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  1. double play. The twins did a double switch, were definitely trying, but all were terrible hitters so who cares. If I were them I'd have just told him not to swing and gotten to arraez these dudes sucked.
  2. I'm wrong, it's Caleb Hamilton batting and Cleveland now replaced Quantrill.
  3. bases loaded, 1out after an HBP. just no double plays and Arraez can come up. As is, it's down to Sandy Leon. Who sucks.
  4. 2 of 3 probably only works if cleveland loses today. if we are 4 games back, getting to 3 games back isn't enough.
  5. Dang are the guardians wearing yankees jerseys this weekend?
  6. yep, kinda nice to have the clarity though.
  7. That sucked. I really would like to see Fields completely own our offense. That said, it was obviously a touchdown. So eat s%*#, zebras.
  8. I thought Schultz might be there but he’s been pitching in instructionals. The good news is I feel like the AFL roster sucks because we’ve had a damn healthy season in the minors.
  9. For a team that doesn’t strike out a lot they sure strike out when men are on base
  10. sorry for neglecting this.
  11. You can really see why the organization resists outside talent coming into management positions so much. So much easier to create the ruse that it's everyone and nobodies fault...then when somebody falls in and actually tries and shows how big a difference it is the house of cards comes falling down.
  12. right, basically him and frank thomas it's a good approach for.
  13. Ken on a rampage since getting dropped by mlb tv
  14. this was wild. Seems like the dam will eventually break as valuations rise. Going to be difficult for any one person to buy-in and teams to get the best $$$ amount possible.
  15. I would say the stuff is probably good enough but less controlled, and if he can't lay off on it way outside zone he's not gonna when it's close.
  16. I don't think sox are holding down Colas for control reasons (given his age). He still struggles with any non-fastballs, but I agree I'd probably try it out given the all hands on deck moment they are in. In a much less exciting move, I think I'd prefer Cespedes over Engel at this point. He has been dynamic defensively and Engel has slowed down a bit from elite speed to very very good. Not expecting much more offensively, but who is our best defensive outfielder right now?
  17. Gonna give Lovie credit for squeezing a tie out of a very tough game to win, personally.
  18. If you want to feel good about eberflus, watch the Denver - Seahawks game. Holy smokes what the hell was the Denver coaching staff doing
  19. One cool thing would be if they allowed steroids again.
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