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  1. If there's 1 thing we know about Jerry's team building philosophy, he's always proven wrong in the end.
  2. Sosa continuing to torch AAA is great to see.
  3. ReyLo clearly isn't a fan of the pitch clock
  4. It's dangerous letting Kwan see Clevinger again
  5. For whatever reason, Grandal brings irrational takes like that out of people who should otherwise know better.
  6. Yaz grinding his way to a .360 OBP this year has been very impressive. He's adjusted well to not having much power in his legs anymore.
  7. Good things happen when AV pulls the ball 🙂
  8. If it were up to me, I would move TA down, But I think banking on his track record considering how underwhelming most of the lineup is around him is a defensible decision. Batting Benetendi 2nd while arguably the 2nd best hitter on the team continues to bat 8th, however, is not.
  9. 4 games under .500 as things stand today and now Manny Machado has a "small" fracture in his hand https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2023/05/manny-machado-day-to-day-with-small-hand-fracture.html
  10. I understand giving TA the benefit of the doubt to turn things around, but continuing to bat Benentendi 2nd is ridiculous.
  11. TA actually tries to drive the ball for once and Kwan robs him
  12. Worst offense in baseball is down 2 of their best hitters and Clevinger is still throwing BP.
  13. Benny still batting 2nd when he clearly isn't one of the teams best hitters right now is puzzling to me.
  14. I'm normally not a lineup construction guy, but Burger batting 8th is ridiculous.
  15. I believe the entire starting rotation has had TJS at this point.
  16. So, heading into a supposed contending season with Davis Martin as the only viable minor league SP depth may not have been a good idea after all.
  17. Luis Robert's on pace stats as of today .274/.333/.573 142 wRC+ 45 HR 117 R 105 RBI 6.5 WAR
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