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  1. Without Bieber and Civale, honestly, yeah. They're a sub 500 talent level team without those 2 guys healthy
  2. Especially when Kris freaking Bryant went for a price the Sox could have matched
  3. Goodwin is such an atrocious defensive outfielder
  4. Especially when everything that's come out on that deal said Tatis was crushing on the backfields, and the Sox dealing him was more about not realizing what they had then him suddenly blowing up after the trade was made. The Sox track record of internal scouting is far from impeccable.
  5. Him being at 10 in the mid-season BA update was crazy. I'm glad the Sox were able to hang onto him. I think he's someone who will be on the top 100 radar at this time next year.
  6. The Cubs can pick any 2 of the Kannapolis prospects they like best. Or Burger and one of Kannapolis pitchers. I'll say Thompson but if it was Kelley or no deal I'd still do it. Bryant is a legitimate AS caliber player and he's one of the most versatile players in the sport. With Eloy already banged up again I think another very good bat is sorely needed.
  7. Dingers for both Lenyn Sosa & Yoelqui
  8. TA has been in the IL 3 straight years with a hamstring injury. Moncada has played in more games than him in each of the last 3 years. Abreu and Vaughn right now are the only core position players who don't have some durability concerns going into next season.
  9. Fairbanks and McHugh just went on the IL. Their bullpen actually isn't super deep for once. I'd think they have to be getting at least 1 reliever before the deadline passes.
  10. I don't think Rizzo is actually an upgrade on Voit so it'll be interesting what the Yankees get presuming Voit is dealt
  11. Yes they do, nice catch. I didn't realize that.
  12. Robert isn't in the lineup for Charlotte tonight
  13. Rodriguez has seen a massive decline in spin rate (fastball down ~300 RPMs slider around 500) and a significant increase in walks post sticky stuff ban. ERA is over 5 in that span with the FIP to back it up. I'd be hesitant to give up anything of significance for him.
  14. There are pros and cons to Preller's ultra aggressive style, but he deserves a TON of credit for building a system that's still stacked with talent even after the Padres had one of the best rosters in baseball. I'm sure the Sox would have loved to take a bigger swing than Hernandez & Tepara but given where the system was at that would have been extremely difficult to actually do
  15. A lot of people on here decided to fixate on his flaws when the end result is still an awesome baseball player. He's a difference maker and the Sox sorely miss him.
  16. I understand the division gives them a cushion, but I think there should be more urgency to get the 1 seed. We've seen how much better the Sox play at home vs on the road, and there's a HUGE difference between starting the ALDS at home against a 4/5 seed that just burned its ace as opposed to potentially being on the road. The top of the AL standings are so tight where the best record could absolutely come down to 1-2 games and I think paying a slight prospect premium to prioritize would have been worth it
  17. The worst part about losing Madrigal is that you could see the development/improvement happening right before his injury. He was making more consistent hard contact than we'd seen up to that point in his career. It seemed like he was beginning to find the ideal balance between selling out for contact at all costs vs actually doing damage. I think his absence is felt the most vs very good pitching. He's someone who would have been able to make consistent contact and not be overwhelmed by the level of pitching we saw in Milwaukee or will see in the playoffs.
  18. Duran was already in the top 100 mix on Fangraphs and he's taken a major step forward this season. He's 23, has very good tools, will stick at 2b, and has several years of very good statistical production in the minors. I think he'll be a consensus top 100 guy once lists start being updated again. Josh Smith might stick at SS, might not, but he's also been one of the best hitters in the minors this season. He seems to possess elite power for a middle infielder. Both of those guys are clearly in a tier above Burger or Lambert. If those 2 were enough to get you in the Gallo conversation the Sox would have traded for him themselves. I wouldn't do Burger straight up for Story but if Colorado is willing to add another piece then I'm definitely interested.
  19. For Burgers sake, I hope that trade happens. He would mash playing every day at Coors.
  20. No player is going out there and hitting 130 HR's a year. How exactly are you going to drive in runs if players aren't consistently getting on base to make it happen? The White Sox are 25th in the majors in HR's. That must mean they aren't scoring any runs, right? That's the only way to score using your logic. I wonder where they rank in runs scored.... hmm... oh it's 4th? in all of baseball? I wonder how they've done that. They're 2nd in OBP, but that doesn't matter, having guys on base doesn't lead to scoring runs. They just magically score themselves because that's apparently how things work.
  21. Good luck scoring runs without getting people on base.
  22. Everyone can appreciate TA's empty batting average being valuable, but Moncada has an empty OBP and that breaks meatball fans brains? we don't have to evaluate players like it's 1983 anymore, guys. You don't need WAR to realize Yoan Moncada is an awesome baseball player. He's slumping but so is basically everyone except Vaughn.
  23. He's currently 2nd in the AL in OBP but apparently that doesn't matter
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