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  1. QUOTE(fathom @ Jul 1, 2007 -> 03:28 PM)
    Santo, I saw you post this elsewhere, but I'm on the Willie Harris at 2nd base bandwagon for the Sox next year. You find a guy who can hit lefties that can platoon with him, and you have a perfect #9 hitter for the squad. He wouldn't cost much, and you could use your resources on guys at other positions.

    Maybe they look at this offensive personnel and bullpen personnel and realize how far they are away from competing again?

    Trust me, I understand, I read all the topics, it's just a crying shame. Offense + bullpen - competent starters isn't going to equal winning either though. I'm having a hard time coming to terms is all.

  2. QUOTE(MurcieOne @ Jul 1, 2007 -> 01:57 PM)
    Mike Hargrove doesnt enjoy baseball anymore.... and has quit as Manager of the Mariners.... winning must make him uncomfortable.

    Wow, crazy.


    Edit: Kinda makes you wish Walk's passion would begin to fade, eh?

  3. QUOTE(GreenSox @ Jul 1, 2007 -> 01:47 PM)
    Maybe Cintron will get traded during the game...I wonder what else we'd have to send with Cintron to get someone to take him.


    Ozzie would veto any trade of cintron, however.

    Release Cintron now, trade Uribe now, and stick Dye in at SS, just like that wonderful day in Oakland a couple years back.

  4. QUOTE(southsideirish71 @ Jun 26, 2007 -> 06:55 PM)
    Ozzie loves infielders playing the outfield. Especially CF.

    Well, it takes him about a year to figure out when someone can't play somewhere. Mack was left to die in center all last season, but have we seen him there this year? Of course not! Ozzie is a little slow, but hopefully Andy won't be out there next year.

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