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  1. It used to be almost ridiculous the amount of emails Hawk would run through during games this year, but now it's abruptly stopped? Why is that? Is it because somebody is now sponsoring the Email of the Day? That is dumb if that's the reason. I don't know when exactly this stopped, but I just noticed it in the last week or so. Maybe Hawk doesn't looove email anymore. :huh

  2. How does Vazquez "earn" pitching deeper in games at this point? He earned going out there in the 6th yesterday because there was no sign that he would implode. Just as he did in his last start. He's just a five inning pitcher at this point. I agree with putting McCarthy in the 6th-7th, but if Ozzie does that and McCarthy implodes, we would all complain that Vaz was doing just fine and needed to be left in there.


    Well, maybe WE wouldn't be saying that.

  3. My wife, after less than a week of getting them for me while I work in a town that isn't considered the Chicagoland area, got tired of doing it and was able to persuade the 7-11 worker to sell her the rest of the set that I needed, so I proudly am displaying the whole set now. It looks real nice! Who's today's ball, does anyone know? I put them in a random order, but want to see how accurate I was.

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