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  1. 1 hour ago, greg775 said:


    Any news on the Bears? Are they leaving for Arlington or staying put? Are they gonna build the palace the honorable Lightfoot was proposing or splittsville to suburbia?

    They will be heading to the suburbs. It would be very surprising if they tried to do another spaceship landing in Soldier Field Renovation. It also has the benefit of being the right decision for the city too, a domed stadium will host a Chicago Super Bowl before 2030, and it's going to be super cool, the entire Super Bowl crowd will freeze and find a deep dish pizza place and just be in awe of how well it works.  The Chicago Bears should be one of the NFL's Marquee Franchises, they should have a 75000-80000 seat domed stadium for football games and the occasional visit by Beyoncé in the suburbs, and they will have a huge waitlist for tickets once its built.

    I don't know what they will do with Soldier Field, this is legitimately a conundrum to me. I don't know if the right decision there is to demolish the monstrosity they built and try to restore the classic field or just demolish the whole thing, that would depend on who might use a 50,000 seat stadium near the lake with no skyboxes. This is a challenge for someone who knows the options better than me to figure out.

  2. Quote

    “Expect to see lots of Joey Gallo at first base, especially if Alex Kirilloff struggles to get back on track following season-ending wrist surgeries in 2021 and 2022. Gallo is a two-time Gold Glove-winning corner outfielder, and that’s where the Twins would prefer to deploy him, but he also played some first base early in his career with the Rangers and is considered very good there as well.”


  3. 1 hour ago, Chicago White Sox said:

    And IMO, Hahn should be relieved of his duties if the team doesn’t make the playoffs.  La Russa is long gone and Rick is the guy entering the season with a $180M payroll relying on multiple rookies and with little depth.  Tony’s impact may have been massive, but that doesn’t excuse Hahn from not improving the roster.

    The only way he isn’t the GM is if Kenny retires and he takes Kenny’s job.

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  4. 1 hour ago, FourEyesShottenhoffer said:

    They’re not going to do anything until mlb announces any disciplinary actions. They wouldn’t have to put him on administrative leave until the regular season begins, if it takes that long.

    They might actually want to do so in a couple of weeks if they are trying to keep him away from the team. If he's coming to training camp, he's going to be pitching and preparing with everyone else. 

  5. 3 minutes ago, ChiSoxTrojan said:

    Boston DFA'ed him a couple days ago, so they needed to trade him. Not sure why they DFA'ed him, but the only explanation is that they need the 40-man spot for some reason.

    All right, so this is originally from them signing Duvall. They signed Duvall and had to DFA Matt Barnes for the roster spot. They traded Matt Barnes to Florida for Richard Bleier and again still needed a roster spot from that deal so they DFAd German. I found a version of a Boston Herald article asking why German was the guy they DFAd and all it said was they thought he would be most easy to trade for a useful return, which seems like an odd reason to DFA someone. 

  6. Straight up, I don't get this for Boston. This looks on paper like a much better deal for the White Sox. Reliever for reliever, except the guy Boston is giving up is younger, was at AAA last year, and was quite a bit more effective. Guy clearly has options remaining, and no obvious reason to think Boston needs a 40 man spot in the next day. This looks like a small but obvious win for the White Sox. Why would Boston do this? 

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  7. 18 minutes ago, Harry Chappas said:

    They have to go with Gordon Beckham because Stone gets a good amount of vacation time.  The list of good color commentators is not that long, watch any sport and you soon realize how bad they are.

    Benetti had a option that the club picked up.  Benetti is asking the team to make concessions for him to broadcast other games.  The White Sox have to fill these gaps and rework Kasper's deal when he moves to television and find replacements that they have to pay.  I do not think Benetti can make as much money doing the national stuff to leave but it makes the White Sox position more difficult when he is missing so much. 

    You would think the White Sox would be more accommodating but they are the White Sox.  There is a middle ground here in this discussion other than the White Sox fucked up again.

    I think Benetti stays as there ae more options doing Sox games than other sports in the spring and summer but I think it is worked out much differently.

    If Jason needs to miss 20 games that is 12% of the season that is not insignificant.  

    What happens if Jason has a FOX game on a Saturday in September and Sox game the following day and his flight is cancelled?  There ae logistical aspects to this other than look at the cheap White Sox again. 

    You’re right those are issues that do need to be dealt with.

    On the other hand, how many quality young TV guys are there that won’t receive any national interest in broadcasting something else? There’s half a year when they could be doing basketball or football, for example. Didn’t Jason do a “stat loaded” broadcast for the college football championship a few weeks ago or was that a different game? I’m sure I had one of those on recently.

    He really is good at his job and people recognize this. That is a good thing for the White Sox, employing a guy who is good at his job and who will be around for years. The fact that Fox wants him doing games is a testament to this.

    Employing people who are good at their job makes the whole white Sox organization better, it helps build the brand and it’s another way to bring national exposure to this franchise. Presumably it also makes Nationwide insurance a bunch of money too. One sacrifice of that is losing him for some games, but the gain of that could be having him broadcast the World Series in a few years. How many of the most well known broadcasters for teams had arrangements like this, where they did Big Games for the national networks on the weekend and were available the rest of the season? I’d say many of them.

    If you don’t want a guy who has demand from Fox, you can find that, by going with worse broadcasters. This may save money in the short term, but in the long term it again sacrifices a chance to build a following in exchange for a quick buck. The good news is there’s no other instance I can think of where the White Sox have behaved that way, otherwise I’d be shaking my head saying “here we go again.”

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  8. 17 minutes ago, ChiSox59 said:

    Cueto was great for the Sox after they got him for basiscally nothing because no one wanted to sign him.  SP wins don't matter that much.   Its not a SP fault if he goes 7 strong and hte team doesn't score any runs for him or the pen blows it. 

    But teams wins certainly matter.  Sox went 11-14 in the games Cueto started.  That is a fact.  Yes he gave them a chance to win more often than not, but the reality is the team didn't win more often than not in the games he start.  I do believe that Mike Clevinger (if he pitches for Sox) or Davis Martin or AJ Alexy or some combination thereof could probably rival a .440 winning percentage across 25 starts.  No, its not mostly Cueto's fault the team didn't perform well in his starts, but replacing a pitcher who a .500 team won less than 50% of his starts should not be that hard.

    I wish Johnny Cueto well, but I look forward to him being terrible in 2023 like he was for the lionshare of the last half decade so he stops getting brought up here 25x a day.    

    Worth noting, Cease, Giolito, and Lynn received on average between 4.96-5.18 runs per game. This was in the top 1/3 of MLB run support. 

    Cueto received 4.15. This was in the bottom 40%.

    (Kopech received Quintana like run support last year and that won't be discussed because blah).

  9. 1 hour ago, 35thstreetswarm said:

    Everybody cites "81 wins" as if it's the definitive and precise mathematical measure of team quality, but let's face it -- there are different ways to get to 81 wins.  They were 5 games over and very much in the race going into that September Cleveland series, and frankly took their foot off the gas for several weeks once they lost that first Cleveland series game in a heartbreaker.  They were in free-fall for a while after they realized they were out of it.  They were probably an 85-win team that fell to .500.  A meaningless and negligible difference, really, but then so is the difference between 81 and 83.5.  83.5 seems reasonable.

    As a sidenote, I love threads like this where neutral, outside reality creeps in to the Soxtalk doom chamber for a moment.  The cognitive dissonance can be fascinating to watch.  I swear, we could be heading into the ALCS next year and somebody would post that "the people celebrating the ALCS are missing the real point, which is that Rick Hahn failed to sign Zach Wheeler in the 2019 offseason and..."

    They were on pace to be a few games over .500...and they had the run differential of a 77 win team pretty much the whole year. 

  10. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Except:

    -They picked up Johnny Cueto off the scrap heap and found their second best pitcher of the season. The only reason he was even available when he was signed was the lockout. Had Lance Lynn not gotten hurt, they never sign Cueto - who outperformed everyone other than Cease in their rotation. They had a replacement for Keuchel because of this.
    -They picked up Elvis Andrus off the scrap heap and got 2 months of darn near MVP performance from him. He was a notable upgrade over Tim Anderson for those 2 months, they got better because Anderson got hurt. We will probably never see that kind of upgrade from a midseason veteran put on waivers again in our lifetimes.
    -Seby Zavala, per innings played, was one of the most effective catchers in baseball. Effective offensively, avoided some of the defensive issues that plagued him in 2021. This combined with McGuire turned the White Sox' 
    -The guys they brought in off the scrap heap were so effective that it basically offset almost all of the losses to injury (except for the stupidity with Robert's wrist). Had they been the healthiest team in baseball, they're basically the same team in the end, because of how effective these guys were.
    -They weren't all that banged up anyway compared to the rest of the league. For example, "the White Sox had 3 pitchers hit the IL" compared to "Detroit's entire opening day starting rotation was on the IL when we faced them for a 3 game series. Ponder what the White Sox's losing streak would look like if they lost all 5 starters for a month. 
    -Their competition was weaker than expected, particularly Detroit because of how banged up they were. 19 games against that banged up Detroit team. They outscored Detroit 100-59 on the season.
    -They outperformed their run differential the whole season. Say what you want about ineffective management, this is generally a sign of luck that can't be easily repeated.
    -Their bullpen performed extremely well in close games. Their record in 1 run games was top 5 in baseball, tied with Cleveland for that performance. This was notably better than their performance in the same type of games in 2021 and will be particularly difficult to repeat now that Hendriks is out for the year.

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  11. 20 minutes ago, ChiSoxTrojan said:

    Charlotte is getting a bit crowded at middle infield. Presumably one of Romy/Sosa will be there, plus Mondou, Hanser Alberto, Erik Gonzalez, and Yolbert.

    Popeye hopefully isn't that far away as well.

    As of right now I don’t see who takes Romy or Sosa’s spots on the big league roster? 4 man bench is “insert veteran replacement outfielder here”, Romy, Leury, and Zavala.

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