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  1. QUOTE(spiderman @ May 19, 2007 -> 04:15 PM)
    I know Ozzie isn't going to do it at least until Thome comes back, but I'd consider giving Konerko about 2 days off in a row. He just looks completely lost at the plate, and he is helping the team at all. Maybe letting him watch for a game or two will give him an opportunity to recharge himself mentally where I'm sure he's a bit worn down, batting .190ish still in the later part of May.

    Call up Triple A Charlotte up and let the whole team see a game or two. They could all use some recharging.

  2. QUOTE(joeynach @ Apr 25, 2007 -> 09:12 PM)
    Yikes this outfield is atrocious right now. Dye banged up, Pods on DL, now Mack banged up. Plus couple that with Thome out of the lineup cuz hes hurt too. Did we get really old this year, did I miss us becoming the Miami heat of the American League? Anyway they better get Tererro up here real qucik cuz all we got now is Erstad, Anderson, and Ozuna. I feel bad for our pitchers, espcially young Danks who have to deal with downgraded lineup as well as shotty outfield defense with all these converts out there. To be real honest the blame lies with KW not having real OF's on the bench, at least defensively, instead of the two INF they converted to OF last year. This is becoming very ugly.

    Agree. This outfield has given up so many runs this year that even adequate defensive outfielders handle. It's getting to be really ridiculous.

  3. QUOTE(SoxFanForever @ Aug 25, 2006 -> 09:22 PM)
    Why the hell would you leave Rob in against their best Lefty reliever?

    Reyes must be on roids or something. Someone recently posted his yearly ERAs in his career and this is just an unbelievable anomaly. He couldn't have possibly just figured it out.

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