thomas can DH so can Abreu.
  11. Trading cost-controlled players because the manager is a goof is a recipe for amazing success with a JR team.
  12. This is weird. I changed the settings to the rookie, and still, my 7 DH lineup isn't fast. Just weird.
  13. Well, that's because our talent evaluators kind of suck at evaluating our talent.
  14. It also helps when your catcher is a DH who is just wearing the funny outfit so he can go up and hit 3 times a game.
  15. Harrison's hit looks like something you would see in the second game of a freshman B team doubleheader.
  16. I love Yaz pimping his home run. You have been garbage all year, yet you pimp that dong because you have done it so much. Get out of here.
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