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  1. QUOTE (StrangeSox @ Sep 3, 2009 -> 03:10 PM) What happened? 3 base error by Soriano on a fly ball
  2. Wow...Soriano is like Pods in the field and Wise at the plate
  3. QUOTE (ChiSox_Sonix @ Sep 2, 2009 -> 02:38 PM) Interesting. Where have you been BTW? Lurking mostly but this rally pulled me out of my cave
  4. Figures, we finally figure out how to score late here and then they build a new stadium
  5. WOW, did not think Pods had a chance at that one. Web gem fer sure
  6. Thanks Jose, my memories of you will forever stop at 2006
  7. Class act through and through. And we'll never forget #500 or what you did in game 163.
  8. It's about that time of game where we stop (or fail to start) scoring runs
  9. The only saving grace is that all this happened in a game we wouldn't have won anyways
  10. I'm as out as anyone else who's said they're "out" in this thread. Looking forward to 2010 too
  11. I stopped watching before the 2nd and 3rd errors in the box score. Sounds like KW may flip a table after this one
  12. It's obvious the Peavy trade hurt us in the short term and may cost us the division. Another title would have been nice but this team wasn't gonna get much farther than that anyways
  13. QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Aug 28, 2009 -> 08:32 PM) Do they have this statistic for 7th inning and later (same situation, "clutch," etc.) ??? Because in those situations, it seems we HAVE to be worst or bottom 3. I don't see it on there. Rainout tomorrow would be real nice though
  14. Carlos makin alot of nice plays tonight in the wind
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