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  1. Everyone else gets better with time, while the Sox is that person who peaked in high school
  2. I’d take prospects for him if the money saved on Hendriks is used immediately to help the big league club i.e. on one of the bigger named free agents, but knowing the Sox it wouldn’t go down like that.
  3. Are we expecting an Elvis Andrus signing?
  4. With the way salaries are going through the roof this free agency period hopefully this encourages JR to sell sooner rather than later…
  5. Yep…I remember when he was super excited a couple years ago at the winter meetings when he acquired Nomar Mazara
  6. Maybe they are playing it close to the vest this time? I mean I doubt it but still hope they get something accomplished this week
  7. Nice. I was waiting for this rumor to start. Surprised it took this long
  8. No. Literally the only thing on his record is being dumb during covid when he went out in town. So according to most he’s the scum of the earth like he committed a murder and deserves no second chance
  9. He had Orlando on his piece saying he’s heard the same things as him so he’s definitely a fraud
  10. I listened to like 5-10 minutes of his “podcast” / Q&A session from earlier and he has no idea what he’s talking about.
  11. Omfg paddack is out for the year right? And maeda is returning from TJS from the previous year? No way they trade Gio in the division….this stuff is so blatantly made up s%*#
  12. This. I don’t understand the rational behind hating Jose go to a poor Cubs team. Could care less about them and he wouldn’t be helping a World Series caliber team
  13. Still can trade Vaughn and have Sheets or Burger play 1B….have plenty of options there 😄
  14. I’m not upset with letting him walk. I’m more upset that it was Houston who signed him. Better than Cleveland I guess.
  15. At least we will see him the opening series of the year where he tends to start slower than most
  16. How so? Because he did some dumb stuff 3 years ago by breaking rules and hanging out in Chicago? Clubhouse cancer for sure….
  17. The hair thing is a thing or the past correct? Jerry isn’t telling Kopech to cut it and he sure the hell isn’t telling Lynn to shave 😂
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