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  1. without looking it up someone tell me how old they think michael wacha is
  2. I agree. But other franchises have done this "we're at an impasse, lets get what we can now and just sign someone else for control". I would not mind sox doing this because then we have to worry that they'll even put out a QO to get a 2nd rounder.
  3. There are a number of free agent pitchers, many will likely sign a contract.
  4. I think this is actually possible. Unfortunately I think it will be a disaster, but yes I agree about it.
  5. Well, if you aren't talking about this as a costcutting measure, the reason you would trade Gio is it is clear you will not re-sign him. He has been the rare sox to enter FA, and the other was Rodon, and Rodon is gone (after the detour). So you could also just say "we are going to trade Giolito away because we won't re-sign him, get value back, and sign a different pitcher we can get for the next 3-4 years". If you are just completely capped, you probably aren't trading Giolito it's true.
  6. That would be 30 more than the rest of our lineup can play
  7. Well Clevinger sucked last year but pitched way less innings and got 1 year 12 million, more than Giolito will make. Zach Eflin was way more competent but still more of a #4, except it has been 3 years since he has thrown as many innings as Giolito last year. He got 3 years 40. I'm sure many-a team are looking at a pitcher who had some bad luck despite the worse stuff and is still a rare workhorse (in modern times) who has quite a bit higher ceiling. And if you are a competitive team, $10mil is cheap. So yes I think he has good value to trade, but not a top 100 guy type return
  8. That's what I mentioned, swapping out for them a 3 year liability for a 1.
  9. Perez is getting crushed for framing, but had half the number of runners take off on him than Yas and a better passed ball score. Based off the discussion on the board about how yaz was a classic example of analytics failing what we could all see, I am not surprised to see how it is now being used to showcase how it's failing perez. oh noes
  10. Salvy would be a much needed presence that demands things lacking on this team like "paying attention during the baseball game" though. The "setting an example by paying attention while half the team is not paying attention" wasn't working, imo. His contract is not good, but if we didn't have that contract, it's true we could sign a redemption fifth starter with that money. Or a 30+ year old slap hitting infielder. Or an outfielder who can only hit one site of a platoon. These are tough tough calls.
  11. Eh, I think this tracks so far with last few years. The $6-$8 mill happens in feb. Remember braves jumping on Smyly for 1 yr $10 mill for like 8 IP a few years ago? Anyone teams think have potential go for $10-$16 mil. Surprise to me is Eflins years.
  12. I think salvy would be good for this team. Very good. I think you also pay the price to move Grandal and KC swaps the 3 year liability for a 1 year.
  13. So eflin getting traded in 24 got it (to the braves)
  14. Dang didn’t realize how little Eflin has pitched last few years. Not sure I have any idea what prices will be this year. So many competing teams.
  15. The only good trade would be Keuchel for tatis, sadly
  16. I think the twins will be one of the more interesting teams to watch. Falvey has had success but I think a lot will ride on this year because there doesn't seem like there is much after it. Other teams I'm interested in: - Not sure what Marlins are this year - Not sure what Dbacks are this year
  17. probably worth mentioning that the last time we were using the rule 5 was when we were ostensibly competing and had bad depth in AAA so yes I would expect it to be used. Probably would have in 2020/21 if not for it not existing.
  18. I still think Covey's stuff was there, sometimes it just doesn't come together. But yeah those 4 starts he was incredible.
  19. I feel like @Flash will like this guy Blake Sabol, OF/C, Pirates Sabol is a lefty hitter with above-average power and a potentially average hit tool who has reached Triple-A. If he was only a corner outfielder, that probably wouldn’t be enough to make him a potential Rule 5 target. But Sabol has long been a hybrid. He’s a catcher/outfielder, which is the role he filled at Southern California as well. Defensively, he’s limited enough at catcher that it’s hard to see him as a regular there or even a No. 2 catcher, but a team looking for a lefty with some pop who could play in the corner outfield spots, DH and serve as a No. 3 catcher could be intrigued.
  20. sorry, that was a question! I read this in BA and was confused but I think the point was "this guy would never be an option with 25 man rosters, but may be a player that gets a shot with 26" but I was confused thinking they were saying "rosters are contracting to 25" thought it was a part of the latest CBA I missed. " Misner is the type of player who could benefit from the 26-man roster rule. With 25-man rosters and teams sometimes carrying 14-player pitching staffs, it would be hard to see a team carrying Misner as the lone backup outfielder on the roster."
  21. Sorry non subs. https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/2022-major-league-baseball-rule-5-draft-preview-version-20/ Sox really should use rule 5. One thing we’ve seen is teams being more ok with selecting and just returning the players (and sometimes getting to keep them). Bring a guy in with a new staff, have him compete with the shitty FA veteran we sign. My interest: Kam Misner- Mizzou, lefty, power, athleticism…hit tool so bad it’s very likely he’s worse than mark Payton. But anyway this is my pick Nic Enright, RHP, Guardians Enright is one of the most polished available relievers in this year’s Rule 5 class. He has plenty of upper-level MiLB experience, with over 100 innings and more than 70 appearances in Double-A and Triple-A, and he has a lengthy track record of success. He posted a 2.88 ERA with a .203 opponent batting average, 1.9 BB/9, 11.9 K/9 and a 2.89 FIP in 2022. Enright has a pair of above-average pitches to work with. His low-90s fastball has modest velocity, but it has some of the best carry in the minors, which makes it a bat-misser that he can dot the zone with. His low-80s slider generates plenty of swings and misses as well, and serves as an excellent chase pitch when he gets ahead in counts. With excellent fastball life and plus control, Enright could be a relatively low-risk addition to a big league bullpen as a Rule 5 pick.
  22. Sorry didn’t know where to put this…rosters are going back to 25 this year?
  23. we still have a shot you can't rule out JR to make a splash move
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