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  1. QUOTE(whitesoxfan13 @ Apr 3, 2006 -> 12:17 AM) True, but now that we don't have Everett our team chemistry sucks, silly. Geez, you're right, we're sure to blow this game now!
  2. COUNTDOWN TO 1,000 RUNS: 990. It's on this year.
  3. Thome is already 1000% better than Everett, on base percentage alone.
  4. QUOTE(whitesoxin' @ Apr 3, 2006 -> 12:00 AM) My avatar owns yours. That's me sleeping in left at the cell. I agree, someone find me something better.
  5. So here's the avatar I found, nothing fancy, but I'll find something later. Let's do this!
  6. This team is going to AVERAGE seven runs this year! Not as much nailbiting this year I hope!
  7. "He got the biggest jump in history." HILARIOUS!
  8. QUOTE(Balta1701 @ Apr 2, 2006 -> 11:38 PM) Well, we now have less to worry about with Anderson. He caught the ball. But will he run into walls like Rowand?
  9. QUOTE(Elcaballo45 @ Apr 2, 2006 -> 11:34 PM) haha, off the end of the bat there, I was off my seat on that one by Kong Funny, me too, good thing I'm alone. That was potentially embarassing.
  10. Seems like the rain stopped once Thome hit that bomb. Going with his power at the end of Spring Training, he'll hit 500 by the end of this year. 69 to go.
  11. As much as I'd like to see 9, get one, 3 outs, go home.
  12. QUOTE(jenksd @ Apr 2, 2006 -> 11:23 PM) well I guess the patience from waiting 4039490384 hours for the game to restart has carried on with Uribe. Two at bats, two walks. Who said he couldn't hit in the two hole?
  13. Geez, wouldn't you totally still be there despite the rain delay? Who cares about work or school, this is OPENING NIGHT!!! Of course, I'm on Spring Break for my job, so it wouldn't make a difference to me. Be there Wednesday.
  14. Well I'm sufficiently drunk now, let's get this game going!
  15. QUOTE(WilliamTell @ Apr 2, 2006 -> 08:00 PM) Cleveland's probably trying to make this game longer so the rain can come in, haha. I just said the same thing to my wife, HA!
  16. Are these games not simulcast on any FM station here in Chicago? I can't get an AM signal in my apartment to save my life, I moved a stereo around to four places, including outside, trying to get the antenna to pick up a strong signal. Lasted for two innings before not being able to take it and succumbing to Fox's coverage.
  17. Got my Division Champions pennant last week (still don't have the AL Central champs one), which got me thinking that I'd like to hang all my old pennants from previous winning years, '93, '00, and this year. I was alive in '83 but I was 5 and don't recall any of it. So I went to my parents and looked through some boxes, and I found my '93 Western Division Champs one, but for some reason I can't find my 2000 one, and I'm certain I had one. Does anyone have a picture of what it looked like? Better yet, does anyone know where I can find one to buy? Ebay hasn't been helpful so far. Thanks for any help I can get!
  18. OK, back to work boys, hit it hard last inning, keep it up.
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