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  1. Neal Cotts into face a left handed hitter he can't possibly get out. This should be fun.
  2. Betancourt pitching the 9th for Cleveland. If our 2006 mirrored the Indians 2006, we'd all have committed suicide by now. Simply shocking.
  3. Jason Tyner sure is good and scrappy. I hate him.
  4. That was a decent breaking ball. Now finish him.
  5. QUOTE(fathom @ Aug 25, 2006 -> 08:34 PM) Guerrier has a 1.64 career ERA against the Sox. And he used to be ours.
  6. QUOTE(fathom @ Aug 25, 2006 -> 08:31 PM) Isn't Mastny their new closer? Who is that?? Another rookie? Doesn't instill anymore confidence in me, to be honest.
  7. Cleveland up 4-2 in the bottom of the 8th, is Carmona really gonna come in and blow it in the 9th?
  8. QUOTE(fathom @ Aug 25, 2006 -> 08:27 PM) Who will make the first Cy Young joke tonight? Um, I guess I will. Brandon McCarthy is not Cy Young, you know! I like the cut of Javy's jib tonight...SO FAR!
  9. QUOTE(Felix @ Aug 25, 2006 -> 08:22 PM) Yep, but he's supposedly going to pitch out of the pen rather than starting rotation. I'll be shocked if he's back. If they rush him, you're looking at Minnesota's version of Kerry Wood.
  10. QUOTE(BigSqwert @ Aug 25, 2006 -> 08:18 PM) Yikes. Radke must be hurting. Lirano+Radke hurting=hard to win the Wild Card. Jermaine Dye=One Man Army
  11. QUOTE(fathom @ Aug 25, 2006 -> 08:16 PM) Ozzie said it's not his job to call pitch outs. Sometimes I wish I knew what his job was.
  12. QUOTE(cgaudin @ Aug 25, 2006 -> 08:14 PM) Teams are figuring out that a single is just as good as a two bagger with Sox pitching combined with AJ's weak-ass arm. Do the Sox ever even pitch out? I never see it. GIDP!!!!!!!!!
  13. Umm, would BA's throw have been 30 feet up the 1st base line?
  14. I love it how DJ gets these pointless interviews, while Hawk always manages to to get up when his golf buddies stroll into the booth.
  15. QUOTE(fathom @ Aug 25, 2006 -> 08:09 PM) Jenks wife looks like the grown-up version of the cousin from National Lampoon Vacation. Mrs. Mack looks alright though. Both are deers in headlights though when it comes to being on camera. I hate these dumb interviews.
  16. Pods had a sac fly right there. Is there any possible way we could find out just how many of our runners have been thrown out at home this year? It has to be somewhere in the realm of 200.
  17. QUOTE(beautox @ Aug 25, 2006 -> 08:05 PM) You know these things don't exist on the south side. For a brief moment, I had hope.
  18. Why why why why why why why why why................................etc.
  19. One beer down, who else feels the need to drink watching these games lately?
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