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  1. QUOTE (RockRaines @ Jan 20, 2018 -> 09:32 PM) Seriously, is there any politician that you guys like? Someone that you really identify with and want to succeed? IMO these guys are all scum. I dont see one guy that I think really has our interests in his/her heart. Not at the federal level, but Daniel Biss.
  2. QUOTE (GoSox05 @ Nov 16, 2017 -> 02:06 PM) I refuse to believe this is real. It feels like a SNL skit. I thought the same thing when I saw it, but I googled it, and it appears to be real. FWIW, I first saw it as a commercial on American Heroes Channel, AKA that channel the replays WWII documentaries. I have a feeling that channel's target audience wouldn't take it as satire.
  3. Hey guys, maybe let's stop chirping, yeah? Take it to the PM's if you want to keep it going. Back to fun news -- this is real.
  4. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Oct 3, 2017 -> 04:36 PM) You absolutely discredited yourself with the very first sentence. Could you give a few reasons with you think the Democrats have moved "radically left?" I'm genuinely curious. You've said it a few times, but haven't actually said why you think that.
  5. Not tooo worried about IU in all this. As mentioned every school is dirty to some degree, just depends whether that degree is out-and-out handing over duffel bags full of cash. And Adidas may be the only shoe company implicated now, but I have to imagine they all will be.
  6. Huge trade case going on now that could derail the US solar industry. Pretty widespread condemnation of the petitioners, but I still wouldn't be surprised if the ITC sides with them. If the ITC does so, then it goes to Trump for a decision, and he's almost guaranteed to side with the US manufacturers.
  7. Didn't think that meetup would happen that quickly, though as Russ mentioned they were already in King's Landing and Dragonstone anyway. And what up, Hotpie?! I burst out laughing at "I can't believe I thought you were a boy. You're pretty!"
  8. QUOTE (RockRaines @ Jul 19, 2017 -> 10:09 AM) Flaked is a pretty exceptional show. Just started Friends from College as well, pretty solid. Heard nothing about it but saw it on Netflix and it looked good. You recommend, then? Pretty quick/easy watch?
  9. QUOTE (iamshack @ May 31, 2017 -> 10:50 AM) Honestly, it is just the way the industry is going anyways. While it is hard to sort of deconstruct all the different factors that have led to the massive transition to solar and wind resources (climate change, gov't subsidies, economics, abundant natural resources, etc), the transition requires certain complimentary fossil fuel resources until the time that storage is economic on a utility scale. The nature of solar and wind, both in the times when they are most abundant, and in the fact that they are intermittent resources, requires complimentary resources which can ramp up and down quickly or come online quickly. I am not engineer, nor expert in coal technology, but the current technology limits natural gas resources as the resources with these attributes. Therefore, since more and more solar and wind is coming online, utilities and regional transmission operators have sought to balance this influx of renewables with fast-performing natural gas resources, not coal. There are a LOT of things going against coal right now, other than just politics. It's just becoming an outdated technology. This is spot on, particularly the bolded. Batteries right now are often used to firm transmission to keep older transmission systems going longer. When we get to the point that batteries are able to store wind/solar/hydro power on a utility scale, it's a gamechanger. Then we really will be 100% renewable generation. Though I suspect some gas peaker plants would still be there just in case. It's the reason why I won't be sad if my career heads more toward battery development. Cutting edge stuff. I also think utility solar is going to overtake wind, at least in rate of newly installed capacity. QUOTE (StrangeSox @ Jun 1, 2017 -> 08:36 PM) Shack, I was talking to some pg&e folks today who were saying that California is "over generating" largely on solar and wind and as a result there aren't a lot of calls for power from fossil plants, even natural gas. That seem accurate from your end? Shack is more familiar with California's markets than I am (I mostly work in MISO, which is basically the upper Midwest), but that would seem accurate. Even here, there's been coal plants that have barely operated in 2017. QUOTE (iamshack @ Apr 26, 2017 -> 10:10 AM) Pretty solid read on the havoc that higher renewable penetration is having on worldwide electric grids and energy markets. I blame Farmteam. Ha! I missed this post originally. I agree with most of the article. The entire way we generate and deliver electricity is changing, and there will be growing pains. Given our respective employers, you may take a darker view of this than I do
  10. QUOTE (KagakuOtoko @ Apr 10, 2017 -> 12:58 PM) Yep, I am curious where they will go from here. I have no idea.
  11. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Mar 25, 2017 -> 01:59 PM) I can't speak for the whole alumni base but there's a pretty substantial "no to Alford" movement out there that has popped up in a lot of places for me. I don't think it would have gone over that well. But yeah I'm rather content with this hire. Alford would have been a reprehensible choice. I'm happy with Archie -- seemed the best of the reasonable (ie, non-pipe dream) candidates. At the very least we can expect some better defense.
  12. QUOTE (illinilaw08 @ Mar 16, 2017 -> 02:04 PM) This. I'm definitely Team Alford to Indiana. I'd be surprised if the resident Indiana fans on this board agreed. Ding ding ding! I'll be livid if we take Alford. But given some of Glass's comments at the presser, and actions in the past, I'm scared he may go that direction. My pipe dream is Billy Donovan. I can keep dreaming about it til it doesn't happen!
  13. As intentionally contrarian as raBBit is being, he has a point with the drone program. It's absolutely disgusting and reprehensible, and gets relatively little critical coverage.
  14. QUOTE (Tony @ Mar 1, 2017 -> 09:26 PM) I've seen enough. Nick Schmultz is absolutely the real deal. He's going to be a very good one. Big fan of Schmaltz. He's an elite passer, gonna put up incredible assist numbers. Not sure he'll ever get much above 15-20 goals though.
  15. Perez wins DNC chair, names Ellison deputy. Took 2 rounds of voting.
  16. QUOTE (RockRaines @ Feb 15, 2017 -> 02:07 PM) I've been there a few times, IMO its nothing short of incredible, at least what I've had. I am a brisket and burnt end fanatic, and it hits both of those hard. They also have HUGE sides and a great bar. I'm gonna have to try this place out.
  17. QUOTE (bmags @ Feb 4, 2017 -> 07:56 AM) http://trib.in/2krGPir Oh man. Read to the part where the parents offer their recommendation for speakers. I went to New Trier. Doesn't surprise me there's some of these idiots in the district. That said, the school itself is pretty inclusive, at least in a traditional sense. That one guy quoted mentioned that he didn't think the area was racist. He's not necessarily wrong -- the North Shore is much more classist than it is out and out racist.
  18. QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Jan 16, 2017 -> 03:03 PM) Don't forget Solyndra and the green energy/clean tech revolution not exactly taking off as planned in the US. Wait what? Those examples don't make sense, and even if they did, wouldn't be in the same universe as what Jenks mentioned. Renewables had astronomical growth under Obama. And Solyndra is just a terrible Republican talking point. Republicans used Solyndra to argue the loan program was terrible...but 98% of the loans administered through that program were repaid. Solyndra was one of the few failures. It'd be like arguing that Reagan did terribly in the '84 election because he lost Minnesota.
  19. Homeland premiere was decent. Quinn is my favorite character, so it's hard seeing him all f***ed up.
  20. QUOTE (LittleHurt05 @ Jan 8, 2017 -> 08:38 PM) Ugliest hat trick ever? Nice work Hartman I'm not convinced the Hawks are that good yet but they keep winning Ha, it sure wasn't pretty! As they are now, I'm still kind of meh on getting past the second round. Crawford/Darling have covered up a lot. At least the possession numbers are better than last year.
  21. QUOTE (LittleHurt05 @ Jan 7, 2017 -> 01:04 PM) The Hull stuff I understand as well, but a certain popular Hawks site seems to drop a Kane is a rapist comment daily like there is a major vendetta and they seem to hold it against the Hawks with a grudge. But no similar vitrol when you trade for a player coming off a DV suspension. Just be consistent. The link I posted a few pages back gets into why the Hull stuff is especially dumb, since they're holding him out as a team ambassador. Not sure if you're talking about SCH or TCI, I only really read the former.
  22. QUOTE (Brian @ Jan 4, 2017 -> 06:16 PM) So "indefinite" means 1 game in Duke. What a joke. A very unsurprising joke.
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