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  1. RIP Jose. Though not always great, he was usually entertaining
  2. Now we see how the Hawks have kept that competitive fire burning
  3. Wow, could be three GW goals in this series for Buff. Wonder if that's been done before
  4. PP comes through again! Starting to feel like Game 6 in Vancouver
  5. Wow just an absolute laser by Ladd. Hopefully that kills the Sharks momentum
  6. QUOTE (chimpy2121 @ May 11, 2010 -> 08:49 PM) Only so much he could do tonight with that defense, but he's had a terrible series outside of Games 1 and 5. I agree. Better than last year's game 6 too. Just going with his past history on this one
  7. Crazy start to this game with the horrible turnovers by both sides
  8. Coverage on ESPN. Gotta love Kapler due up in the 9th here
  9. Still a long way to go in this one but Sedin may have just about cost his team the series there
  10. Jenks gets it done the hard way. Maybe we should start limiting him to two outs per game
  11. Kotsay, Vizquel, Teahen all getting it done. What is this i'm watching?
  12. Yep, I just went through something similar. Telling a company that others are interested in you can only improve your standing in their eyes. Such a high percentage of interns receive full time offers later on. So if they hear a competitor is interested, they will likely up their offer as they won't want to lose you.
  13. Should be a good series between two evenly matched teams
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