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  1. And there he goes again. We have ourselves a game.
  2. QUOTE (whitesoxfan99 @ Nov 2, 2015 -> 11:01 PM) Watching Andrew Luck throw the ball this year there is no way he is healthy. For sure. I keep hearing people say "Oh man, is this the end of Luck?" or "Luck is regressing before our very eyes." I don't buy that at all. His OL is as bad as I've seen, and that's saying something coming from a Bears fan. And he's clearly hurt. Any QB playing with multiple broken ribs is going to have a difficult time being effective. I respect him for toughing it out. But it might be best for him to sit and get healthy. And as I'm typing this... Luck quickly drives down the field and throws a TD pass.
  3. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Nov 2, 2015 -> 04:15 PM) Anyone know what the cap hit for cutting Cutler looks like after this year? Over the Cap is a pretty reliable website for cap questions. It also has a feature that allows you to "cut" your own players to how it would affect the salary cap. Pretty neat tool. http://overthecap.com/calculator/chicago-bears
  4. dasox24

    2015 TV Thread

    One of my best friends was just on CSI Cyber tonight. Never been more excited to see a character come on screen during a TV Show. He had 2 lines. But it was awesome.
  5. QUOTE (RockRaines @ Nov 1, 2015 -> 02:57 PM) Gonna be a year or two until they have actual talent on defense. Yes. Thank you for helping keep perspective about this, as well as the Trestman post earlier. People need to see the big picture. We are competing well, playing hard, and keeping games close against teams that have superior talent. We've had a great chance to win the last 2 games. But by losing, we keep our chance at a high draft pick and impact player. And best of all, it's a lot of young guys that are playing well.
  6. dasox24

    Ten Year Members

    I'm sitting at 4 stars. I'll take it. And with that, I'm probably immediately getting bumped down to a 2 or 3. But for real, the folks who are at 10+ years have been pretty dedicated to this site. Though a lot of posters have gone away, it's nice to many still around. I don't post a ton, but I'm on here every day. It has been interesting to see so many of us grow up - people getting married, having kids, etc. I was 15 - a sophomore in high school - when I joined SoxTalk. Now I'm 27. It's astonishing to think about how much changes during those years in life. And yet I've been coming to this site almost every day for all of those years. That's a testament to the job Jason has done, as well as the admins/moderators who help run the site.
  7. QUOTE (danman31 @ Oct 11, 2015 -> 08:46 PM) You break even because they should not have won this past Saturday. Dobbs played the second half of his life. No argument there.
  8. QUOTE (bmags @ Oct 11, 2015 -> 05:25 PM) Yeah yeah... Discovering that young players we already have are actual contributors is as important as a high draft pick. We started how many rookies and won? Agreed. I'd feel differently if we had loaded up with a bunch of veterans and were winning these games with no hope for the future. But it's quite the opposite. Also, despite the youth and injuries, this is what having a competent coaching staff looks like. This is the 2nd week in a row that Long and Leno have faced some great pass rushers, and they have done a very good job. Those 2 panning out at OT would be an enormous development for the future of this team. And people want to blame Grasu for the sack/fumble/TD, but it's hard to say if it was entirely his fault. Regardless, at worst it should have been a Safety. Cutler saw it coming. He can't fumble that ball. Overall, I thought Grasu was impressive for a guy in his 1st NFL game, and who admittedly needs to add size/strength. Definite reason for hope with him. That's 3 young OL to build on. And of course, the defense. Several young pieces showing flashes on that side of the ball. Sutton (pre-injury) and Goldman have been solid on the DL. McPhee has been a great pickup - a guy who will be a big time part of this defense for many years. And I was really happy with the Safety play today. I know the Chiefs passing game isn't amazing, but they do have some solid players in Maclin and Kelce. Our 2 rookie safeties played very well. I can only think of 1 play where the Chiefs gained 20+ yards. There may have been more, but if so, not many. Very nice job of limiting chunk plays.
  9. QUOTE (zenryan @ Oct 11, 2015 -> 02:44 PM) the fact that Florida is 6-0 just shows how average the SEC is by their standards this season and how average college football is this year. kinda reminding me of the Florida team that somehow went 11-1 with Driskell as QB 3 years ago. Agreed. I still cannot believe Tennessee blew that game against them 2 weeks ago. We were clearly the better team. Epic collapse.
  10. QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Oct 5, 2015 -> 05:07 PM) You are incorrect. See below. I highlighted the important parts for you. Full disclosure: this is from the NFL's 2012 Case Book. They haven't published one online since that year. However, I reviewed the 2013-2015 rule changes and none of them had to do with this scenario. I'm a referee, so I'll help break this down. A.R.'s ("approved ruling") can be confusing to people who aren't familiar with them: A = Kicking team B = Defending/Receiving team B10 = Defending team's 10 yard line (spot of ball) B17 = Defending team's 17 yard line (spot of the holder) A4 = Player on Kicking team B19 = Defending team's 19 yard line
  11. QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Oct 5, 2015 -> 02:46 PM) You do understand a block kick is touched by the receiving team. Besides, there are 7 seconds left and no timeouts. Even a bad snap the extra second isn't going to help you. It was dumb of Fox. In OT teams kick on first down all the time. They don't get 4 chances to make them. They get 1. Now a bad snap and they recover, then you're right, but 7 seconds and zero timeouts throws that out the window. Yes, I understand a blocked kick is touched by the receiving team. The rule states that the ball cannot be touched by the receiving team "beyond the line" of scrimmage. 99% of the time, that block is going to occur at or behind the line of scrimmage, whether it's penetration from up the middle or around the corner. So yes, a blocked kick can be recovered by the kicking team and they'll keep possession.
  12. QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Oct 5, 2015 -> 08:36 AM) Once you attempt a FG even if it wasn't 4th down, if it's missed or blocked, you don't retain possession anyway. It made no sense. They were out of TO's so if it were a bad snap or something they were SOL anyway. I realize running one back afterward is a longshot, but why even give them a chance? That's not true. Rule 9.3.1 of the NFL Rulebook states otherwise: I totally nerded out to look that up, but it took me about 2 minutes to find that info. I think it's important to know the rules before criticizing a coach. Either way, it's a moot point. We won.
  13. Last year I was touting Illinois to fire Beckman and go after Justin Fuente from Memphis. Well, that ship has sailed. Fuente is going to be in very high demand. Illinois should go after Dino Babers. He gets the Midwest culture and recruiting. He's an Art Briles disciple, but he has adapted his offense at Bowling Green to be more cold-weather friendly (for example: Bowling Green goes under center in some formations whereas Baylor is pretty much shotgun formation all of the time).
  14. QUOTE (Jose Abreu @ Oct 4, 2015 -> 03:02 PM) Am I the only one who thinks the Cooper TD from the 1st half was incomplete? His first foot was down, but he didn't have control of the ball at the time- he bobbled! I watched the replay in slow-motion several times... No. It was 100% a catch. Great throw by Carr and even better catch by Cooper. That dude is the real deal.
  15. QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Oct 4, 2015 -> 04:03 PM) John Fox had me perplexed today. Why down 2 do you not go for 2? And why with your kick coverage, do you call timeout with 7 seconds left which guarantees a kickoff if you get the lead? I'm just guessing here, but I believe it's because we kicked the Field Goal on a non-4th down play. If the kick had been blocked without passing the line of scrimmage, we'd get the ball back and potentially have time to kick another FG. 7 seconds could have run off during the kick and subsequent fight to recover the ball. But if we recovered with say 1 second left, it would be Bears ball still. And we could attempt another FG. On the flip side, if you make it, the only chance the other team has to win is to return the kick. And since you are squibbing it, that means they end up having to perform a series of laterals and running all over the field to score (like you saw today). The odds of them actually scoring are probably less than 0.1%. That's why you take your chances with the extra few seconds of time.
  16. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Oct 3, 2015 -> 10:05 PM) I am so very sad to see this. Mark is one of my all time favorite players. Ditto. I'm getting all nostalgic right now.
  17. QUOTE (HickoryHuskers @ Sep 1, 2015 -> 11:44 AM) ND moves their neutral site games around the country though, on top of playing home-and-home series with teams all over the country. The SEC teams ALWAYS play their non-conference games at or close to home. All the other conferences are willing to venture outside their home territory at least some of the time. Go pull up the SEC schedules for the last five years and I doubt you can find more than a half dozen games played outside the south. That's pretty much true about the SEC, but Tennessee is the exception. We've never been afraid of going all over the country for games. In the last 12 years, we've had home-and-home series with Notre Dame, Cal, UCLA, Oregon, and Oklahoma. We're going away from that trend over the next few years, but we play neutral site games against Virginia Tech at Bristol Motor Speedway in 2016, Georgia Tech at the Georgia Dome in 2017, and West Virginia in Charlotte in 2018.
  18. Absolutely. We haven't been able to watch the Bears for almost 8 months. Even a preseason game (played mostly by backups and guys who won't make the roster) makes me excited. It's so good to have football back.
  19. QUOTE (RockRaines @ Aug 7, 2015 -> 12:00 PM) It shouldnt but we've seen our running game the last year or so. Im hoping it was pure coaching that led to the line not being able to block. My point was based on signing Evan Mathis and kicking out Long to RT. If you do that, then you have 2 Pro Bowl players on your right side (Mathis/Long). Plus, Slauson is an above-average OG. Of course, this is all assuming Long can effectively play RT, but I have no reason to believe he can't based on his size and measurables.
  20. Phenomenal picture. The faint skyline in the background is fantastic.
  21. QUOTE (Chisoxfn @ Aug 5, 2015 -> 06:20 PM) I say do everything possible to keep Jay upright. A, it helps us really see what we get with him (I'm hoping we finally run a balanced attack to his strength's, which hopefully minimizes turnovers) and B, if Jay still can't do it, having a strong line only puts whomever you draft / bring in to be in the best possible position to succeed. My thoughts exactly. The more we can keep the ball on the ground, the less it's in Jay's hands to make a stupid turnover. And when we do pass, we can mix in play-action to freeze the defense, which again, makes it less likely for Jay to turn it over. Though, he's always going to have his WTF moments. That's just Jay.
  22. QUOTE (Chisoxfn @ Aug 6, 2015 -> 11:57 AM) We seem to be trying to pull together a dominant rotation like the 90's Braves. Now where is our Chipper Jones? I think I'd be okay with this. And yes, great job Brian (and all the FS crew). Tremendous work as usual.
  23. QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Aug 5, 2015 -> 12:03 PM) Maybe that pushes them to sign Mathis I'm a big proponent of this move. Slide Long out to RT. Bushrod/Slauson/Montgomery/Mathis/Long is pretty darn solid. Should allow us to control the ground game. The right side, in particular, would be nasty. That said, I don't see the Bears actually signing him.
  24. QUOTE (LittleHurt05 @ Aug 5, 2015 -> 07:41 AM) I avoid as much preseason football talk as I can for the same reasons. But as soon as the season starts my TV is locked in on football from 11 AM Saturday to 11 PM Sunday. Switching to satellite radio and avoiding sports radio has been a big help. Ditto. I'm incredibly unproductive during football season because all I do is watch football all weekend, but I love it.
  25. QUOTE (ChiSox_Sonix @ Jul 29, 2015 -> 06:58 AM) Eric Berry has been cleared to resume practicing after completion of treatments for Hodgkin's Lymphoma Just great news. I ran into him at the ATL airport a few weeks ago and chatted him up briefly. He said he had been cleared by his doctors that day as cancer-free and was hopping the 1st flight to Miami to start training for the season. He wasted zero time. That's dedication. I'm assuming yesterday's news was him being cleared by the doctors to resume playing actual football. For a guy with cancer, he did a remarkable job of staying in shape. He may not have been 100% but he wasn't small at all.
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