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  1. I agree with you, but we also have some version of this conversation every game he's behind the plate
  2. Collins couldn't have put the ball on a tee in a better spot and he missed it
  3. I'd love to see it, but good luck getting Kimbrel with this farm system
  4. I don't think there's any chance Keuchel would get claimed if he were put on waivers. The Sox need him to pitch better because he's going to be here through next season, at the very least.
  5. Love to see the Sox taking away hits with the shift. That's been a rare sight this season.
  6. Please at least get to Moncada before KC has a chance to pull Minor
  7. Vaughn-Abreu-Eloy should be able to feast on Minor 3rd time through. Take advantage before he gets pulled.
  8. Two consecutive hard hit balls. Maybe we're finally seeing some signs of life here from the offense
  9. Maybe don't groove pitches right over the middle to Soler in the 3rd AB huh
  10. He and/or Frazier would have been game changers
  11. I very much want Eduardo Escobar, but it's disappointing that he or someone of his caliber seems like the biggest offensive upgrade we can realistically expected
  12. If Salvy is getting the outside strike you know it's a wideeeeee zone
  13. He has been crushing the ball and if anything deserves better results than he's gotten.
  14. Vaughn is the only hitter consistently taking good AB's right now.
  15. It's shocking how for ~95% of pitchers, their athleticism doesn't translate to fielding their position and then you have someone like Keuchel who makes it look effortless.
  16. Seems like the pitching development in the minors is quite poor still, honestly. I know we're excited about Pilkington but most of the arms in the minors have stagnated this season. But at least Thompson had a nice start today
  17. Maybe it's semantics, because I do think there's a decent chance Perez gets claimed, but Nieto had a 130 wRC+ as a 23 year old in High A. There was some possibility he eventually developed into a good hitting catcher. With Perez the ceiling is he eventually becomes a glove first backup up, which is fine and still worth keeping on the 40 man.
  18. 101 is the hardest pitch from any Sox pitcher this season. The relievers have the velocity belt lead. Good lord Liam Hendriks is filthy.
  19. If Moncada was first in the AL in OBP instead of merely 2nd, perhaps then he would be appreciated more
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