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  1. QUOTE (The Ginger Kid @ May 27, 2009 -> 08:21 PM)
    way too much expectation is being placed on this guy, IMO.


    With good reason. He's going to be the face of the franchise the next decade.


    I'm not saying he should be in Chicago before September, but it wouldn't surprise me if he was.

  2. QUOTE (JPN366 @ May 27, 2009 -> 06:32 PM)
    David Cook was going to pinch hit for him. He left before the start of the bottom of the 9th.


    Interesting. Well, I'm sorry for you that you won't get to watch him anymore, but it's still a good team.


    The question now is how much 3B will he play at Charlotte? I think if he's playing there everyday, he'll be in Chicago very soon.


    Another question--who plays SS for Birmingham now? I know Hudson is banged up a little. Is he the everyday SS now?

  3. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ May 27, 2009 -> 06:14 PM)
    Are they actually moving him to 3B? Is that official, or just speculation?


    I think it's speculation, but really there's no other good reason to move him to Charlotte. It's a team that it doesn't matter if he plays 2-3 games each at SS, 3B, and 2B every week. Now, if he plays exclusively at 3B, then Josh Fields better get cracking.

  4. QUOTE (JPN366 @ May 27, 2009 -> 04:57 PM)
    Brent Morel is day to day with a hamstring injury.




    Was Beckham in the on-deck circle when he was pulled from the game? Nothing in the boxscore indicates a substitution.

  5. Fernando Hernandez blew it. 2-run homer in the 9th on a hanging curve.


    Going to the bottom of the 9th. Retherford, Colina, and Price due up. If anyone gets on, Danks will be trying to extend his hitting streak to 11.

  6. Birmingham leads 2-1, bottom 8.


    Back to back doubles for Retherford and Colina scored the second run.


    Beckham 0-2, 2 BB


    Almost hit one out in the 8th.

  7. Barons put up a 6-spot in the 1st on 8 hits:


    Danks single to right, caught stealing

    Beckham single to center

    Flowers struck out looking

    Allen RBI double to RF that would have been a homer in most parks.

    Viciedo RBI double to RF

    Gartrell RBI single to center

    Cook infield single

    Shelby 3-run HR to LF

    Retherford single to center

    Danks walked

    Beckham flies out to CF


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