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  1. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Gallo
  2. Nice to see y'all came around on the Madrigal sucks train.
  3. If payroll is being cut, ownership has already given up and the FO should act accordingly.
  4. I'm fine with bringing the band back for 1 more year, but payroll being cut is unacceptable. They need to try this as one last shot, if it doesn't work then tear it down again. They should be spending money, not trading prospects. 2023 is the last chance for this core, IMO. Either they bounce back or they tear it down and try again.
  5. Same. I'm not shy about finding other ways to enjoy sports when my teams suck/have bad ownership though.
  6. I think choosing a secondary rooting interest is a good idea. My heart will always be with the Sox though. One day, there will be new ownership and I can have hope again.
  7. This, they really need to Fire Hahn and have KW resign. Also if Jerry is going to have such a budget operate like the Rays or A's goddammit. Pick a lane.
  8. No, tanking is the way. It is the best way. Tanking>>>>>>>Mediocrity. Tanking gives the fanbase hope, even if misguided. Mediocrity crushes all hope. You are arguing for more mediocrity and I can't agree with that ever. Things have to get worse before they get better. If at first you don't succeed, tear it down and try again.
  9. I'm fine with re-tooling as well. Even a soft rebuild where they're getting MLB ready young talent is fine. If they wanted to blow the whole thing up, I wouldn't care.
  10. @Balta1701 I have been trying to find a link to a video when DJ said "whatever you do, don't strap it on" and I can't find it. Been searching for a long time. If you have one, please show me.
  11. I suggest everyone listen to the WST podcast with Garfein and Merkin. The weird thing is that he talked about trading Robert and Jimenez for a good portion of the podcast, then said they wouldn't be traded.
  12. Would be nice if they opened FA 10 days after the WS and froze rosters from 1/1-2/10
  13. There was nothing that the Sox could do other than spend $300M on payroll to bring that team from 78 wins to a legit WS contender. Also Sale was 1.5 seasons from his arm falling off and Quintana had already peaked. They sold both of them at the peak of their value.
  14. They won't even do that anymore. They had absolutely nothing outside of Abreu/Sale/Quintana/TA. Rodon wasn't Rodon yet and he was very injured.
  15. Rebuilding was the correct move. It didn't work. If at first you don't succeed, try again.
  16. Knowing that they were going to trade Sale for Robles, Giolito, Lopez and Dunning otherwise, I'd still take Kopech/Moncada knowing that they got 3 of them for Eaton. Also Robles is worse than Moncada so that would have been a disaster.
  17. https://www.fangraphs.com/roster-resource/payroll/white-sox According to this Payroll is at $178+M with no more additions/estimated arb amounts. Indicates the $180M budget is correct if they're already tapped out.
  18. They're going to roll with Eloy and Sheets in LF, aren't they? One in LF, the other at DH.
  19. It's only 2 years. Me too, I was a huge stan of his as a prospect. was stoked when the Sox got him for Sale. Moncada was absolute dogshit last year offensively and his defense still pulled him to 0.9 fWAR.
  20. Yes, let's trade our best defender on a team that has a lot of shitty defenders. I'd rather ride out the last 2 guaranteed years on his deal and hope he gets his s%*# together than trade the best defender on the team.
  21. If they're trading Montgomery for someone like Chisholm/Reynolds I can get behind that.
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