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  1. I didn’t say Sanders jumped right into the Colorado job.
  2. while he's probably not good...boy do I know the guys we do have are also not good.
  3. I don't think that's fair, sprinkle looked much different after he was injured, and always had more power than rondon had. I think as long as we have so few of his profile, he'll be more likely to make majors on our team than others. And I think likelihood of major league time is something I"m starting to weigh more now that we see how little we can pull in and how we sign people like elvis andrus.
  4. Have a hard time buying this no matter how many times it's repeated. 2016-2018, Giolito hovering around 92.5 mph on fastball, 2000-2100 rpms. He changes motion, gets velocity back to 94.5 mph average 4 seamer. Fastball gets to 2300+ RPM from 2019-2021. 2022, his fastball velocity drops to 92.5, spin goes back to 2100. His changeup spin was about the same. In fact it got more drop and more break in worse years for Giolito. He also was just a better pitcher in the second half of 2021 than he was in the first half. Probably was just being tall, having good spin, working high in the zone with a disguised changeup caused people to guess constantly because they had so little time to react whether it would drop. But give them a bit more time and they could. And now he's trying to make his slider mix in, and his curveball now. BUt nothing worked as well as a high 95 mph fastball and then keeping them off balance with changeups so they couldn't time it. Worked great until he couldn't do it anymore
  5. I would also say probably only Penny is truly similar. That AAU star recruit is a lot more similar to what Deon started doing at Jackson state than Hardaway/Howard (NBA Assistants). I don't think Howard has really coached out of step with Michigan. They've been pretty boom/bust last 20 years. He got them a number 1 seed in year 3 of coaching.
  6. Hmm interesting. I feel like I'd have Sprinkle/Elko in top 30. I think likelihood they crack ml rosters surged in august/september. There also still just isn't many like sprinkle in the system.
  7. I think the velo drop has made the elevated fastball/changeup that was so deadly a lot less deadly. Easier to rise up to 92 than 94-95.
  8. I wonder if Sanders is the start of what already began in college basketball where these very dynamic, popular former players are going to be getting recruited into coaching since they will be able to probably bring some of their own connections into bringing NIL money into the program. In basketball, you had it start in former players running AAU programs, then bringing penny hardaway to memphis. After that we see Juwan Howard, Stackhouse, ...we'll skip over Ewing. Now with the energy Sanders is bringing to the game, I wonder if more mid-level/fcs programs will recruit players directly to head coach positions. That may be more attractive to those players than having to run through the typical gauntlet a head coach needs to go through. Would finally be a positive development for the player-to-coach pipeline.
  9. In any other org this wouldn't be a blunder. We'd probably be annoyed and shrug it off, but in other areas of sports that would be the kiss of death to get a public endorsement like that during a clearly awful season. But with the sox that may as well be a binding contract. Hell...they probably signed him to an extension last night with tears in their eyes, thanking him.
  10. Danny Farquhar, today, is better than 95% of the bullpen pitchers we have in AAA.
  11. The thing is this fastball velo is regressing to where he started with in 2017. His pitching motion change found more consistent velocity, but there was a concern it demanded so much of the legs it was unsustainable. He was able to sustain pretty well through 2019, 2021 (full seasons). I wonder if it just became harder in late 20s vs mid 20s, and he may have tried to find ways to compensate that have messed with the success.
  12. man at some point of the season you just kinda check out with "this team is bad" but every once in a while it hits you that somehow this team is worse than the worst they trotted out during the rebuilds. All garcia, alan hanson dudes performing better than this group. Absolutely wild.
  13. Those banners ain’t cheap. Kudos to those fans. Gonna guess this will cause more of a security review than the gun.
  14. Problem to me is Moore isn’t a different flavor from different orgs. One of the more similarly run groups to the Sox. And the braves way ran into its own end within the braves. Except they value winning over a system so they evolved quite a bit in the mid 00s. It would be like running a Walsh west coast system instead of shanahan in football terms.
  15. I knew when he was drafted he was gonna be the best thing that ever happened to me
  16. That’s kinda wild to me just because it seems like the one place they feel comfy placing blame is that it’s the players that failed. and they did. But … they also will stay the same?
  17. Can you point me to his swing change? Looking at his single from last night on twitter, it doesn't really look different to me. His set-up is a little different in that he seems to start up a bit more upright and dips but that just seems like a new timing mechanism. But the swing and how he bails out on his legs all seems the same to me
  18. I'm sure he did, and I know when I've been frustrated a lot of times its entertaining/therapeutic to see the media arguments from talk radio/print people I like. But this time I'm kinda like "where were you". Congrats on taking it to them know when its obvious, but sox fans who have been pointing out the failures for a while were not interesting enough to engage with, and now everyones so smart and knew what was happening.
  19. I didn't think Getz was destined to fail until the press conference. Being adament that he was hired to win now, but that they'll spend but not on the high end of the market... I don't see anyway that works and worry we trade out the prospect depth that we may get lucky on for some bad vet plays.
  20. liked old future sox, liked soxmachine futuresox, will like new futuresox.
  21. Especially when that added payroll just goes into buying bench players, old DHs and middle relievers.
  22. normally i'm no conservative about getting new coaches in there. I think there is too much handwringing about it. But Katz definitely developed our pitching better than whatever the hell happened in KC with their 400 college pitchers they drafted.
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