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  1. Wow, might be the worst fair/foul call I've ever seen
  2. Wow, even the Sox never did that on the bases
  3. Years from now, whenever I think of the '09 Sox, the first thing to come to mind will be JD's awful 2nd half (ok maybe 2nd to MB's perfect game). I haven't looked at the numbers lately until now, wow .590 OPS. Give me Griffey over that
  4. QUOTE (greg775 @ Oct 7, 2009 -> 10:37 AM) I know. Any mathematicians out there know what we'd have had to do starting with the Royals and O's games at home heading into that long road trip to get the job done? Detroit really had a bad month. Congrats to Minny for taking advantage of it. I wonder if we'd have stood a chance against NY. Did Tampa beat us 3-1 last year? I forget. Well we needed 7 more wins to tie two mediocre teams. I only thought this was about an 83 win team at the start of the season and they STILL managed to disappoint.
  5. It's never ceased to amaze me how easily the Yanks always seem to handle the Twins.
  6. Wow this is turning into an awesome game. Shame we couldn't take part in it
  7. Let's go Twins. If you tie the division winner two years in a row, you probably deserve a playoff berth
  8. At least we'll make the Kitty fans squirm a few more minutes
  9. I'm still searching but getting the best bites through Craigslist and other job boards. Check out indeed if you haven't already. They seem to collect alot of postings from all the other boards into a nice neat search engine.
  10. QUOTE (Flash Tizzle @ Sep 17, 2009 -> 08:48 PM) YES, JUST THE OPPORTUNITY i WAS LOOKING FOR! Let's see Dye embarrass himself in a pivotal moment. Lol, i want the Sox to win but i'd hate to see you disappointed
  11. Yep, i guess Cutler was about due for the worst game of his career
  12. Wow how does Pena even make this team next season? He's pretty much s*** the bed in every high leverage situation
  13. Sounds like we might see Dan on the mound soon. White Sox may lighten load on rotation
  14. Wow, this outfield will drag the Cubs down for years
  15. Alexei needs to work on some things this offseason...
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