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  1. Rick Hahn praying for a new variant so they’ll cancel Sox fest
  2. Gonna be a big year for Karnisovic and Eversley. I have so little confidence in this team being worthwhile good and now, they also seem tapped out to get better. But, he came from the nuggets that also consistently seemed like they'd hit a ceiling and some other guy they drafted in the 2nd round or first would develop. That's what I'll at least wait and see on. If a guy like Ayo or Pat can actually be developed. If not...eesh. It really is annoying how terrible the bulls luck was in their tank years re: the draft. We really had an orlando run, and I supported (obviously) just kinda pivoting. But seeing how teams like Cleveland, Detroit were able to use their better luck to leap...man that Vuc deal, which probably allowed us to keep Lavine...killed us.
  3. I mean, I definitely would have thought that a team with anderson, robert, moncada would have been hell on a team on the basepaths back in 2019. Instead they all look like Grandal. Watching the guardians the last two nights just eat us up...it's just like what the f*** is this team. How did they all become this mopey bullshit have to save myself for tomorrow b.s. every day. I love Abreu. I love TA. But if this is what the teams always look like under them as leaders...good riddance.
  4. It is like absolutely wild when you think about the only outside hires in this org was Paddy. Getz sort of counts, with his 1 year in an asst role in KC, I guess. Virtually no one has been fired, all promoted into different assistant to the GM roles. Is there another franchise as insular as this?
  5. For much of Hahn's tenure the sox could basically only focus on one thing at a time. I think after they drafted Vaughn they then went into major league talent mode and stopped paying attention to scouting and development. They went back to asking for only older intl prospects so they didn't have to listen to scouting reports on 16 year olds. They focused on crushing the FA market with Grandal, Keuchel and be set for a decade. I do think they were horrified in 2021 at how much it emptied out and Project Birmingham is them being at least interesting. But the point is that the Guardians don't ever stop trying to advance being better at every aspect of team building even if they can't always afford to keep the fruits of their labor. Also I advocated for trading for Kwan when it was thought that he may be a 40 man casualty this offseason. Shoulda listened to me I'm good. I also wanted a catcher/outfielder who was later cut and I don't htink is in baseball anymore.
  6. They learned that the only top of market talent they could afford rested in C, DH, BP
  7. It was mostly good, but I second what others have been saying that it's less detailed than many of what has been called out here. And the sentiment I have seen was that sox fans were never happy and whiners prior to this year. Hahn felt very entitled at Reggies to call out sox fans criticizing the move of a rebuilding team trading out Intl Bonus Money to shed a contract. Sure enough, the last two 'competitive' years under hahn we have had a severely depleted farm that lacked pieces to send out without completely emptying the farm. Seems related! This board's hivemind is sometimes wrong but also tends to learn faster and be right more often than the sox front office. Most of all, none of us ever want to stop improving the team in any area. The front office will take one step forward and pat themselves on the back for years until they are heckled into improving it again by the fans.
  8. Nah, it’s just staffing issues.
  9. I hated that 2018 draft. I still thought it may have paid off and I thought this year the Royals would be better than the tigers. I am so far right, but, I thought htey'd be like 72-75 wins so I'm still dumb. Moore I think was too sentimental. But some new guy is gonna be happy as hell he has Pratto and Bobby Witt Jr.
  10. Overpaying relievers on the open market and drafting relievers. It makes you want to cry.
  11. I did peruse the upcoming FAs and no C's. Would be the worst if we have to mash Robert-Judge-Colas into some terrible pun like Berdgelas
  12. I'd definitely say it was a problem that after Davis Martin's surprise performance the next best pitchers in AAA and AA were all 35 year old milb free agents taking cortisone shots in their shoulders nightly.
  13. Need a CF whose last name starts with C so we could have an R C Colas outfield.
  14. I think we've had a lot of good posts and run downs of just the incredible complacency and lack of accountability from the sox front office. But watching players like Narvaez becoming good catchers by working with a different org, or Semien, or watching the Braves hire Ron Washington and win a world series... while you have seen piss poor defense since 2013 and continue to run out the same coaching staff. It's just mind boggling. There is so little to lose budget-wise, and you are competing for a world series, yet ignoring the small things that can help. Just lazy idiots.
  15. Has anyone seen anything about him starting to throw again? I feel like now is the time when we'd see "first throws", for example, there was video of Tanner MacDougal (our fifth round pick in 2021 who had TJS in April) throwing long toss.
  16. Yes, our players in their primes all looked like late-career broken down vets, and our late career vets like grandal looked like they had one foot in the grave. This despite us never pushing them very hard over the last two years. Meanwhile the players we obviously needed to manage playing time for (rodon/kopech last year, kopech this year) they just blissfully pushed as if there was no limit in site and surprise surprise they were complete shells of themselves in the last month or two or shut down.
  17. Seems like they got better when certain players went on the IL so I unno man. The difference in the AL to me is some organizations aren't in denial of what they are, and some are.
  18. I had dall-e draw me a picture of what Rick Hahn looked like this morning
  19. easiest gutpunch would be to lose tonight. Biggest gut punch would be to go 2-1 where we win the first two.
  20. Good luck to this team. I appreciate the effort from Cueto, Cease, Andrus and Romy. I hope for Cueto, Cease, Abreu this team can make us a memory. Also twins are absolute trash lmao 1-7 in your division showdown lmao
  21. Congrats to the twins. The suckiest bunch of sucks that have ever sucked.
  22. It was kinda nice watching the twins choose between so many terrible batters after Leon's injury. Really made me feel like there were other teams out there like ours.
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