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  1. JJ Cooper ‏@jjcoop36 2h2 hours ago

    My quick summation of Alec Hansen's night. He has come a LONG way in the last few months. Lot of work to go but significant strides.


    JJ Cooper ‏@jjcoop36 2h2 hours ago

    Dominating in the Pioneer League is not a massive feat for a college drafted but the arm is quick and he has feel for a slider.


    JJ Cooper ‏@jjcoop36 3h3 hours ago

    Much like he did at times in college Hansen has more feel for his breaking ball than his fastball. Back to back strikeouts.



    JJ Cooper ‏@jjcoop36 4h4 hours ago

    Alec Hansen on the mound for the @Intimidators tonight. Follow @jnorris427, @mlananna and @KyleAGlaser for updates.



    Michael Lananna ‏@mlananna 3h3 hours ago

    Some tilt on this 83 mph slider from Alec Hansen.


    Kyle GlaserVerified account ‏@KyleAGlaser 4h4 hours ago

    Alec Hansen 91-94 FB, 84 SL, 77 CB, 84 CH in first inning. Staying on line to plate, when missing it's mostly high-low, not in-out #WhiteSox


    Michael Lananna ‏@mlananna 4h4 hours ago

    94 mph heat from White Sox 2nd rounder and Oklahoma alum Alec Hansen. 1 K in the first.


    Kyle GlaserVerified account ‏@KyleAGlaser 3h3 hours ago

    Alec Hansen is thru 5, 5 hits and 3 runs allowed, 2 BB, 6 K. Slider has been his best pitch, main prob has been locating vs. lefties


    Kyle GlaserVerified account ‏@KyleAGlaser 3h3 hours ago

    Alec Hansen's stuff has dropped here around the 70 pitch mark in the 4th. FB 90-92 now, CB losing bite, control shakier #WhiteSox



    JJ Cooper ‏@jjcoop36 5h5 hours ago

    The BA staff is out in force for Alec Hansen and @Intimidators tonight.


    Kyle GlaserVerified account ‏@KyleAGlaser 2h2 hours ago

    Final thoughts on Alec Hansen: FB good at 93, loses command at 95, SL excellent at times, 82-86, needs consistent third pitch #WhiteSox






  2. QUOTE (BaseballNick @ Jul 14, 2016 -> 09:55 PM)
    Fantastic outing for Ranaudo: 8IP, 3H, 0ER, 1BB, 4K.


    Guererro: 6IP, 4H, 0ER, 2BB, 5K.


    Courtney Hawkins is hitting .209 with a .600 OPS as a 22 year old in AA. I'm not going to say he's done, but that's certainly not encouraging.


    AZL Sox had four triples tonight in Game 1 of their double header. Nunez, Curbello, Remillard and Reyes all tripled.



    Three hits in his last 45 is NOT encouraging at all. After that hot streak he experienced in June, I was starting to think he's coming around AA pitching.

    Maybe a change of scenery will do him some good.

  3. Before tonight's game...Thaddius Lowry's last 10 games at Winston Salem High A:


    4-3 W/;, 3.79 ERA, 59.1 IP, 55 hits allowed, 10 walks, 42 strikeouts.


    Tonight's game: ND, 6.1 IP, 8 hits allowed, 3 runs allowed, 2 earned; 1 walk, 5 strikeouts.


    Probably in line for a promotion to AA near the end of this year.


    Someone to keep an eye on the 5th round pick from 2013. Tall RHP.


    #22 on Future Sox's preseason rankings for 2016.








    Scott MerkinVerified account


    CWS sign 7th rounder Bernardo Flores for $200K (pick value=$214,900). LHP w/arm strength from USC


    Scott MerkinVerified account


    8th-rder Nathan Nolan signs w/@whitesox for $170K (pick value=$181,100).


    Scott MerkinVerified account


    Per the illustrious @JonathanMayo, CWS 11th rounder Ian Hamilton gets a slight bump from $100K limit ($101,800)


    Jonathan MayoVerified account


    11th rder Ian Hamilton gets a slight bump from $100K limit ($101,800) w/@Whitesox. @Cougbaseball RHP better in pen than starting. @MLBDraft



    Jonathan MayoVerified account


    4 senior signs: Matt Festa (7th rd; 10k; SEA); Alex Webb (9th; 5K; CIN); Max Dutto (9th, 10k; CWS); Sam Machonis (10th, 25K, DET) @MLBDraft



  5. Adams was pitching against Boston's A team with Top 50 prospects Rafael Devers (who homered), Andrew Benintendi (last year's top pick for Boston) and Yoan Moncada. Not an easy thing for Adams to get through.

    Adams did give up 10 hits, so just not his day, IMHO.

  6. Hmmmm.....



    Pizza = Gino's East, Giordano's, Lou Malnati's

    Italian Beef and Sausage: Al's #1 on Taylor St near UIC...also go across the street and stop by Mario's Italian Lemonade Stand for some Italian Ice. Portillo's is also a good place to visit.

    Seafood/Shrimp: Lawrence Fisheries at 2120 South Canal St. Get the 1-pound fried shrimp. You'll thank me later.


    Entertainment: Lake Shore Drive has the Adler Planetarium, Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum of Natural History, and on the south side is the Museum of Science and Industry just off LSD.



  7. Sorry if this has been posted already...

    Clip of Marko Dano being selected by CBJ in the 2013 Draft:


    Dano at the 2013 WJCs:

    Wait until Marian Hossa gets this kid and mentors him, just like he did with Saad, especially on the forecheck.


    Dano's 14/15 Highlights:

    Kid is not afraid to play in traffic.

  8. Dan Hayes ‏@CSNHayes 2h2 hours ago

    All is well with Erik Johnson. #WhiteSox are skipping him, giving him extra rest.

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  9. Here's an updated list per CBS Sports Local Chicago:


    Here’s a list of the players who the White Sox have signed:

    Round 4: Zack Erwin, LHP, Clemson University (Duluth, Ga.)

    Round 5: Jordan Stephens, RHP, Rice University (Alvin, Texas)

    Round 6: Corey Zangari, INF, Carl Albert High School (Oklahoma City, Okla.)

    Round 7: Blake Hickman, RHP, University of Iowa (Palos Hills, Ill.)

    Round 8: Casey Schroeder, C, Coastal Carolina University (Glandorf, Ohio)

    Round 9: Ryan Hinchley, LHP, University of Illinois at Chicago (Elmhurst, Ill.)

    Round 10: Jackson Glines, OF, University of Michigan (Coarsegold, Calif.)

    Round 11: Danny Dopico, RHP, Florida International University (Miami, Fla.)

    Round 12: Bernardo Zavala, C, San Diego State University (Yorba Linda, Calif.)

    Round 13: Ryan Riga, LHP, Ohio State University (Fairfield, Ohio)

    Round 14: Tyler Sullivan, OF, University of the Pacific (Alamo, Calif.)

    Round 15: Christopher Comito, RHP, Norwalk High School (Norwalk, Iowa)

    Round 16: Brandon Quintero, RHP, California State University (La Habra, Calif.)

    Round 17: Jeffery Orvis, INF, University of Mississippi (Orlando, Fla.)

    Round 19: Frank Califano, OF, Youngstown State University (Alpine, Calif.)

    Round 20: Jacob Cooper, C, Modesto Junior College (Modesto, Calif.)

    Round 21: Landon Lassiter, INF, University of North Carolina (High Point, N.C.)

    Round 22: Daniel Mendick, INF, University of Massachusetts-Lowell (Fairport, N.Y.)

    Round 24: Brandon Magallones, RHP,Northwestern University (Manhattan, Ill.)

    Round 26: Grant Massey, INF, Lipscomb University (Slocomb, Ala.)

    Round 28: Bradley Strong, INF, Western Carolina University (Richlands, Va.)

    Round 29: John Fincher Jr., OF, North Carolina State University (Charlotte, N.C.)

    Round 30: Jack Charleston, RHP, Faulkner University (Gainesville, Fla.)

    Round 31: David Walker, OF, Grand Canyon University (Gilbert, Ariz.)

    Round 33: Johnathan Frebis, LHP, Middle Tenn. State University (Murfreesboro, Tenn.)

    Round 34: Drew Hasler, RHP, Valparaiso University (South Bend, Ind.)

  10. White Sox's blurb about picks #4-6 today. Pretty good stuff.





    "He was a premium left-handed pitcher in a major conference in a Draft that, for us, was deep in it," said White Sox assistant scouting director Nick Hostetler of Erwin. "He's pretty polished. He's going to be able to pitch, compete, move the ball in and out. "We are going to have to deal with a few little things mechanically. Stand him up and get him extended a little bit more, but he has a chance to move quickly."



    "They did a great job at Rice of taking care of him: [throwing] three innings, two innings, building him back up," Hostetler said. "I was excited about it. I don't know if he would have been there in the fifth round if he wouldn't have had the Tommy John."



    "I can't tell you there's anybody in this draft with more right-handed power," said Hostetler of Zangari, who also caught in high school. "This power is something special. If we can get the timing down, it's got a chance to be big."
  11. QUOTE (Chicago White Sox @ Jun 9, 2015 -> 08:23 PM)
    I'm really, really worried that not scoring with the bases loaded and no outs is going to come back to haunt us tonight. We may not get another three hits off Keuchel the rest of the game, let alone in one inning. For the love of God, prove me wrong offense. I'd much rather look like a pouty douche than lose a one run game.



    Not to bring up a sore subject, but kind of like all of those prime scoring chances the Blackhawks had Monday night. Yep.

  12. Good picks so far for the Sox in my opinion. I know I was on the Stephenson bus, but the Fulmer pick does make the most sense after I read articles on FanGraphs, Chicago Now (Future Sox) and of course this site! Intrigued with the selections of Stephens, Zangari (as a 1b) and Hickman (starter or bullpen?), but overall, good stuff to help keep building the farm system.


    Don't know if this has been already posted, but one more blurb about Fulmer from Jim Callis of MLB.Com:


    Callis: The White Sox have to be thrilled to get the best pitcher in the Draft, according to the MLB Pipeline board, and they were really hoping to get him, Tate or Jay. You wish Fulmer was a little bigger and threw more strikes, but you have to give him credit that he's brought quality stuff ever since he became a starter in the middle of last season.
  13. So.....21 years old now and at AA Birmingham.


    So far this year...

    AVG .251

    OBP .318

    SLG .425

    OPS .743


    Games played 46

    At Bats 179

    Strikeouts 63 (K rate is at 35% this year, near his minor league lifetime avg.)

    Walks 14 (has not been intentionally walked...has only 2 in his minor league lifetime)

    Hits 76

    Doubles 9

    Triples 2

    Home Runs 6

    Train Boxcar Fatalities 1

    RBI 30

    Runs Scored 22



  14. I love what I have been reading about Tyler Jay and Carson Fulmer. Dillon Tate as well.


    Maybe it's my way of thinking, but I would love the Sox to just pick Tyler Stephenson just to give them a challenge to develop this guy, at a premium position, to prove doubters wrong that they can develop big league talented hitters consistently. The Sox DID help to develop hitters like Thomas, Ventura, Baines, Ray Durham, Aaron Rowand, Joe Crede...you could also say to some small degree that they have helped to develop Jose Abreu and Alexei Ramirez.


    I realize that the track record of the White Sox isn't great at all regarding developing hitters. But, if you have this kind of talent at a premium position to select, why not?


    If the Sox have their choice of Jay, Fulmer, Tate, Stephenson, or even Benintendi; that will make my day. I would personally be ecstatic if they chose Stephenson, but I understand it is, and should be, best player available on their draft board.



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