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  1. Tennessee tied up Birmingham. Poreda not real sharp so far. Would have pitched out of it in the first if Retherford would have turned a routine DP. Lost the handle transferring from his glove.



  2. Definitely interesting Beckham is bouncing around the infield the last couple games, but I'm not going to read anything into it unless it keeps happening in the next few weeks.


    As far as I can tell, Gordon was only involved in one play on defense, and started a 5-4-3 DP.

  3. QUOTE (Jerksticks @ May 22, 2009 -> 09:00 AM)
    Hating Peavy is just ridiculous.


    Agreed. Can you really blame the Sox for not picking up that $22 mill option? Can you really blame Peavy for asking for it here in May? He has time on his side.


    As long as Peavy isn't pitching for the Cubs in the next month, I'm not going to hold any hard feelings toward Peavy. Who knows--he may not find a better deal with anyone else, and he could still end up with the Sox.

  4. QUOTE (joesaiditstrue @ May 21, 2009 -> 09:03 AM)
    Someone close to Peavy dismissing the trade, per the score




    All they said was SI's Jon Heyman talked to Peavy's people and they said Peavy preferred the NL Central--probably the Cubs or Brewers.


    Ok, we already knew this. Now the question is, will Peavy have a change of heart. He knows he's getting traded in the next two months. HOw does he know the Padres will get a package of players good enough from one of those teams? He doesn't. So maybe Peavy rethinks this and comes to the White Sox. It could still happen.

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