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  1. K/9 is significantly down. From 11.6 in 2019 to 9.1 here. There's something to the spider tack argument. Opinion: Gio averaging 94+ mph=#2 Gio averaging 93.5 mph=#3-4 Gio averaging 93.0 mph=#5 Gio averaging under 93 mph=toast Which guy are we getting in 2023?
  2. This is disingenuous, because anyone who watched Giolito in 2022 knows he wasn't the same guy he was from 2019-21. The big unknown is if he will gain his velocity back if he slims down.
  3. It's just a fan, I'm being jaded. It's the same as: Signing Gallo would be a very White Sox move
  4. Moncada is overpaid, but he's GG caliber at 3B and the Sox need all of the plus defenders they can get.
  5. I think that the Sox are going to trade Giolito and sign Manaea to replace him.
  6. I think if Hahn offered Grandal for Salvy, the Royals would send in the paperwork before Hahn could change his mind. I honestly want nothing to do with Perez but it seems the Sox are interested. Perez has a much worse contract than Grandal.
  7. I wonder if something around Grandal and Perez would be doable. The Royals would save a few bucks this year and only have one year of commitment left.
  8. Bryce Harper always made the most sense. He is a LH masher that would have filled a massive hole in both the lineup and defensively in RF.
  9. They can't, that's the conundrum.
  10. This board consistently overrates Sox players.
  11. I'd normally agree, but given that the Cubs (at least by twitter followers) own 70% of the Chicago baseball market, the Sox are actually a mid market team in a large market. They are not the Angels or Mets. They are closer to the A's.
  12. What's the point if they spend on bullshit? Bryce Harper ar $25.7M is more efficient than Keuchel+Kelly around the same.
  13. Foodies are claiming Hahn had a sit-down with Jerry and convinced him to spend more. Color me skeptical. It's just a ruse to spew more bullshit.
  14. the Sox act like a small market team, but don't get any of the benefits.
  15. Last year I expected 85-88 wins and I thought that was super pessimistic. They won 81 and the entire offense sucked. While I thought it was possible that the offense could be worse than most on ST expected, I didn't expect everyone except Abreu to take a giant crap on the plate. In 2021 I really was checked out after TLR, Eloy and Robert.
  16. I try to protect myself every season and winter and I end up disappointed anyway. No matter how bad I think it's going to be, it's worse the majority of the time. Just life as a jaded Sox fan.
  17. The Guardians are actually going to improve their team this winter......unlike the White Sox.
  18. I was legit excited for this team after 2020.....then they hired Drunk Tony and Eloy/Robert got hurt.....it's been all downhill from there. 2022 was supposed to be the peak year in the window.
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