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  1. QUOTE (FranktheTank35 @ Mar 4, 2009 -> 01:00 PM)
    I definitely do not want to see him switch positions. I want him to be a solid, productive shortstop for the next 5-6 years, so I guess that means letting Alexi play a year of short and go back to 2B or CF. How long do we have Alexi under contract for anyways? I can't remember.


    Alexei is under contract thru 2011, but I think he'd be arb eligible after the 2011 and 2012 seasons if they don't extend him before then.

  2. If Beckham can play a solid SS, I hope he sticks there. This guy has a chance to be the complete package--productive hitter, team leader, good with the media and fans, and marketable. I don't want to see the Sox jack this guy around trying to find another position. They drafted him as a shortstop, and they should give him every opportunity to become the shortstop of the White Sox.


    Just my $0.02.



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