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  1. I'm beginning to think there is zero skill in GMing. It is all dumb luck.
  2. This is the White Sox you're talking about.
  3. What if the new manager fired Katz and kept Menechino?
  4. They don't. Go look up random players that you know and the deviations are wild. Juan Soto has an xBA 20 pts higher than his BA. Jose Abreu has an xBA 9 pts lower than his actual average. Bryan Reynolds has an xBA 14 pts lower than his actual average. Andrew Vaughn has an xBA 18 pts lower than his average. Josh Donaldson has an xBA 9 pts lower than his average Elvis Andrus has an xBA 13 pts higher than his average. Matt Olson and Ronald Acuna have an xBA 8 higher than their average. Giancarlo Stanton has an xBA 28 pts higher than his average Kyle Schwarber has an xBA 21 pts higher than his average. Guys that I looked up that matched(greater than or equal to 5 pts) Harper, Ohtani, Rutschman, Torres. Judge was 6 pts different. Large enough sample for you? xBA is ok for QoC and on individual batted balls, but does not hold over a full season.
  5. People need to get over this. There was no way Jerry was going to give Rodon even the QO with his injury history. None. Rodon was never coming back in 2022. Was not going to happen.
  6. Machado .295/.268 Ramirez .274/.255 Altuve .295/.268 xBA underestimates BA. It only matches up for 90th percentile EV hitters.
  7. I don't think xBA is a good stat. Aaron Judge is having a historically good season and his xBA is only .309. If you have to have a historic season to have an xBA over .300, then it's obviously underestimating a lot of hitters ability to hit for average. For example, Jose Ramirez is beating his xBA by 20 pts. I think you're misusing xBA. It's not to be taken literally, but is rather a tool to measure quality of contact
  8. Quality of contact is definitely down. Not arguing that. However, I don't think that accounts for everything.
  9. Posted this in the thread last night: Moncada babip 2017-2021: .348 Moncada babip 2022: .271
  10. I still think they should trade Vaughn, let Abreu walk and roll with a Sheets/Burger platoon at 1B.
  11. Moncada's babip 2017-2021: .348 Moncada's babip 2022: .263 I know the EV numbers aren't there, but that's a massive difference.
  12. I know what they say about September baseball, but I like seeing signs of life from Moncada. He's not worth trading so we should hope he turns it around next year. Then we can trade him.
  13. Cease is a Boras guy so he's gone in 3 years. If a team is afraid of long term, $200+M deals, they trade him now.
  14. If it were up to me there would be no untouchables on the roster.
  15. Yes, because even at their best, this group is nowhere close to a WS contender. Their ceiling is winning the ALC and getting destroyed in the playoffs.
  16. I think a soft rebuild is a good idea honestly. They could get a shitton for Cease.
  17. I have no idea why the rest of the board doesn't understand this. Hahn is married to this core. Let him sink or swim with them. I have zero expectations for the remainder of the decade. Ride it out with these guys. Either they'll get their s%*# together/stay healthy or they won't. I wouldn't mind selling Anderson now though. One more year with these guys then start the teardown process.
  18. Thought this deserved its own thread
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