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  1. Brash, Munoz, & Seawald is as nasty as it gets. The Sox are gonna earn it if they comeback and win tonight.
  2. Colas or Payton platooning with Pollock is so obvious, but because it's the White Sox, they refuse to do anything on the margins to make their team better
  3. He's fine as a platoon option at 1B/DH, depth guy, etc. But him being the main LH run producer is unacceptable. Even Jake Lamb has hit better than him this year against RHP.
  4. Those are the situations Sheets has to come through to live with him playing regularly in RF
  5. Even the hitters who should know better refuse to take a walk when it's presented to them.
  6. He's only *arguably* the most important player in the franchise. What could possibly go wrong? 🙂
  7. Zero doubt in my mind he's better than this version of Robert or Pollock against righties.
  8. How on earth do you miss a 12 hopper like that???
  9. They make it so easy on ~90% of right handed pitchers
  10. Keep pretending Pollock is a viable option against RHP, and maybe by game ~140 it'll be true.
  11. Swing at garbage and then hit everything straight into the ground. The White Sox way
  12. The 2 hardest hit balls of the game so far are both from Yoan.
  13. Yoan has scorched the ball both times up. Hopefully he is *finally* about to start hitting.
  14. Grandal has actually been fine lately. It's obvious he's not healthy, but still pretty clearly better than Seby, I think.
  15. 5th highest wRC+ amongst CFs (min 900 PA's, which is where Robert is at) since he debuted. How good you'd like to classify that is subjective, but his bat hasn't been an issue. We all know he needs to say healthy to eventually be a great player, though.
  16. okay. you win. I'm not really interested in getting into semantics to this extent.
  17. A 127 career wRC+ from a center fielder is very, very good.
  18. That'll happen when you don't have good defensive players or position them correctly
  19. Even with abysmal plate discipline, he's still been an excellent hitter so far in his career. All he needs to do to be a great player is stay healthy. Who knows if he'll be able to do it, though.
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