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  1. I wonder how many of those 27 GIDPs he was out at first by just a step. I say that because Paulie loves to stand at the plate for a second after hitting the ball, slam his bat down, shake his head, and THEN decides it's time to run to 1st base to try to beat the throw. I know of atleast 1 in the last MIN series where he wasn't out by much and probably would have made it if not for his GIDP ritual at the plate.
  2. Gaps in intelligence due to inequality in resources being alloted to school districts? Hell, according to standardized tests, Asians do better than whites. So all whites must bow to our Asian masters. And with alcoholism, etc. being predisposed in the genes...didn't that thinking die out with eugenics? There was another big fan of eugenics that you may like, mmmmmbeer. His name is Adolf Hitler. Let's hear it for Eurocentrism! :finger Youth and liberally charged academia, hahaha. I love how you can't beat my argument with FACTS so you dismiss it using my age. I've read about the black/white test gap and a lot of it can be attributed to maldistribution of resources in schools along with opportunities for higher socio-economic class people to get more schooling [i.e. tutors etc] And thank you for saying that I'd like to see more crackheads on the streets. Did Rush or the local Grand Wizard tell you to use that one? "Although most cocaine in the USA is snorted intranasally, smoking crack cocaine has become widely publicized." Source: "Cocaine Dependence", The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy, Section 15.Psychiatric Disorders, Chapter 195.Drug Use and Dependence, Merck & Co. Inc., from the web at http://www.merck.com/pubs/mmanual/section1...ter195/195f.htm last accessed November 30, 2000. "Powder cocaine and crack cocaine are two forms of the same drug, containing the same active ingredient." Source: US Sentencing Commission, Special Report to Congress: Cocaine and Federal Sentencing Policy (Washington DC: US Sentencing Commission (February 1995), p. v. The US Sentencing Commission found in its 1997 report that "nearly 90 percent of the offenders convicted in federal court for crack cocaine distribution are African-American while the majority of crack cocaine users is white. Thus, sentences appear to be harsher and more severe for racial minorities than others as a result of this law. The current penalty structure results in a perception of unfairness and inconsistency." Source: US Sentencing Commission, Special Report to the Congress: Cocaine and Federal Sentencing Policy (Washington, DC: US Sentencing Commission, April 1997), p. 8. So wait, there is longer sentences for a drug that LESS people use? The longer sentences for crack, which has the SAME PHYSICAL EFFECTS ON THE BODYas powder cocaine makes no sense. It's just that crack gets more widely publicized so the politicians want to be "tough on crime." [ie put a bunch of minorities behind bars while real criminals like Ken Lay get to sip margaritas on a beach] I am not trying to use your age against you. I am using your lack of life experiences against you, which just happens to be a trait inherent to age. Most conservatives are older. Most liberals are young. The socialist principles that liberals tend to agree with have been tried REPEATEDLY throughout history and have NEVER succeeded. Therefore, socialism/'marxism easily qualifies as a utopian philosophy that fails miserably in reality. As a young college student guarded from having to actually put food on the table for a family and deal with everyday realities, you are unequipped to challenge conservative philosophies that put self-motivation, self-reliance, self-worth, and self-government above worrying about the crackhead down the street looking for a handout. I am FULLY aware that crack cocaine and cocaine contain the same active ingredient. Crack is cocaine mixed with a variety of other kitchen products, boiled, cooked, sold as rock. Cocaine is often baked to remove moisture and is regularly "cut" with ether, ephedrine, etc... but is considered to be "purer" than crack. The effects of cocaine vs. crack are VERY different. Crack is usually smoked and results in a 10-15 second intense "buzz", whereas cocaine is usually snorted and results in a varied length of "buzz", not nearly as intense, but is ATLEAST several minutes. The fact that the crack buzz is shorter and more powerful results in a higher tendency for addiction. As with other HIGHLY addictive drugs like heroine, I believe that crack should definitely have a stiffer sentence. I'm definitely not Rush, but thanks. I'm actually VERY much for the decriminalization of maryjane and I think we agree on that point. So the Asians (japanese, chinese, pakistanis, indians, etc.) who hold a disproportionately high number of engineering positions in most telecommunications companies must be products of the OUTSTANDING public schools they have in India and Pakistan? I think not. I think that you know better too, you'd just never admit it.
  3. Racist? Which race am I declaring superior in my post? Did I even mention any races in particular? Do you deny that there are differences between races when comparing averages?
  4. I'll be very interested to hear your opinions in about 20 years, you know, after living in the real world and escaping the utopian handcuffs of youth and liberally charged academia. Crack is dirty cocaine, considered more addictive, and worse for you. I'm glad there are stiffer penalties for crack. Apparently you'd like to see more crackheads on the street. There are no "delusions" of race. There have been NUMEROUS studies that the PC media will not cover which will show you that there are gaps in intelligence, predilection for violent crime, physical ability, alcoholism and other forms of substance abuse from race to race. Sociology apparently is a science of our imaginations according to your contorted views of equality and humanity.
  5. I think that you're jealous of the Twins, Yankees, Cubs, Astros, A's, Braves, and Giants fans while the rest of us are content rooting for the team that we've always loved, win or lose.
  6. nah, can't blast any negativity this evening sister.....BMR :fyou was the brunt of my frustration yesterday evening and tonight I think we're ALL feeling a bit in shock after having to watch 40,000 fishermen and fat women with bad perms shaking their homer hankees and inadvertently showing us all their underarms jiggling like raw dough or jello. Looked like a teacher I used to have in high school...i wanted to puke everytime she got to writing on the chalk board and her flabby underarms would bounce around :puke :puke :puke :puke :puke
  7. Saturday and Sunday in Boston were the last two games that they won that actually meant something. Thanks for the exaggeration though.
  8. I've read numerous articles this morning and one them stated that Este's sickness was listed on the medical chart that JM gets each game day. I'm assuming that JM would want to talk to him prior to letting him take the mound after seeing his illness on the list. If just watching the game we could tell that he wasn't himself both by appearance and performance, why couldn't JM sense the same thing when speaking to him face-to-face? Notice Este's post game comments, in one statement he says his illness "probably" affected his performance and in another statement said that there was "no way" he was going to tell JM he couldn't pitch. He's a competitor and it's JMs job to sit him...bottom line. And another report I read said that there was no team meeting/discussion prior to this game/series. I can't believe that. If you're ever going to have a team meeting to rally the troops, pump up the confidence, instill faith in your squad, it's before last night's game. No wonder these guys looked dead.
  9. Top 3 rebuttals when there is nothing to rebut:: 1. Criticism of spelling/gramatical errors 2. Unfounded age estimates 3. Ludicrous threats of personal harm I was just being honest, sorry you couldn't handle the criticism. You do post daily, and always negative. Do you not realize the level of your safe play, aka negativity? Have you read your own posts? Do you see that on the front page you have started 4 negative threads, not to mention your rampant negativity in threads you didn't start? You're nothing more than a f***ing chimp wearing a whig trying to entertain the rest of us.
  10. Dude, I may be new to this board but I must say that you're a f***ing pussy. You f***ing run your big f***ing yap about how heartless, horrible, awful, pathetic, underachieving, etc. this team is. Now you're hear to tell us that you were right all along. How f***ing big of balls do you have to have to be a pessimist? NONE. Only 1 team wins the championship, which means every other team fails. You've known all along that you were going to rub it in our faces that you were "right" about this team but if we somehow pull off a WS championship you know damn well no one will hold you accountable for all your negative bulls***, nor can they, because you somehow claim to be a true fan. You're not a f***ing fan, you're a big pessimistic pussy looking to be the board baseball genius. You're no genius asshat, it doesn't take much knowledge to be negative.
  11. I don't know about y'all, but I sure do wish Gary Glover was still in the pen to spot start. He wasn't good, but he wasn't near as bad as anything else we've seen this year out of the #5 spot.
  12. Do you think JM has played out a tie scenario in his head? As far as I can tell from your post you'd either have a fresh Garland or a moderately rested ELo going in a 9/29 playoff. I think you've got to evaluate the KC series and pick a matchup that we can seize an opportunity to align the rotation to Bart 9/29 and ELo 9/30 starts. Not necessarily sacrifice a game but pick the best possible matchup to perhaps give DW a start in order to bump Colon's start on the 27th. It's really gotta suck to be JM right now, there are so many things to consider.....which frankly scares the s*** outta me. He's never proven to me he coaches well under pressure.
  13. If this comed down to a 1 game playoff in Minny, who do you start? Depending on the rotation, when the playoffs start, and all that other good s***, I'd try to be sure that Colon could pitch the playoff. Sure E-Lo will a 20 game winner but he's seems to be slipping a bit lately. Mark seems to be struggling with consistency and has no playoff experience. I know there are several Bart Haters on this board, just wondering who and why you would start anyone else?
  14. Watching the NESN broadcast. They were just talking about how these 2 teams are 2 of the elite teams in baseball this season. And went on to talk about how it was "pitiful" that Koch was still in the game walking a run into score. Also had another knock on JM earlier during Wright's string of walks talking about the fact that there are only 16 games left and that once you see your starter has no control, YOU YANK HIM!!! Great to hear some announcers not on the Sox payroll talk about the STUPIDITY of JM. Obviously the majority of the blame goes to Koch and Wright, but neither of those guys can just walk off the field when they know that they don't have it tonight, it's up to JM to PUT/HAVE THE BEST TEAM ON THE FIELD!!! 10 walks by only 2 pitchers indicates that he left those 2 pitchers in the game WAY TOO LONG. I can't wait til this f***head is out the door. It's f***ing September 12th for christ's sake and this dips*** is managing like it's spring training. Let's just hope he puts in Miles, Willie, and Burke again tonight, they'll save the game!!!
  15. Bad new from TB.... Halladay throws CG win, 5 hits with 1 unearned R
  16. Well we better score quick or we'll be seeing more of Mr. Hawkins and at that point it's all over but the cryin'.
  17. I agree with bringing Paniagua into the game in an8-2 situation as well. I would have MUCH rather seen Koch, you know, the guy we gave up Keith Foulke for. I think that we'd paid high enough of a price to get to see the guy since his "rehab" assignment. With that said, f*** JERRY MANUEL :fyou !!!!!!! This isn't the 67th game of the season against the Detroit Tigers. This is the biggest series, and therefore the biggest game, of the season to date. As soon as the Devil Ray flunkee gives up two hits he's GOT TO BE PULLED, no questions asked. Perhaps no one was warm in the pen, I know that Marte and Gordon were warming, but I don't know at what point they started. Also, leaving Flash in against Jones was questionable at best. We have the best LHRP in the league warm in the pen and JM goes with a gut call. This guy cannot manage a pen. I was ecstatic when we got to the 9th inning thinking to myself how much of a statement this game was turning out to be. I should have known that JM would find a way to take an 8-2 lead and turn it into a momentum builder for the Twinkies. What's even worse is that tomorrow, atleast in my opinion, is the 1 game of the series, with Santana pitching, that we need to be ready for a true battle to score runs. Way to go jm, I hope we keep you around for another 5 years!!!
  18. He wasn't running on Manny, he was running on Nomar. Nomar had the ball when Rowand was about 2 steps past 3rd. I agree, if Manny needs to throw all the way home, a SAC fly kind of deal, you send him. But you don't run on Nomar. I agree with you 100% though. Sox were far from clutch tonight and it cost us big time. With all that awful hitting though, we had a GOLDEN opportunity to STILL win the game. And there is no denying that Kimm choked when it counted.
  19. That was an absolutely HORRIBLE call. I watched the game on ESPN2 and the ONLY thing that they said that could come positive out of Rowand being sent was the fact that could've intentionally walked Harris, setting up the DP. Hardly justification in my opinion. I was already disgusted and thoroughly surprised that the game was tied in the 9th. We played a horrible clutch game. Just when I didn't think I could get anymore pissed off, Kimm sends Rowand. My wall about had the pleasure of meeting my coffee cup.
  20. Hell of a game by Bart. I'm just kind of wondering why 0-22 Jose was batting in the 9th and also why SAC is a non-existent stat on this team. The only guy that understood his job was the guy just called up from AAA. Ironic thing. I watched the DET series with the DET announcers. They made the comment that the Sox bats are so hot that they needed to bring one of their junkball pitchers in. I don't remember the pitcher's name, and he apparently is no good, but he throws junk. The announcers were talking about how much a change of pace from a pitcher could throw off this offense. Well, those fellas were right...Burkett is a s*** pitcher but throws good junk, and our offense went into a funk.
  21. I can't believe this POS pitched as poorly as he did. If he wasn't up for this game because he still feels sorry for himself over the NY debacle, f*** HIM. There is absolutely no excuse for giving up 8 runs to the f***ing Tigers. No excuse for hitting a guy with bases loaded on an 0-2 count. He showed his age tonight. Temper tantrums don't win championships. I really lost a whole lot of respect for him tonight. I've always thought Buerhle was a stud, but studs don't blow games due to self pity induced lapses of concentration. :fyou
  22. Confirmed from kcroyals.com. They gave up two minor leaguers, Brian Sanches and Chris Tierney.
  23. Just caught wind of this on the MLB boards...haven't verified.
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