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  1. I get that Judge put a lot of pressure on the yankees but man do I feel like this story line is a over contrived by NY media. Did the Yankees pay a tax to keep judge? I don't know how you can say that when Judge had what they also say was a larger offer from SD. If Devers is like "i'll sign for lower elsewhere" convincingly, then yes. But in this case the player had more leverage because other teams wanted the player more than the yankees.
  2. That said could Joey Gallo work? Sure. It's really not fun seeing what happened to him in NY. I've said we needed power and he has power. But, boy, can't you just see a team with him and grandal where they are both equally lost and we are losing our minds?
  3. I was thinking today about how Jerry's and the white sox's place in baseball was frustrating but made sense when it was largely the yankees/red sox/dodgers that just sucked up all the free agents. They were behaving wildly different than everyone else and when they won it was like "ok" but when they lost there was almost vindication that it shouldn't work. But it sure doesn't feel like that anymore. It feels like the teams that know they can't do that, and have put all their resources in being able to draft and develop and find talent everywhere that's controllable, and have been super successful. Then your bigger market teams who both put a bunch of their resources in scouting and development AND using it to target star players and re-sign or get star players in FA. And then you have the like rockies and white sox. It reminds me a bit of college football. You have the blue blood programs that just compete for the best, go after stars, spend a ton on the best coaches and development. Then you have the teams who aren't that but do an amazing job leveling the playing field by finding the undervalued players and developing them with strength trianing and coaching. And then you have like Nebraska, who still thinks it's a blue blood but isn't really doing either world well and is just kinda bitter and angry.
  4. The tatis to outfield stuff was about his shoulder, no?
  5. Perfect depth. He can come up and not miss a beat slapping grounders into the dirt and playing bad defense.
  6. Guy has some trouble finding the plate (46 walks in 76 ip)
  7. Nice find, got nervous from his college write-up that he was another sinkerballer reliever. Like that he's a strike-thrower.
  8. lotta players picked this year. I think teams finally realized the penalty is...not very exorbitant.
  9. nothing wrong with relievers in a rule 5 draft.
  10. glad they took someone. Not much on him.
  11. I keep looking at stuff...I think they'll grab a guy still.
  12. I feel like recently we've seen teams care about htis much less. Quite a few guys have been returned and even the original team has passed bringing them back. I think like 2-3 picks this happened to last year. So to me it's really just about the $100k. You bring a guy in, get him a try out, if you don't want him on the opening day roster, offer him back. There are 5 spots open. It's not like thereare many tough decisions currently.
  13. makes sense. I've started to figure that hahn and co are now in late era garpax mode where they got incredibly lazy, were leaving up scouting internationally to one consultant, and gar just going to games. Any chances to add other resources were always declined.
  14. I'm sure they'll bring up dexter fowler.
  15. it would at least affect the over unders right?
  16. I think we all want something to talk about. Since the astros sent them packing this team has been bad and boring. Their farm has been decent fun thou, I'll give getz/shirley somethin nice.
  17. couple things from the chat. One, I love the way BA's writers write. Tired of the overly sarcastic tone of so many of the prospect guys (law, longenhagen). Really miss kevin goldstein. Anyway: Wilfred Veras is now exclusively corner OF. Enjoyed this on Jacob Burke: James (Chicago): Bill, do you have outfielder and recent 11th rounder Jacob Burke ranked in the 11-30 range? Thanks. Bill Mitchell: James, the final 11-30, plus the extra bonus of the 31-40 list, will be finalized before the Handbook goes to press, but Jacob Burke should be in there somewhere. Drafted his past year out of Miami and paid an over-slot bonus, the comment I got on Burke is that he plays like his hair's on fire. A very interesting guy. Don (Illinois): What causes some scouts to think Jose Rodriguez of the White Sox is more a utility players as oppose to a starting player at SS/2nd base since he is young for every league he has been in ? Bill Mitchell: Don, see my answer to the previous question. It's more a question of bringing together the total game on a daily basis. Scouts notice that he's sometimes nonchalant on defense and he needs to keep developing his hittability, so there's still room for growth. But as you said, he's been young for every level so keep monitoring him as he develops.
  18. This is another black eye on manfred, but, I feel like people are acting like Judge got the juiced ball. If they really wanted him to win the HR record, why not just give the juiced ball? Doesn't take anything away from Judge imo, hitting 62 on this crop of pitchers with a slightly heavier ball than the notably dead ball is incredible.
  19. I mean, I'll take what Liberty Media has done for the braves.
  20. The rule 5 is going to be incredibly important to the white Sox offseason, imo.
  21. I’m wavering and it seems like Swanson may get paid a lot. But still think teams will treat him like a distant third and not just give him the same glob not good enough for the others.
  22. Won’t even be their worst of the decade
  23. I am glad for this. Would have been hilarious but like, judge has to be a yankee.
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