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  1. 5 minutes ago, Chicago White Sox said:

    Every other team has filled their manager role except us.  The Sox have come out and have explicitly stated that Espada isn’t the guy.  Just feels like it has to be Long by default.  And given how much our positional guys underperformed last year, hiring an offensive oriented guy as manager makes some sense.


    I hope it’s as simple as this.

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  2. Caught the Long interview. Seems like a good communicator and obviously he has a great reputation. Russo tried to end the interview with a “you’re going to get a manager job”. Long laughed it off with a hand wave and they ended it. 

    Until it’s not him, it’s him. Just have to wait until the Series is over. 

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  3. 1 minute ago, Dick Allen said:

    The way Shildt left STL, wouldn't surprise me if he is on a few do not hire lists.

    He just seems like a guy that deserves a second job. The record in St Louis was good, and he paid his dues for a long time in their very good minor league system. If he’s never getting another manager interview, there must be a story there. 

  4. I’ll stick with my original prediction - Espada will take over for Dusty or be the Marlins manager.

    Still rooting for the Sox to take Quatraro, but it’s the Sox. Anything going on with Mike Shildt? Haven’t heard his name for any of these openings.

  5. If it’s Ozzie, you gotta admit it would at least be entertaining with a chance of being a good outcome. If it’s Chris Getz or Willie Harris, we should all just give up on this team until there’s new ownership. That said, let’s just chill a little bit until they announce a manager. Nobody knows anything right now. 

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