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  1. 40 minutes ago, bmags said:

    So to me it's really just about the $100k. You bring a guy in, get him a try out, if you don't want him on the opening day roster, offer him back. There are 5 spots open. It's not like thereare many tough decisions currently.

    Remember the white sox trading away international money in trades.  Yes of course a Jerry Reinsdorf owned franchise is trying to maximize profits.  The idea that they might have to pay 100k is beyond his imagination.  

  2. Just now, greg775 said:

    Sox should have never parted ways with Dombroski in the organization. We'd have had a few more titles by now and not have to put up with this Hahn tank job/rebuild that failed. To not hire the best medical training staff also is inexcusable. Sox have become a laughingstock in the Hahn era.

    Do you really think Dombrowski does Dombrowski things under Jerry and his budgets.   

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  3. 3 minutes ago, Chicago White Sox said:

    If Jerry were to exit the team, Hahn would be gone in a second.  Look at how atrocious his track record is over his 10 years as GM:

    • 1st place finishes = once
    • 2nd place finishes = once
    • Playoffs reached = twice
    • + .500 seasons = twice
    • 3rd or worse finishes = eight

    10 fucking years of this chump lawyer-speaking to us about parades, sustained success, and multiple championships and all we have to show for it is two good seasons where we exited in the 1st round.  For a guy kept around that long, it has to be one of the worst track records for a GM ever and somehow he keeps get more chances under Jerry.

    The good news is any new owner would hear him use the word “precipice” and fire him on the spot.

    The day after Jerry is gone, Hahn, Kenny, Daryl Boston, and the rest of the cronies hiding out in the country club would all be getting new jobs.  

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  4. One of the biggest issues is the quality of finishing.  I watch teams in the world cup and their shots on goal.  Quality hard shots happen multiple times in the game.  We get lazy headers directly at the goalie, or guys who are trying to audition for the NFL crushing 40 yard field goals way over the goal mouth.  Our players hesitate and mess up their shots over and over.   This needs to be the focus in the youth program.  How to deliver quality strikes.  


    The other thing, why is one of your best goal scorers delivering the corners.  Its insane.  

  5. 2 minutes ago, fathom said:

    Hahn loves having Sheets on the roster, as he can always use him as an example of why they don’t need certain things.  I’m sure if he wasn’t a lefty fielder, they’d put him at 2nd base also.

    He will rotate Grandal, Vaughn and Sheets at first base.  Sheets if your starting RF until Colas comes up.  And Leury and Eloy will play left field with Vaughn doing a stint here and there.   The DH will be used to rotate the odd man out.  Grandal will play everyday no matter how bad he is.  

  6. 8 minutes ago, Chicago White Sox said:

    I remember when I thought these types of quotes were posturing, but now there is legit fear flowing through my blood that Hahn is willing to use Sheets in the OF again.

    And just for the record, this is where Sheets & Vaughn ranked in rate adjusted DRS among corner OFs partway through 2022.  Needless to say, they sucked major you know what and any GM claiming they could be options out there again should be immediately relieved of his duties.

    2022 YTD DRS.PNG

    I think the plan of attack is Eloy will play in LF, Colas will eventually be in RF and the OF is good to go.  They will use Sheets for a month and a half to get the extra year of control for Colas.  And they will use a rotation of bad fielders for DH.  

  7. 1 hour ago, fathom said:

    It wouldn’t be both Timmy and Montgomery. Could easily see them trade Hendriks or Giolito in one deal and then Montgomery in another.

    I can see JR using Montgomery as a sweetener to offload a painful contract.   

  8. 1 hour ago, whitesoxwinner said:

    So lame. Can’t believe the man that brought us a World Series and is literally the only proven winner with this shitty front office is looked down upon by the masses like this. Ozzie deserves a little more respect. Ever hear of club DNA? The oz has already changed it. What is Kevin long going to do to change our club DNA?




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  9. 1 minute ago, bmags said:

    Sox twitter was so weirdly pro Ozzie last night I had to unfollow people. 

    Its the Mike Ditka phenomena.  People fall in love with the memory of the manager/coach in charge and forget what that man was.  These guys had warts just like what you see now.  

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  10. 28 minutes ago, Chicago White Sox said:

    If this Northbrook Bob guy is to believed and the Sox have already ruled out Espada, you got to think there is already someone in mind for the job.  And if there is someone in the mind for the job, you think Hahn would accelerate a hiring decision to avoid competing with the Marlins or Royals unless said candidate is part of a playoff team.  And if said candidate is a part of a playoff team and it’s not Espada, then it’s got to be Kevin Long right?  Optimistic me says it has to be him, although the pessimistic me can’t quite shake the Getz rumor.  Hiring him and promoting KW Jr after acknowledging the organization has been too insular would be such a White Sox set of moves.

    Or maybe that the front runner isn't one coveted by other teams because he has never coached before and isn't a real candidate by the rest of baseball.  What's the rush, make it look like you did a thorough job and hire the inside guy.  If we were competing or it was a real candidate they would of locked that person up already.   

  11. 3 hours ago, Harold's Leg Lift said:

    They're doing a lot of interviews. Washington has his supporters so I think he's still in the mix.  

    So Kenny, I figure Hahn wants Espada.  Then you have the wild card.  What does the old man want that will over ride everything.  

  12. People that are okay with Guillen managing are falling for the Ditka affect.  The fond memory of a former manager/coach based on nostalgia versus reality.  Do you remember Ozzieball.  I mean not the 2005 season, the rest of it.  Do you remember his kids and the twitter s%*#.  I see some very frustrating baseball and that TWTW crap coming out of hte woodwork.  I see fights with umpires, fights with media, and other teams players.  I see bunting for no reason.  I see nothing that plays into modern baseball.  

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  13. 4 hours ago, Sleepy Harold said:

    The only sense I can make out of interviewing Ozzie is getting his opinion on what he'd change with the club. Even doing that I hate bc of the circus that surrounds it. Other than that, Ozzie doesn't have any of the laid out characteristics from Hahn's presser. Last managed 10 years ago, last winning season 12 years ago, made the playoffs in two out of nine tries. Sure, he won a world series as a manager, but that was nearly 17 years ago. Not exactly "recent success" by any stretch. 

    That's because what Hahn wants means nothing.  It's the old owner who really matters.  

  14. 8 minutes ago, maxjusttyped said:

    We thought it couldn't get worse than Tony but Hahn/KW/Jerry are determined to prove that wrong 🙂

    Look at the original statement by Hahn on the qualifications and then his latest version of that.  If an older manager is hired, then you know Kenny and Jerry are truly running it and Hahn is a GM in name alone.  Fancy title for the same role he has had in the past.  The contract guy.  Decisions are made up at a higher level.  

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