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  1. QUOTE (fathom @ Jan 26, 2010 -> 02:22 PM)


    I like this.












    I think the DH spot and Pierzynski are interchangeable. Ramirez should bat 9th to start the year, since he's been terrible in April his first two years.

  2. QUOTE (kev211 @ Jan 25, 2010 -> 11:38 PM)
    I disapprove of 23 and 25 being given away so quickly really nothing you can do though. I also think Hudson downgraded going from 54-41.


    41 worked for Seaver. I approve.

  3. QUOTE (knightni @ Jan 25, 2010 -> 08:17 PM)
    Without another power hitter, this team will be lucky to win the 79 games that they won last year.


    I'm expecting 150+ games from Beckham, Quentin, and Rios. Something they didn't have last year. Quentin has to stay healthy. Rios has to play to his career average. And Beckham just has to be himself.


    Put on top of that a real solid pitching staff headed by a healthy Jake Peavy, and we're in real good shape. This is a 90-win team if they stay healthy.

  4. QUOTE (Athomeboy_2000 @ Jan 25, 2010 -> 09:08 AM)
    Please, dont bring him back. I know he's a great guy and all, but it is time to move forward.


    Agreed, and Ozzie knows this. He keeps saying that he wishes he hated Thome, so the decision would be easier. There's your answer, Ozzie. You know you don't want him back. Don't do it.

  5. I'd give Carlos Torres the edge right now as the long reliever.


    Torres, Williams, Pena, Linebrink, Putz, Thornton, Jenks.


    Just because they have a really good starting rotation doesn't mean they won't need a guy to come in in the 3rd inning once in a while and give three or four innings. I think Torres fits that profile, and Hudson should start at AAA and be there if there is an injury or if Garcia tanks.

  6. QUOTE (iamshack @ Jan 21, 2010 -> 10:07 AM)
    Well, the question is, then what do you carry on your roster?

    Do you only carry an 11 man pen? Or do you cut Nix from the 25 man?


    As it currently stands, we're looking at the following:


    8 regular position players

    2 DH's in Kotsay & Jones

    3 bench players in Vizquel, Castro, & Nix

    5 starting pitchers

    7 men in the bullpen


    =25 man roster


    If you sign Thome now, you'll have to cut Nix or go to a 6 man bullpen and leave Hudson in Charlotte, most likely.


    I think if they do sign Thome or another DH-only type, then they'll go with 6 in the pen. Something they've stayed away from. But they need a couple reserve infielders no matter what, I think.


    If he does come back, I want him to be a part-time starter and pinch hitter. I don't want them to rely on 130 starts. Maybe 90 starts and pinch hitting duty.

  7. Good to hear, but there seems to be a glut of positive spin Sox stories out there.


    Danks circulation problem...check.

    Linebrink ready to go...check.

    Jones in great shape (no need for another DH)...check.

    Rios's swing is perfect after five swings...check.


    It's all good for now, and I'm looking forward to this season, but I'm not buying into all of the hype. I'll believe the hype when translates to wins in April.



  8. 2006. They were a better team on paper than the team that won the World Series, so obviously most fans thought they'd roll into the playoffs and possibly win another championship.


    This year, I have concerns about bullpen health, defense, and we need Quentin and Rios to perform to their capabilities. But if the starting rotation stays healthy the whole season, I expect a division championship, and then who knows in October.

  9. QUOTE (The Ginger Kid @ Jan 15, 2010 -> 08:08 PM)
    any guesses on who might be a surprise to break camp with the big league team?


    my long shot = Jordan Danks


    Only if there is an injury.


    I don't give any of the NRIs that much of chance. Maybe Threets since he's really the only one competing with Randy Williams for the 2nd lefty in the pen.


    As far as somebody on the 40-man, I think a surprise could be Sergio Santos only because he's out of options.

  10. QUOTE (Flash Tizzle @ Jan 15, 2010 -> 01:05 PM)
    Personally, I don't care (and I doubt many within the team do), but I believe it'll be Buehrle every opening day until he's gone, injured, or ineffective as a starter.


    Could be, and I won't lose any sleep over it...but I just like Peavy's attitude, and I think he is our ace. Buehrle is a very good, consistent pitcher, but I want them to send a message that Peavy is here to lead this staff. For as good of a guy Buehrle is, he doesn't have the natural leadership thing going. Peavy obviously has that personality. But at the end of the day, I hope the top 4 get 33 starts and Garcia gets 30 starts. If that happens, I guarantee 90 wins.

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