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  1. Colome looks like his '19-'20 self with all of this weak contact
  2. I don't say things like this often, but I think Collins is in his head right now. Seby taking his backup job makes the writing on the wall pretty clear for his future and he isn't responding to that challenge at all.
  3. Yeah, I think that has to be done now. But the organization got to take a victory lap after he caught Rodon's no-hitter, so good for them.
  4. The plan of using them all for 1 inning a week doesn't seem much better and it could very well cost the Sox HFA in the American League.
  5. Losing 2 1 run games without any of Kopech, Hendriks, or Kimbrel pitching definitely wouldn't be the managers fault Making sense not allowed here
  6. Sure it does, because MLB rules prohibit them from pitching unless it's the 7th inning or later and the Sox are ahead because if that isn't the case, then those guys getting (tops) 1.2 IP over a 10 day span wouldn't make any sense at all
  7. Tie game in the 6th, 1 run deficit in the 7th, those aren't high leverage situations according to a Hall of Fame manager
  8. Kopech has pitched 1.2 IP since August 3rd. Hendriks has one appearance since August 1st. Kimbrel has 1.2 IP since August 1st. If these guys are only allowed to pitch in the 7th inning or later when the Sox are ahead, they'll be WAY underutilized and it'll cost the Sox very winnable games.
  9. You know they aren't going to score at all today? Because if not, 0-0 in the 6th inning with 2-4 in the Twins lineup batting is a very high leverage situation.
  10. Doesn't seem fair that the White Sox built a super bullpen but MLB rules prohibit them from actually using it until it's the 7th inning AND they already have the lead
  11. Sometimes it costs them, other times it doesn't, but the Sox play every game with 1 hand tied behind their back
  12. I don't understand how 2-4 of a tie game in the 6th isn't high enough leverage for Kopech to pitch.
  13. Kopech's usage continuing to make absolutely 0 sense if that's the case
  14. Hawkins was bad enough where I had to mute it, but I'm a big time broadcast snob
  15. That slider is pure filth when he gets it over
  16. Who could have possibly foreseen a Crochet pick-off attempt going poorly lol
  17. Crochet isn't even close to hitting his spots right now
  18. Yes but it doesn't help that Crochet has been missing his spots by a ton this inning
  19. that sounds like hell on earth, I feel sorry for you
  20. 2-41 with 2 outs and RISP for Vaughn this year is a pretty jarring stat. Seems like he completely loses his approach in these AB's.
  21. Vaughn's chase rate has to be like 50% with RISP.
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