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  1. Thank God, no way Gordo was gonna get a hit there
  2. Wow, it's a shame we can't count this one twice. Beating Pavano sure was fun though
  3. QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Aug 18, 2010 -> 03:26 AM) Jeff Abbott with the game-winning hit to clinch the pennant in 2000. Man, that happened in like May. We clinched the division on a day we lost in the Metrodome. It may have even been a hint of our ten year nightmare in Minnesota that was about to begin.
  4. Had a brain cramp trying to remember Chris Getz's last name. Some names on this list bring back alot of good memories
  5. Yeah, just tuned in for about the strangest inning I've ever seen. We just need a fan to run on the field now
  6. Surely worse things have been said about a professional athlete than that he's overweight and has bad facial hair. The only BS going around here is wanting to reward a player for his tenure or how much you like him with the closer's role. Ozzie has basically managed the bullpen by-situation with the exception of withholding Bobby until the 8th/9th inning. This no longer makes sense when he's the 3rd-5th best reliever on your team. Like what was said earlier, Bobby needs to turn in some 1-2-3 innings in lower leverage situations before you even consider him for another save opportunity.
  7. Uhh yeah i think this thread title is no longer in question... TCQ
  8. QUOTE (whitem0nkey @ Jul 11, 2010 -> 12:33 PM) being the year 2010 I would have expected us to have better plack technologies. We should have had some where the hat changes. for each year he played with a team he get to have that team hat for 1 min. and it just loops around. 12 min with Clev. 3 with Phi 3.5 min with CHW .5 min with LAD 1 Min with MIN This is awesome. I imagine one of those morphing things where his face actually ages in the process too. Too bad MLB won't even consider the technology for another 50 years probably.
  9. We need some kind of system to tell these threads apart. Maybe number of exclamation points in the thread title should match the length of the winning streak?
  10. QUOTE (greg775 @ Jul 10, 2010 -> 07:59 PM) I hope he IS in the home run contest to make it f***ing interesting. DIdn't you read the article somebody posted with stats that indicate performance does not dip after playing in the contest? Put Paulie in the HR contest! Yeah, stats may indicate that. But let us not forget what happened to Paulie last time he entered the derby. Not to mention the first half of the following season
  11. US concede in the fifth minute... Howard looked to have terrible positioning on that shot
  12. Funny, if you told me in April that we would be 1.5 games out on June 25th, it would sound like a pretty average season. It's just so much more fun on this roller coaster ride
  13. Wow, Azzurri out to Slovakia? Gotta love the World Cup. Hold on, crazy ending possibly developing here
  14. Haha, whoever said Marmol would walk (balk) you to third was dead on
  15. The way third periods have gone in this series, it would take some sort of miracle to tie this thing up
  16. Obviously not a goal there. Let's get this one right Toronto
  17. 1-0 third period is certainly something to build on defensively. I think everyone was a bit rusty after the long layoff
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