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  1. 2 minutes ago, Spumoni said:

    Eloy is what he’s expected to be when he’s on the field. He just rarely is

    Disagree. He hits too many ground balls. 

    He'll never hit .290 or 40 HR over a full season hitting the ball on the ground as much as he does. Quite frankly it's amazing he hit 30 in 2019. Probably more bouncy ball related than anything. 

  2. 4 minutes ago, chitownsportsfan said:

    I'm fine with it. It's not like there's some huge difference between Vaughn and Sheets right now. If AV proves himself a great hitter things will change. 

    I wish more people realized this. It's more a knock on Vaughn than praise of Sheets. 

    That being said, I'm the dumbass that has Vaughn on my fantasy team lol

  3. 19 minutes ago, Quin said:

    Neither Tatis nor Alvarez had played a game for either org when either trade was made.

    Keith Law began calling Tatis an uber prospect later on, but not the moment the trade was made. Most people were just mad that the Sox gave up a lotto ticket to lower the price on James Shields.

    My literal reaction to the trade, the day it was made:

    Watch Tatis become an uber prospect and Shields become Danks. Because White Sox. 


  4. 28 minutes ago, Quin said:

    You are never allowed to complain about Fernando Tatis Jr. in the future.

    The person that called Tatis becoming an uber prospect on the moment the trade was made? Go look for receipts on that one. I was half joking but it's still funny. I will complain about that one forever.

    I'm pretty sure Alvarez is worse than Eloy in the field, if that's possible.  

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