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  1. QUOTE (Thunderbolt @ Mar 30, 2009 -> 01:48 PM)
    This is truly a glorious day. Jerry Owens is now just a memory. Go be grindy and fast for some other team.


    He's not even grindy. He just sucks.

  2. I can understand why MacDougal made the team. He was good this spring, and he's making a couple million, or whatever.


    If Egbert pitches well at AAA, he may find his way into the rotation at some point this year. It's pretty likely that will happen with Colon and Contreras around.

  3. QUOTE (elrockinMT @ Mar 28, 2009 -> 12:25 PM)
    McDougal and Williams could be the surprise men in with Marquez and Richards out


    If Contreras and Colon make it, they're going to need guys that can go 3-4 innings.


    To me, Richard makes the pitching staff no matter what.


    The other spots--I think Egbert or Broadway could beat out Marquez for a bullpen spot.

  4. QUOTE (JPN366 @ Mar 27, 2009 -> 11:42 AM)
    He's been moved from Charlotte's roster to B'ham's roster. Wow, the loaded Barons just got more loaded.


    Just curious...what's the source for this move? I saw on MILB that he's listed on the Birmingham roster, but how reliable is that?


    On CJ Retherford, I haven't really followed him, but based on his 2008 I don't see how he could be asked to repeat Winston-Salem. If he's a good 3B, I hope he's moved up to Birmingham. He could be a nice trade piece.

  5. AL Predictions:

    SOX 88-74

    Min 84-78

    Cle 82-80

    KC 78-84

    Det 73-89


    NY 96-66

    Bos 93-69

    TB 87-75

    Bal 76-86

    Tor 72-90


    LAA 91-71

    Oak 85-77

    Tex 76-86

    Sea 64-98


    AL Playoffs:

    SOX over NY

    Bos over LAA

    SOX over Bos


    NL Playoffs:

    Chi over Atl

    LA over NY

    LA over Chi


    World Series:

    50 years later...

    WHITE SOX defeat the Dodgers in 6 games






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